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#51 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:41:59 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Leagues

What features are included in Pitting?
There is no animation or pitting strategy options in multiplayer; pitting will repair damage to 100% automatically when the driver's Assist settings for Damage are on Simulation.
Forums: discussion thread on Pitting

How do I report griefing, crashing, and cutting by other players?
After a race is complete, bumper right to Driver Info, select the driver, and select Vote to Kick, Mute Driver, or Driver Feedback where you can report cheating or dirty racing or Compliment great driving.
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FM7 will include "new enhanced Leagues."^ Leagues were introduced in FM6 for ranked online play, where players competed in skill-based Driver Divisions and earned points from lobby sessions in specific timed events, winning credits based on leaderboard position at the close of the event.
Forums: discussion thread on Leagues

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#52 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:42:17 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Forza Racing Championship

The Forza Racing Championship launched in June 2016 as Forza's competitive eSports program:
"The Forza Racing Championship welcomes players of all levels to hone skills as they compete for glory and real-world prizes. Competitions will be open and competitive for all, from brand new players taking their first laps, to the fastest virtual drivers in the world. Forza Racing Championship will be home to the best and most inclusive racing competition in gaming – where everyone has a chance to win, no matter how many miles they have behind the wheel."^

Season 3 of the ForzaRC concluded with a $100,000 prize pool live finals event at the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans, with winner Michael Coyne (aka AMS RoadRunner) named Champion and awarded the ACO trophy for its newly created Official Endurance Esports Category.^

"Forza Motorsport 7 will feature new enhanced Leagues, Mixer integration, and enhanced spectating modes, all designed to make esports like the Forza Racing Championship both a great place to compete and the ultimate spectator sport."^

Watch for future #ForzaRC announcements in the Forza Hub and:
Forza Racing Championship forum
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#53 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:42:32 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Photos and Gallery

Where is Photo Mode?
Photo Mode is available in single player races (press Pause to find the menu), replays, and in Forzavista mode. Saved photos are stored in the Multiplayer menu tile Forza Gallery.

Can the car be positioned or repaired or the driver removed in Photo Mode?
No, the only toggle in Photo Mode is to turn Headlights on or off.

How do I use the Photo Mode settings for better photos?
Photo Mode has multiple presets for various effects with color, and you can also customize Shutter Speed (object blur depending on focus point), Focus, Aperture (depth of field), Exposure, Contrast, Color, Brightness, Sepia, Vignette, and Water on Lens (during rain). Maximum Zoom is 20.0x and Maximum Altitude is 6.6 feet. See the Forzatography forum for tips from other players, and refer to the FM6 and FH3 Forzatography forums. Keep an eye on the Turn 10 Picks section of the Gallery (Forza Hub and in-game) for examples of winning composition and effects.

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can save and share?

How can I download my in-game photos? What is their resolution?
Forums: discussion thread on resolution
  • Method 1: Using a computer browser, find your saved photos in the GALLERY dropdown under the COMMUNITY menu on the website and save them to your computer; this is also available in the Forza Hub app on PC.
  • Method 2: Take an Xbox One Screenshot (below) while in Photo Mode with UI hidden or while viewing a photo in the in-game Forza Gallery menu (not available while streaming).
  • Method 3: Stream your game to Windows 10 using the Xbox app and take a screenshot from your device.

Xbox One Screenshot
See the Xbox Support topic on capturing and sharing screenshots. Double-tap the Xbox One controller power button and press Y to save the image or say "Xbox, take a screenshot." Use the Upload app to manage saved screenshots from My Captures, where you can set the image as your console background or share it to your activity feed, in a message, to Twitter, or to your OneDrive. See the March 2015 announcement for a quick video tutorial. Screenshot is not available while streaming.

Xbox App streaming video screenshot
When streaming to your Windows 10 Xbox App you can use the keyboard combination CTRL + Print Screen to capture the current display from your monitor and then use an image editor to paste and trim the capture.

How do I post photos in the forums?
Start by saving your photo to a hosting site such as Flickr or Imgur. Click the Post Reply button in a forum thread and use the Insert Image icon or use bracketed url= and /url coding and enter the url for the image itself (.jpg or .png, not a webpage). The site will automatically resize large pictures to 800px wide. See the How to upload a photo thread for detailed instructions.

How do I participate in official photo contests?
Official contest threads can be found in the Community Events forum and summarized in the FM7 Gifts and Contests thread as well as

Official photos and wallpapers
You can find official wallpapers at and the images that accompany official Forza articles can be found at

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#54 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:42:58 AM(UTC)
FH7 FAQ: Replays and Video Clips

Replays can be viewed and saved immediately after a race. Saved replays are found in the Multiplayer menu tab Forza TV. Users can store up to 10 saved replays.
Forums: discussion thread

How many replay camera angles are in FM7?
The replay screen has a Camera Type selection. Each type can be cycled from different perspectives with the X button. The Replay camera will change camera positions automatically, similar to a tv broadcast following a car around a track. Three camera types feature the camera in motion relative to the car: Slow Spin, Side Dolly, Pan Across. The other types are angles fixed to the car: Game camera, Car Close, Car Far, Car Close Advanced, Car Far Advanced, Wheel Advanced, Three Quarter View, Roof, Rear Facing, Helicopter, Reverse Hood, Follow Advanced,

Do replays have HUD information?
Select the Telemetry display during a replay to see General (speed, gear, rpm, power, boost, brake and throttle inputs), Friction, Suspension, Body Acceleration, Tire, Heat, and Damage information in real time.

Will replays save and play at 60 fps?
TBA. DigitalFoundry's gamescom recap indicates 30fps for menus and replays.^
Forums: discussion thread

How do I download a replay and share it online?
TBA. See Xbox Clips below.

Xbox recorded clips
See the Xbox Support topic Game DVR and Upload Studio on Xbox One and video tutorial to capture the past 30 seconds of gameplay, or up to 5 minute segments. Use the Upload Studio app to edit and share videos up to 30 minutes long. Saved clips can be found on the dashboard in your Profile and in the Upload app, where you can choose to save them to OneDrive (and ultimately other hosting services such as YouTube). These recordings are 720p, 30fps on the original Xbox One, and on Xbox One X "Your 4K experience includes recording game clips in 4K at 60 frames per second and 4K screenshots.^. See the Xbox Support page on sharing clips. You can also find your clips at and (both unaffiliated with Microsoft).

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#55 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:43:15 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Streaming gameplay

Xbox Wire: Introducing Mixer - May 2017

Where can I watch FM7 livestreams?
Forzamotorsport has two regular weekly streams on its official channel at and - Tuesdays 1-3pm Pacific and Fridays 3-5pm Pacific. These streams offer first looks at DLC, events, and news recaps, and allow viewers to join Turn 10 Community Team members Johniwanna and Mechberg in multiplayer sessions. Viewers can participate in polls and occasionally score DLC or swag from the Mixer channel. Follow and for alerts about streams. You can watch VOD replays at those channels and in some cases at . Some special event streams for FM7 might also be streamed on and and . Console users can go to the Mixer Page^ on the Xbox One Dashboard to see a curated selection of streams. Search Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube for other content creators streaming the game. Follow your favorite streamers on Xbox Live to be notified when they go live on Twitch or Mixer.^

Forums: The Content Creator's Area forum is a place to find uploaded videos and streams from other users, and to let others know when you'll be streaming.

How do I stream my gameplay?
Mixer is integrated into the game^ and will stream at 4K. On a console you can open Mixer from the Guide, or install the Twitch app to stream. You can co-stream in Mixer with up to 3 other players on Xbox.^ On Windows 10 you can open the Game Bar with WinKey + G (or Win+Alt+B to open Broadcast) to start streaming.

Software: Chatbots such as Nightbot and Scottybot can enhance your stream by automating welcome messages for viewers, muting offensive chat behavior, and adding features such as raffles and points. Restream allows users to simultaneously stream to Twitch and Mixer and other platforms. Graphics card makers NVIDIA and AMD offer their own streaming software GeForce Experience/Shadowplay and Radeon ReLive. Third party software XSplit and Wirecast and OBS Studio are other popular options for encoding streams on YouTube and Facebook.

Hardware: A microphone and camera (or Kinect) are not required but will enhance your stream. Elgato sells streaming/capture devices for PCs. See also the See the Hardware & Peripheral forum for tips.

Making a living: Look up Partner Programs on Mixer and Twitch and YouTube to see how you can earn income from streaming games. One of the most important aspects of being a successful streamer is consistency (regular schedule etc).
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