16 opponents is way to much in career!

Does anyone know if there is anyway at all the change the career races from 16 opponents to 8? I think 16 is way to much, its more like bumper cars than racing.

Nope, the field size and selection of opponent cars in Career is determined by the race type. The only control we have is over whether the Drivatars use custom liveries or stock colors, and the opponent difficulty level.

It may not be too many people but FM should allow us two laps to qualify for our grid position. Career is how I fund my car buying and whatnot and it is very frustrating playing bumper cars for the first lap. Drivatars are good because you can race against “friends” but apparently all my friends are a-holes (even randomly selected drivers bc only a select few are at my racing level, are a-holes.) a 2-3 lap qualify session would be nice for both career and multiplayer as well.


It gets better. A good grip tune and work your way through. Adjust the difficulty as needed to get to third place. (Gold). The higher difficulties are cleaner. (Unbeatable- pro) plus more bonus.

The regular drivatars are usually auto upgraded. So they are just power so having a good tune will make it fairly easy to pick them off as you skill increases.

Practice with your tuned car on the track in rivals. Run it until you know the track and your times stop decreasing and they stay the same for 4 laps.

Think about how the drivatars are going to act, they will try and follow the line, think of places to run the outside of turns, where will they overshoot, how should you defend (as long as your not in third person you can see in rear view) some time the awareness and patience a to now that suped up mustang is going to fly right past me so after breaking pause there he goes and turn in to the corner and accelerate. He now not a problem.

The good tune is the must and to be able to drive it on the track, which is practice. Your asking to qualify, but did you spend 15-30 laps (or more) learning the track to your tuned car?

I wish it were double.

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I wish it were double.

Lol, and so it is…(or did you mean the grid size?) XD

On a serious note, yeah, I’ll take the grid has big has T10 can get it.

Probably going to need much longer races after a certain point though. I don’t have any problem getting around 16 in 2 or 3 laps, but 24 or 32 AI might become an issue.


The problem isnt the number of opponnents, but the number of laps.

The last 4 games people complained there weren’t enough.

You beat me to it, I was just about to say that very thing. This may be the first thread I’ve ever seen about having “too many” on the grid. Personally I think the more the better, especially in the LeMans style classes like LMP and GT

I agree with Drows24. I would like to see more laps in the career races. This would make it easier to cleanly pass the field.

I’m not suggesting to make them endurance races lasting an hour but maybe 15 minutes. Nor am I saying to do this for all races, some races can reasonably be done in 10 minutes.

Or make like some nascar games, were you can adjust it to a set %.
If you like shorter race, set it to 10 %, and run 3 laps.
If you like longer, set it to 100 % and you’ll run 30 laps every time.

It’s not the amount of racers that’s the problem is the number of laps or rather lack of them.

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I have no issue with the 16 cars and 2-3 lap racer. Actually I think it would be funner if it was 25 cars or so for those laps. I find even if I start in dead last I am ussualy near the front if not in first by the second corner at the most on first lap.

At unbeatable ?

Im sure T10 have to bear in mind that due to the general publics opinion and tabloid press they cant be seen to endorse extended gaming periods.

Up to 10 laps for the longer tracks, and proportionately more for the short ones would not be excessive; especially with the faster classes. The number of cars in the races is not excessive, but the races tend to be over just as you begin to get into a rhythm.

Unbeatable can actually make it easier if, you’ve got the passing strategy down, just because the AI behaves itself better. I’ve actually started lowering the difficulty down a notch or two, to pro, about 50% of the time, just for the fun of seeing the AI beating each other up, hehe.

Depending on my mood I run normal - unbeatable. I also tune a car for that career before I start it.

If any changes were made I hope they would be optional.

If qualifying or extra laps were added for everyone then they would need harder difficulties for the quicker players.