2016 camaro ss missing left muffler while driving

Like title says this is a bad glitch. It’s there In photo mode but when u go back to driving in game the left muffler disappears.

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hello did you unlock the 16 ss or did you get car pass with digital copy ?

It is not the only car missing parts. I’ve noticed the BRZ FE has missing mirrors. who knows if there are more cars with graphic glitches like these.

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Almost all of these post are pointles with out system details and when possible a Screen Shot of the problem or a link to a Game Captuer of 30s or more if the Tecks dont know what you are using or seeing how do you expect them to be able to solve and fix when they done even know where to start looking.

Buggati veyron also has no mirrors

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I can’t find that glitch. these cars(Camaro SS, BRZ FE, Veyron) are OK. can you prove it some picture?