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#26 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:52:57 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Paint in the Livery Design Editor

FM7 details TBA. Previous games have included various manufacturer paint options for each car, options to pick basic colors or fine tune them, select special colors and surfaces (matte, gloss, metallics, woods) or create highly complex designs using vinyl shapes available in the Editor. For reference see this tips and tricks thread for FM6 painting.

How can I import an image file to put into my car design?
TBA. Forza games have not included this option to date; all photo-real designs were assembled piece by piece in-game.

Is there an app for tablets to design liveries outside the game?
TBA. Forza games have not included this option, though streaming to your PC monitor from console with the Xbox App could be a way to trace and replicate images and designs.
Forums: discussion thread

What body parts can be painted?
TBA. Previous Forza games have not allowed players to apply paint to windows (other than tint), brake calipers, engines, or interiors. Rims, side mirrors, and basic body panels can be painted on most cars, with some limitations on unusual body shapes like buggies and prototype race cars.

Can different surface types be used in layers?
TBA. This feature has not been an option in previous Forza games to date.
Forums: discussion thread

Are there preset License Plates?
No. Unlike Horizon games, license plates must be painted on in FM7.

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#27 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:53:23 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Homespaces and Forzavista

The Homespace is where your current car is shown in screensaver mode on the main menu and in Forzavista. The gamescom demo revealed a garage homespace.^
Forums: discussion thread

Can the homespace show more than one car at the same time?
No. A promotional screenshot showing multiple cars parked in the garage was created by a developer-only feature.

Will more Homespaces be added to the game after launch?
TBA. FM7 does not have a menu to change homespaces.

What is Forzavista? Where is it?
Introduced as Autovista in FM4, Forzavista is an up-close mode enabling you to open a car's doors, hood, and trunk, get in the car, honk the horn, rev the engine, and access aesthetic customization options. "Every car in Forza Motorsport 7 features a full Forzavista experience, allowing players to discover each car’s unique characteristics in exquisite detail. Nowhere is the Forzavista level of detail more apparent than with car engines." "In fact, we’re making the Forzavista experience even better by allowing players to explore cars not only in our gorgeous pre-made home spaces, but also track-side before the race begins."^ There is no men tile to enter Forzavista - look for the button icon in the lower right corner of the screen (press down on right stick for controller). In the Buy Car and My Garage menu, you can press X to 'explode' all doors even though this command is not visible on screen (Xbox).

Forzavista icons and options
Move your controller to a door to open it and then push forward to enter the car. Inside the car you can start the engine to hear it rev and rumble. Anywhere there is an "i" icon you can select it for detailed info on that part of the car. The color wheel icon opens the paint menu (use the main menu to find Vinyl Groups), and a crossed wrench will allow you to install parts that affect aesthetics (rims, lowered springs, aero) as well as Quick Homologate (use the main menu for the full range of upgrade options). Photo Mode is also available in Forzavista.

Can we put tops up and down on convertibles?
Forums: discussion thread

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#28 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:54:59 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Driver Gear

Forums: discussion thread with images

Players can personalize their driver by selecting gender and outfit:
"For the first time in the Forza Motorsport series, we’re bringing the driver out of the car and to the forefront with our new Driver Gear feature. Forza 7 will feature more than 300 Driver Gear sets to unlock in the game. Pick the Driver Gear that’s right for your driver and you’ll see him or her decked out in the pre- and post-race screens."^ "Players will be able to choose between everything from real race suits with HANS devices, to old-timey outfits with leather helmets, to some even goofier additions from pop culture. (Expect a lot of “era-specific inside jokes,” Lee laughs. “There's a lot of middle-aged people that work here.”) With Forza featuring real racing series like IndyCar and NASCAR, you can also expect to see some more iconic suits as well, set to be announced later this summer. . . . What’s more, each one of the five discrete pieces that makes up a character (the helmet, the suit, etc.) has its own 4K asset. Zoom in on a helmet and you’ll see realistic scuffs and smudges on the visor — and on some special helmets, signatures that look like they were just Sharpie-d on."^

Groupings in the Driver Gear menu shown in the gamescom closed-door demo reveal showed theme categories for Forza Favorites (previous Forza game themse), Pop Culture (Tuxedo, Leisure Suit, etc), Team Colors, and Cars. There are also exclusive Driver Gear DLC for select retailers, E3 attendees, VIP DLC owners, and the Hoonigan Car Pack.

Driver Gear has a rarity attribute (Uncommon, Super Rare, etc). The higher your Car Collector Tier, the better chance you have of winning rare Driver Gear as awards for leveling up. The menu also shows the option to buy Prize Crates.

Can helmets be mixed and matched with suits?
No, Driver Gear is a fixed combination of helmet and suit.

Do any of the outfits reveal the driver's face?
No, unlike Horizon games, faces are covered by helmets or bandanas in FM7.

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#29 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:57:21 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Car Collecting and Availability

Obtaining cars with credits or awards
All cars in the game roster (including models from DLC you own) are available to drive in Free Play races and to paint in the Paint Car menu, but to participate in the single player Forza Driver's Cup campaign and earn XP and CR from driving, you will need to own cars in your My Garage menu. Players can buy cars with credits from the Buy Car menu in the main menu Cars tab, or from pre-race menus, or from the Car Collection menu. (The Car Collection menu can't be sorted, but cars are quickly added to your garage with stock paint and homologated parts, while the Buy Cars menu can be sorted and goes through the paint selection process). The Specialty Dealer has a limited selection of cars not available in the Buy Cars menu, and eventually players will be able to buy cars from other players in the Auction House. Players may also receive cars as gifts from Turn 10 in their Message Center or as gameplay awards from Driver Level Milestone Rewards, Prize Crates, and Driver's Cup championships and Showcase events,

Can I import my garage cars from other Forza games?
Cars and credits do not transfer from other Forza games, designs can be imported.
Forums: discussion thread

Are there cars for Loyalty Rewards?
There are no direct car gifts from FM7 Loyalty Rewards, but the included Prize Crates may include cars.
Forums: discussion thread

What is the garage car ownership limit?
900 cars. If you receive a gift when you have the garage limit, you won't be able to download the gift car.
Forums: discussion thread on garage limit

What are the sorting options in car menus? Can cars be put in customized groups?
My Garage can be sorted by Division, Manufacturer, Class, or Year. It can be filtered by Class and by Drivetrain.
Forums: discussion thread

Can I sell cars back to the game?
Aside from selling cars to other players in the Auction House, cars can be sold back to the game from the My Garage menu for half their purchase price. Cars that were obtained for free can only be Removed from the garage for zero credits.

Can players gift or share garage cars with other players?
No, though players will be able to sell cars to others via the Auction House (coming soon).

Why are car prices wrong?
Dan Greenawalt explained during the FM7 debut livestream that in-game prices are not linked to real world retail or auction sales. The highest prices in the game are much lower than previous games - 1,500,000 is the highest assigned value. Buying every car would cost roughly 140 million credits but increased driver level offers discounts on milestone reward cars, and players will obtain many cars for free as gameplay awards.

Why are the horsepower numbers for cars wrong? How do I buy a car with stock parts?
Cars added quickly to your garage may be shown in Homologated setup; select a car to get in it, go to Tuning & Upgrades menu's Upgrade Shop, press the button for Setup Manager, and choose Reset Default Upgrades to return the car to stock setup for its proper spec numbers. When you buy a car from the Buy Cars menu, you have the option to add the car in Homologated setup or Stock setup; in either case the price is the same and you will own the necessary parts for auto-homologation.

I bought DLC - where are my cars?
You must collect your DLC cars to add them to your garage; go to either the Car Collection menu or Buy Cars menu. DLC cars are initially listed as "Free" in the Car Collection menu by Tier and in the first column of the Buy Cars menu. After you collect a free DLC model, buying a second car of the same model will cost credits just like other cars.

Why are cars locked? Where are the cars missing from the Buy Cars menu?
At the start of the game, players can only buy cars from the Tier 1 Car Collection. By collecting cars they will unlock cars Tiers 2 through 5. The Buy Cars menu does not list Exclusive cars (identified in the Car Collection menu with a lock icon), which are only available as awards from Prize Crates, Specialty Dealer, Completing Forza Driver's Cup events, and presumably the Auction House.
Forums: discussion thread

How does the Car Collection Tier feature work in FM7?
This feature is new in FM7. Each car in the game is assigned to a specific Tier: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, or Legendary. Only the Tier 1 (Common) cars are available to buy at the start of the game (all cars can be used as free Rentals in Free Play). Each car also has a number of points assigned to it, which is related to its price. When you collect the car, the points are added to your Score. When your score reaches 400, Tier 2 (Uncommon) cars become available, and so on. The more cars you collect, the higher your tier, and the higher your tier the better your Driver Level rewards will be in terms of credits, cars, and Driver Gear. ^
Forums: discussion thread on Car Collector tier

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#30 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:58:00 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Tracks, Weather, and Lighting

How many tracks are in FM7? What's new?
32 locations announced at gamescom^ - "the largest list of tracks in Forza Motorsport history."^ All environments from FM6 return (with DLC tracks VIR and Homestead now part of the base lineup), and Suzuka, Mugello, and Maple Valley return from FM4. Dubai Circuit follows Bernese Alps, Prague, and Rio (inspired-by-real creations by Turn 10) as FM7's featured debut track, covering the city center and Jebel Hefeet Mountain Road. See the Track List thread for details about ribbons, as well as for track lengths and tracks used in events. Environments list:
  • Bernese Alps (featured debut in FM4)
  • Brands Hatch
  • Circuit de Catalunya
  • Circuit of the Americas (COTA)
  • Daytona
  • Dubai Circuit (featured debut in FM7)
  • Hockenheimring
  • Homestead-Miami Speedway
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe
  • Lime Rock Park
  • Long Beach
  • Maple Valley Raceway
  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza
  • Mount Panorama Circuit (Bathurst)
  • Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello
  • Nurburgring
  • Prague (featured debut in FM5)
  • Rio de Janeiro (featured debut in FM6)
  • Road America
  • Road Atlanta
  • Sebring International Raceway
  • Silverstone Racing Circuit
  • Sonoma Raceway
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Suzuka Circuit
  • TEST TRACK (details TBA)
  • Top Gear
  • Virginia International Raceway (VIR)
  • Watkins Glen
  • Yas Marina Circuit

Are there any loose surface or Offroad tracks?
No. Dan Greenawalt didn't have anything to announce at E3^

Are there Drag racing tracks in FM7?
Yes. Drag tracks are available in Free Play by changing Race Setup / Game Type to Drag. Drag mode is not available in Split Screen or Multiplayer as of launch week.
  • 1/4-mile Dubai
  • 1/4-mile Hockenheimring
  • 1/4-mile Sonoma
  • Test Track has 1/4, 1/2, and 1-mile strips for both 2-car and 8-car lanes.

Where is the open area for tuning?
Test Drive is available in Free Play by selecting track and car in Setup, then select Race Info and Go to Race, then back to Setup and select Test Drive. While the Test Track Airfield has variant layouts listed in the Drivatar stats, as of launch week only the circuit ribbon is available from this menu.

Will tracks be added as DLC?

Are there tire barriers or sticky grass to prevent corner cutting?
Related: The new Friction Assist setting is "designed to let inexperienced players not get stuck in the sand or grass when driving off the track."^
Forums: discussion thread

Does FM7 have dynamic time of day?
"Dynamic skies will churn as skies darken and prepare for storms."^ "Turn 10 is building on the sky technology that was first seen in Forza Horizon 3, capturing real skies that bring life, motion, and color to every track in the game. Check out the screenshot of the observation tower at the Circuit of the Americas against a darkening sky – one glance is all it takes to recognize a Texas sky at dusk."^
Forums: discussion thread

Does FM7 have dynamic weather?
"Lighting will flash across the sky and rolling thunder claps will accompany every pop and growl of your car’s engine."^ "There’s no such thing as a simple “rain” setting in Forza Motorsport 7. Not for Sebring or the Nürburgring, or Brands Hatch, or any other track where wet conditions are available. Instead, the team has created a system that can smoothly transition through multiple weather conditions per track, and those conditions can (and often will) change throughout a race. You might start off with gray skies and fog on a track like Sebring, only to find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm two laps later. The lights might go green at Silverstone during a light rain, only to find drivers in dry conditions by the end of Lap 2. As in the real world, conditions change and sometimes change quickly, and its up to drivers to react to those changes."^
Forums: discussion thread on weather system

Can players choose settings for weather or lighting?
Weather at the start, middle, and end of a race can be set if the track conditions icon is Rain. Time of Day is not available in race settings.

Does night temperature affect track physics?
"Tarmac temperatures will change which will in turn affect tire friction and your car’s handling."^

Are there tires for wet conditions? What happens if my tuning setup doesn't include them?
In FM6 the method was "We automatically change the tires, if the car has race tires. If it has street tires, they are used in wet, dry and cold."^ and FM7 appears to work the same way.
Forums: discussion thread

Previous game articles for reference: - Forza Motorsport 6: Getting dark and wet in a world-first hands-on - June 15, 2015
autoblog - How Forza Motorsport 5 racetracks are made - April 2014
TechAU - It takes 4-5 months to build tracks for Forza Motorsport 6 - September 2015

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#31 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:58:37 AM(UTC)

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#32 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:58:57 AM(UTC)

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#33 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:03:54 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Game Economy Overview

Can I import my cars and credits from FH3 or FM6?
Cars and credits do not transfer from other Forza games. Loyalty Rewards, based on Forza Rewards tier, include Prize Crates which may include cars.
Forums: discussion thread

What is the fastest way to earn credits in the game?
Watch the forums for tips from other players. In addition to driving you can earn extra credits from taking advantage of each of the following features.

Earning Credits
The economy in Forza games to date has been based on credits earned from racing and then used to buy cars and upgrades. In E3 interviews, Dan Greenawalt described a constant rate of credits earned by distance driven, with longer races earning more credits. Bonuses are also provided by Mods in use for the specific event and double credits for VIP status.

Shared File Income
In Xbox One Forza games, shared liveries and tuning setups are free to download and use, which provides credits to the creator. Credits are calculated automatically and paid to the creator via the Message Center. FM7 details TBA.

Auction House
The Auction House returned to Xbox One Forza games with FH3 and is in FM7. Players can buy and sell cars to other players, increasing their value with upgrade parts and unique designs. FH3 included an Auction House transaction fee for sellers. FM7 details are TBA.

Selling back Cars
FM7 details on the value of selling cars back to the game is TBA.

Milestone Rewards
Milestone Rewards are given in CR, Mods, cars, and Driver Gear each time a player levels up. The higher the Car Collector Tier, the better the rewards.

Prize Crates
The Driver Gear and pre-race menus appear to give players an opportunity to buy a random group of CR and Driver Gear.

Loyalty Rewards

Forza Rewards
Forza Rewards is a monthly gift program that automatically tracks your activity across the Forza franchise games back to Forza Motorsport 2. Earned points increase a player's Forza Rewards Tier, and higher tiers provide more credits. Players redeem rewards from the Forza Hub or via the website menu.

Forzathon was introduced in FH3 as a series of event challenges during a calendar window (single day, weekend, or week-long) with awards for CR, XP, and cars (high value, Horizon Edition, and exclusive bonus cars not available to buy in the Autoshow). Forzathon Achievements, like the original Challenges at the launch of the Xbox One in 2013, have zero gamerscore but are highlighted in the player's Xbox profile. The console dashboard menu for Achievements shows active dates for upcoming Forzathon events, and players can use the Achievement Tracker to prioritize the sorting. FM7 Forzathon details are TBA but will be listed in a separate thread in the discussion forums.
Forums: discussion thread

League award info is TBA. In FM6 credits were awarded based on leaderboard position.

Are there in-app purchases or microtransactions?
Tokens have been made available in previous games as an accelerator, allowing players to use real money to buy cars and upgrades in lieu of credits. Tokens have not been required for any game completion to date. FM7 details are TBA.

Official periodic photo and livery contests offer an opportunity to earn more credits, and from time to time there may be contests run or sponsored by Turn 10 with gift car or credit prizes. See the FM7 Contest and Gift thread for past and current opportunities.
Forums: discussion thread

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#34 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:05:23 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Loyalty Rewards and Forza Rewards Forza Rewards site - redeem, review points, compare with Friends 2013 Forza Rewards announcement Loyalty Rewards announcement and Forza Rewards tiers, points update - September 22
Forums: Forza Rewards FAQ in the News forum.
Forums: discussion thread for Forza Rewards in FM7


What are the Loyalty Rewards for FM7?
Loyalty Rewards are one-time gifts at the start of your gamesave based on your Forza Rewards Tier. Loyalty Rewards are a combination of Forza-themed Driver Gear suits plus playercard Badge plus Prize Crates. While there are no direct car gifts, Prize Crates may include cars.
  • Tier 2: 1 Prize Crate, Tier 2 Badge, Forza Motorsport 7 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 3: 2 Prize Crates, Tier 3 Badge, Forza Horizon 3 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 4: 3 Prize Crates, Tier 4 Badge, Forza Motorsport 6 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 5: 4 Prize Crates, Tier 5 Badge, Forza Horizon 2 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 6: 5 Prize Crates, Tier 6 Badge, Forza Motorsport 5 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 7: 6 Prize Crates, Tier 7 Badge, Forza Horizon Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 8: 7 Prize Crates, Tier 8 Badge, Forza Motorsport 4 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 9: 8 Prize Crates, Tier 9 Badge, Forza Motorsport 3 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 10: 9 Prize Crates, Tier 10 Badge, Forza Motorsport 2 Driver Gear suit
  • Tier 11: 10 Prize Crates, Tier 11 Badge, Forza Motorsport Driver Gear suit

Suits and Badges are cumulative: "So, if you are Tier 4 at the launch of Forza Motorsport 7, you will receive the Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Horizon 3, and Forza Motorsport 6 driver suits, the Tiers 2-4 Badges, and 3 total Prize Crates. (Note that there are no Tier 12 rewards, as Tier 12 will not be possible to attain until the release of Forza Motorsport 7)."^
Forums: discussion thread
For reference:


How do Forza Rewards work?
Forza Rewards are ongoing in-game gifts based on your activity in Forza games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One/PC. "Tier levels are attained by playing Forza games and achieving certain milestones (such as driving a certain number of miles or reaching a certain Driver Level). These feats earn you points for your Forza Score; the higher your Forza Score total, the higher your Tier level. As your Tier level increases, so too does the rewards you can earn in Forza games." Your Forza Total and Tier number are displayed in your profile in each post on the forums; the numbers may seem to reset from time to time but this is a forum display issue and doesn't affect your actual score.

Tiers and Point Levels
Tier 1 starts at 0 pts
Tier 2 at 100 pts
Tier 3 at 500 pts
Tier 4 at 1,000 pts
Tier 5 at 2,500 pts
Tier 6 at 5,000 pts
Tier 7 at 7,500 pts
Tier 8 at 10,000 pts
Tier 9 at 12,500 pts
Tier 10 at 15,000 pts
Tier 11 at 17,500 pts
Tier 12 at 20,000 pts

Points Per Game
There are a total of 22,000 points available, so you can use different amounts from each game to reach Tier 11 or 12 without fully completing every game requirement.
3000 from FM7 (Xbox One or PC)
3000 from FH3 (Xbox One or PC)
1000 from Apex (PC only)
3000 from FM6 (Xbox One only)
500 from F&F (Xbox One only)
3000 from FH2 (Xbox One only)
3000 from FM5 (Xbox One only)
2000 from FH (Xbox One back compat or Xbox 360)
2000 from FM4 (Xbox 360 only)
1000 from FM3 (Xbox 360 only)
500 from FM2 (Xbox 360 only)
September 2017 change in points from DLC: "Based on player feedback we have removed Token- and DLC-based milestones in Forza Rewards going forward, instead choosing to focus on feats that reward time invested in the game. Related, we have decided to retroactively reward maximum reward points for DLC and Token-based reward feats for players who have played each title. For example, if you played Forza Horizon 2 the DLC/Tokens feat scores will be automatically be maxed out. This will go for all Forza games you have played."^ This change was made on September 25.

FM7 Rewards Points Requirements
FM7 milestones can bee seen at and on the Forza Hub. Forums: discussion thread for Forza Rewards in FM7. Note that Forza Rewards may take a day to update after your gameplay.
500 pts for Cars Owned (250)
500 pts for Days Played (50)
200 pts for Driver Gear Owned (100)
300 pts for Driver Level (100)
500 pts for Gamerscore (1000)
500 pts for Miles Driven (2857 miles or 4600 km)
50 pts for Perfect Passes (50)
300 pts for Showcases Completed (30)
150 pts for Unique Mods Used (50)

Redeeming Rewards
Redeeming rewards is a manual process done either through the Forza Hub app or at Through 2017, the reward window has reset late Thursday nights. You can only redeem rewards for the current period, so if you miss a window then you miss those rewards. Depending on your Forza Rewards Tier, you will receive the following total credit payouts for each weekly redemption window:
Tier 2 = 25,000
Tier 3 = 50,000
Tier 4 = 75,000
Tier 5 = 100,000
Tier 6 = 125,000
Tier 7 = 175,000
Tier 8 = 225,000
Tier 9 = 275,000
Tier 10 = 350,000
Tier 11 = 425,000
Tier 12 = 500,000
Note that the Forza Hub indicates the total redeemed rewards over the life of your activity; 500,000 credits is the maximum any player will receive in a single week. Once you have pressed Redeem, you must navigate to the in-game Message Center and download the credits before they will be added to your account.

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#35 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:29:45 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Driver Level and Milestone Rewards

gamescom closed-door-demo livestream:

How does leveling up work in FM7?
"You race, you get XP, you level up."^

How is leveling up rewarded in FM7?
Each time you increase your Drivel Level you will earn Milestone Rewards, which is a selection of credits, cars, Mods, and Driver Gear. Milestone Rewards are improved by your Car Collection Tier, which is related to how many cars you have collected. Your Car Collector Tier will show up next to your gamertag for others to see in multiplayer.
Forums: discussion thread about prize spins

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#36 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:32:53 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Stats

How to I achieve 100% completion?

Will my affinity or car progress carry over from previous Forza games?
None of the previous games has had any carryover of progress or stats or gamesave content; every player starts every game at the same level. Instead, as in previous games, FM7 will include Loyalty Rewards and Forza Rewards, which are gifts based on previous franchise play.
Forums: discussion thread

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#37 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:36:05 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Achievements

The full Achievements list was revealed by on September 14th. There are 62 achievements worth a total of 1000gs at launch, including solo and multiplayer requirements.
Forums: discussion thread
Following is a condensed list (ie, Collect 700 cars also satisfies the Collect 100 cars achievement) for full completion:
  • Buy a car in the Auction House
  • Sell a car in the Auction House
  • Collect 700 cars
  • Unlock 100 Driver Gear suits
  • Reach Car Collector Tier 8
  • Share a Photo
  • Share a Replay
  • Complete [every Championship] on Elite
  • Complete all Showcase Events in the Forza Driver's Cup
  • Equip and Fully Use 50 Mods
  • Earn 500,000 credits from Mods
  • Finish an event and complete all challenges with 3 Legendary Mods
  • Complete a race in the 2014 Ferrari FXX K on Mugello
  • Complete a race in the 2017 Nissan GT-R on Suzuka
  • Complete a race with every car from Porsche
  • Drive faster than 250 mph in any car
  • Create your own weather forecast in Freeplay
  • Complete a race in every Rain Weather Scenario
  • Complete the Spa-Francorchamps 100 showcase event with Extra Long Race Length enabled.
  • Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Design
  • Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Tune
  • Beat a 10 Rivals while running with no Assists
  • Win a race with Unbeatable Drivatar Difficulty
  • Enter Test Drive in any car
  • Complete 50 laps at night in Multiplayer
  • Complete 50 laps in the rain in Multiplayer
  • Complete 300 laps in Multiplayer
  • Complete a race on every track in Multiplayer
  • Win a race with no Assists turned on in a Multiplayer race
  • Start last and finish first in a Multiplayer race with 24 cars

Accomplishing a Forzathon challenge unlocks an Xbox Achievement for zero gamerscore. Forzathon Achievements are shown with other Xbox Achievements in your Xbox Profile feed, so even without gamerscore and prizes aside, these rare Achievements are worth bragging rights.

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#38 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:39:48 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: HUD and Camera Views

Can we turn off the shaking HUD graphics effect?
"Like in Forza Motorsport 6, the force triggered camera effects can be turned off."^ The camera effects along with rattling noises in the cockpit were added to FM7 with the goal of making the driving experience more immersive and realistic to what real drivers experience.
Forums: discussion thread

Can the steering wheel be removed from the cockpit camera view?
Yes, the Driver view removes the wheel from the cockpit view so it doesn't distract players using wheel controllers.
Forums: discussion thread

Is there a FOV slider?
Forums: discussion thread

Are sideview mirror reflections correct in FM7? What is their resolution and framerate?
Forums: discussion thread

Does FM7 have head tracking with Kinect or cameras?
Forums: discussion thread

Can wheel-lock-to-wheel-lock steering animation be changed?
Forums: discussion thread

Are lap times and distances to opponents available as Always On?
Forums: discussion thread

Can telemetry data be exported to an app for analysis?
Forums: discussion thread

HUD Options
  • CAMERA VIEW: Bumper, Hood, Cockpit, Driver, Chase Near, Chase Far
  • CAMERA MOTION EFFECTS: Off, Normal, Simulation
  • MAP: Off, Fixed, Rotating
  • LAP TIME, POS, SCORE, QUICK STOP: Off, Default, Conditional
  • SPEEDOMETER: Off, Analog, Digital
  • DISTANCE AHEAD: Off, On, Multiplayer Only
  • UNITS: Default, English, Metric
  • GHOSTS: Off, On, Rivals Only
  • REWIND: Off/On
  • RACE FEATS: Off/On
  • DRIFT HUD: Off/On

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#39 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:43:35 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Difficulty, Assists, and Drivatars

Driving Assists allow players of all skill levels to play. The game offers six difficulty presets: Super Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Professional, or Veteran. Super Easy includes assisted steering and braking, essentially allowing new players to pull the trigger and go. The most difficult setting - Veteran - is more demanding for car control and use of the controller for shifting. Driving Assists are independent of HUD options. Players also have the option to change each assist:

  • Suggested Line: Full, Braking Only, Off. When on, translucent arrows over the pavement turn red if your speed is too high for a coming corner.
  • Braking: Assisted, ABS On, or ABS Off
  • Steering: Super Easy, Assisted, Normal, or Simulation. Super Easy automatically steers.
  • Traction Control: Super Easy, On, Off. Cuts power to the drive tires to prevent slipping, helpful for high powered cars.
  • Stability Control: Super Easy, On, Off. Controls wheel spin in corners.
  • Shifting: Auto/Manual/Clutch. Mastering Manual/Clutch will provide a competitive advantage with reduced shift time/lag.
  • Damage, Fuel, Tires: Cosmetic, Fuel & Tires, Simulation. Cosmetic allows scratches without performance reduction, Simulation allows 100% damage to immobilize the car, and lights can be broken making night racing difficult.
  • Rewind: Correct mistakes and learn by trying new corner entry etc. (Not available in multiplayer.)
  • Friction Assist: On or Off. FA On equalizes the friction for every surface to prevent sliding on wet tracks and grass. Using FA will disable leaderboard submissions. "It's a learning tool for new players. Will be disabled in Rivals and most "common" hoppers but available in beginner hoppers."^

Forums: discussion thread on Friction Assist

Is there a tutorial for new players about how to drive?
TBA. See for tips on various driving skills.
Forums: discussion thread


Xbox Wire: What's a Drivatar and Why Should I Care? - September 2014

"Whereas other racing games use a standard and time-tested form of artificial intelligence, Forza actually learns from the driving behavior of actual players. The data it learns from watching you play is saved as a driving avatar – a Drivatar. Since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox, the feature has evolved, and starting with last year’s Forza Motorsport 5 debut on the Xbox One, your Drivatar moved to the cloud, ready to be called upon to race other players. It’s not online play, and it’s not a straight recording of you driving a particular track – it’s something much more complex and interesting."

Drivatar Settings
  • Difficulty: New Racer, Average, Highly Skilled, Pro
  • Limit Aggression: Off lets Drivatars behave as they've learned. On prevents Drivatars from blocking or sideswiping.
Forums: discussion thread on Drivatar behavior

Is M. Rossi a Drivatar or A.I.?
Forums: discussion thread on M. Rossi

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#40 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 2:45:51 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Mods

Mods were introduced in FM6 as a way of rewarding players for challenging themselves by removing assists.^ Mods will be in FM7, details TBA. Mods are among the Milestone Rewards for leveling up.
Forums: discussion thread

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#41 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:10:29 AM(UTC)

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#42 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:14:41 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Free Play

Free Play is found in the Single Player menu. Select the Setup tab and then Race Setup to customize settings. This mode allows you to set up a custom race solo or against up to 23 Drivatar opponents, drive any car in your garage or the game roster (including locked Exclusive models, but Rental cars don't provide payouts), and use Mods. You can also access the Car Collection and buy Prize Crates from this mode. Test Drive is located under the Setup tab after selecting Go to Race. Once a race is complete, the game will cycle to the next track with the same race settings.

Game Types - Is there endurance or playground game types?
Although the Help info lists Tag, this isn't a selectable option, and there is no Cat and Mouse etc.
Circuit Race - select up to 50 laps.
Timed Race - select from 30 seconds to 4 hours.
Drift - select up to 50 laps.
Multi-Class - select up to 50 laps with 2 car buckets.

Tracks - Where are the Drag strips and open area?
Currently the only Test Track Airfield option outside of Drag is the Full Circuit. Change Game Type to Drag to access strips at Dubai, Hockenheimring, Sonoma, and Test Track (1/4, 1/2, and 1-mile with 2 or 8-car lanes).

Weather - Can we set time of day?
For Circuit, Timed, and Drift, and Multi-Class, first highlight an environment and then see if a Night or Rain scenario is available for that environment. Time of Day is automatically set by the game, but when Rain is selected you can find Weather Options in the Advanced Rules tab. Set the Start, Mid-Race, and End Race weather types and probability percentage. Rain scenario options: Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Cloudy, Looming Clouds, Thunderclouds, Lightning Clouds, Ground Fog, Thin Fog, Dense Fog, Summer Drizzle, Drizzle, Light Rain, Moderate Rain, Heavy Rain, Rain Thunder, Rain Lightning,.

Opponents - Can we choose our own garage cars, or designs?
These specific settings aren't available. Drivatar opponents will use the homologated or maximum PI upgrade allowed under your settings.

Track List - Any, or selecting a Division will use the cycle of tracks from solo career events.
Collision Mode - Always On or Always Off (Ghosts)
Number of Teams - 1 to 4
Number of Driver Buckets - 1 to 4. Enables scoring and car restriction options.
Car Class - Any, E through X (also available in Car Restrictions)
Drive Type - Any, FWD, RWD, AWD (also available in Car Restrictions)
Drivatar Difficulty
Limit Drivatar Aggression - Off or On (restricts crashing)
Drivatar Designs - Off or On
Weather Options - enabled by Rain scenario, set Start/Mid/End conditions and probabilities.
Start Type - Standing or Rolling
Grid Order - PI (Ascending or Best Lap) or Random
Quick Stops - Required pitting, limited by lap setting and ribbon.
End of Race Timer - up to 10 minutes triggered by end condition. Did Not Finish (DNF) shows in race results.
Scoring - Bigger is Better (No or Yes), Compare Best Lap Scores

Setting a Division in the Rules tab will automatically update Car Restrictions with Homologation limits for PI and power, but these can be changed. When more than one Bucket is selected, each Bucket can be restricted by these fields:
Allow Upgrades (Y/N)
Car Class
PI range
Power range
Curb Weight range
Year range
Model Family
Drive Type
Engine Placement
Engine Configuration
Cars can also be handicapped by reducing the Power, Front End Grip, and Rear Grip factors down to 25%.

Can you race against your own ghost?
Forums: discussion thread

Can you set up endurance races?
Forums: discussion thread

Can we select opponent cars?
Forums: discussion thread

Forums: discussion thread
Forums: discussion thread
Forums: discussion thread
Forums: discussion thread

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#43 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:20:09 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Split Screen

How do I add the second player?

Can Split-Screen be played over System Link?
Forums: discussion thread

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#44 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:27:57 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Forza Driver's Cup

Forums: discussion thread

The Forza Driver's Cup is FM7's solo career mode. There are six Championships:
  • Seeker
  • Breakout
  • Evolution
  • Domination
  • Masters
  • Forza Driver's Cup

Each Championship has a series of races, based around car divisions, and special Showcase events. If you like the car you're in you can choose the open series to stay with it. Players can also change the length of races.

How many hours of gameplay are required to complete solo mode?
"We expect it to take players between 60 and 80 hours to complete."^

Can I go back to a previous save point?

Are championships and series locked with prerequisite events?

Will a top 3 result be required to advance through championship series?
Forums: discussion thread

Do I need to upgrade my car? Will I be forced to change cars?
"In both the Forza Driver’s Cup single player campaign and in multiplayer events created by Turn 10, cars will be homologated to certain performance standards based on their division. These divisions can be applied in Free Play and Private Lobbies as well. These homologation standards will be across several performance characteristics – tire compound, tire width, horsepower, and Performance Index (PI). In order for a particular car to compete in a homologated event, it will need to meet the performance standards inherent to that event. For example an event in the Exotic GT series might allow only “Sport” tire compounds with a maximum tire width of 355, a maximum of 750 horsepower, and a PI ceiling of 800. While cars can and will fall under those performance caps, any build that exceeds those numbers will not be eligible to compete."^ The Open Series allows you to keep using the same car to progress.
Forums: discussion thread on Divisions and Homologation

Is there a qualifying element to racing?
Forums: discussion thread on qualifying

Can I modify the races? What is the average race length?
Forums: discussion thread

How many cars are on track?

Can I specify my competitor cars and liveries?
Forums: discussion thread

Can we specify rolling or standing starts?
Forums: discussion thread

Can I change Assists during races?

Is there a pit strategy feature and animation?
"No, we've chosen to focus on the on-track simulation and physics. Pitting is supported, but it isn't part of the core loop and strategy."^ Pitting restores damage and wear back to 100% automatically. As in FM6, there are no tire types for wet; the game adjusts grip based on installed tire compound automatically.
Forums: discussion thread on pit stops
Forums: discussion thread on tires and dynamic weather

Is there a Co-Op Campaign feature?
Forums: discussion thread

Who narrates the voiceover content? Are Top Gear hosts featured?
The FM7 Demo announcement^ listed a roster of more than 15 "Voices of Motorsports" contributors featured in FM7, from past and current racing drivers, automotive industry designers, automotive journalists and automotive personalities: Charlie Turner, Jonny Lieberman, Josef Newgarden, Katherine Legge, Ken Block, Kim Wolfkill, Lyn St. James, Magnus Walker, Mark Roberts, Matt Farah, Pat Devereux, Pat Long, Ralph Giles, Rutledge Wood, Shannon McIntosh, and Tanner Foust.
Forums: discussion thread on narrators
Forums: discussion thread on Top Gear

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#45 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:29:46 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Rivals and Leaderboards


Rivals events are located in the Single Player menu. These events allow you to select a rival player's target time from the Leaderboards and race against that player's ghost. All events begin with a standing start but most events allow unlimited laps to attempt beat the target. When you beat the target the ghost will disappear but your better lap times will continue to be added to the leaderboard; you can exit the event and reenter to race against a faster ghost. When a Friend beats your leaderboard position you will receive a notification in the Message Center. If you don't own an eligible car you can buy one from the pre-race menu. Upgrades and tuning are allowed in Homologated events within restrictions. Mods are not applicable available Rivals events.

The Rivals menu has different event groupings:
  • VIP - accessible only by VIP DLC owners.
  • Featured Events - may include Division or class-based restrictions, contest events such as Bounty Hunter.
  • Spec Challenge - car provided for free, no upgrades allowed but players can use their own Assist settings.
  • Track Days - avoid collisions with traffic cars for a clean lap time.
  • Autocross - hitting gate cones adds a time penalty.
  • Drift - scored by points.

Where are the class and track Rivals? When will they be added?
Class/ribbon rivals events were not present at launch. A single class event was added on October 13. The Week in Review stated, "Look for a new group of events arriving in the game next week as well. As in previous Forza games, we’ll be adding events over time based on popularity and player feedback. If you’re a fan of a particular event, there’s no better way to show your support than to actually play it. Naturally, we’re always curious as to the kinds of events players want to see in the game in the future – let us know what you want to see in the Forza Motorsport 7 discussion forums."^ Use the Multiplayer Event Request List thread or Features Wish List to request Rivals based on class or other restrictions, and use other threads for discussion about Rivals events.


Event Leaderboards are available after each race is complete in solo career and Free Play, showing the homologated division times for the car and track used in that event. Each time will show the gamertag (with crown icon for VIPs), car model, lap time (all clean laps above all flagged laps), ABS/TCS/Shifting settings used, and whether a tuning setup was used. Selecting a leaderboard time will allow you to download the tuning setup if it is available. The times can be sorted (filtered) by player Region, Worldwide, Near Me, Friends, and Hardcore (no assists).
Forums: Hardcore discussion thread
Forums: Leaderboard replays discussion threadForums:

/!\ Why is my lap marked dirty if I did nothing wrong?
Any Assists on Super Easy or Friction Assist On will automatically mark the entire race and laps will not be recorded to the leaderboard. Reasons for a lap being marked with the /!\ dirty lap symbol include: contact with a car or wall, heavy bottoming out (ride height too low/suspension too soft), driving outside the track boundary, drafting (either ahead or behind a close car), driving the wrong way on a track, using Rewind, or using Mods that affect car performance. Triggering a dirty indicator in the final sector of a lap will also cause the next lap to be dirty (due to the possibility of gaining an advantage entering that lap); rewind back beyond where the last split time pops up in order to keep the next lap clean. You may find it difficult to get a clean lap with other cars on the track; try Free Play with minimum Drivatars.

Can you race against your own ghost?
Forums: discussion thread

Will leaderboards be accessible on or mobile app?
There is no remote way to view in-game leaderboards at this time. Turn 10 has not announced any plans for this feature.

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#46 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:32:05 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Community / Social

How to I follow a Creator and find their other liveries, tunes, and photos?

Does FM7 have Clubs, car sharing, and Club leaderboards?
TBA. See also Clubs on Xbox, which can be used to find other Forza players for multiplayer or discussion.
Forums: discussion thread

At E3 2016, Xbox announced new upcoming Club features that are separate from the in-game club system, but may also be of interest to FH3 players:

Rollout to Preview members began the week of September 6:

Clubs on Xbox Live
Clubs are gamer-created and managed groups that can help you meet people and grow communities of gamers who love the same things you do. Anyone can join or create a Club and you’ll probably see a Club for just about everything. For example, I created a Club for all my college buddies so we can keep in touch and coordinate competitive Halo gaming nights.

As a Club member, you’ll be able to set up parties, play games, share content, and easily communicate using voice and text chat with the Club across Xbox One and the Xbox app. You can search for Clubs (or create your own) in the Community tab on Xbox One and the Clubs section on other devices, and Clubs associated with a game will be accessible in the title’s Game Hub. As a Club admin, you’ll have the tools to ensure that everyone is having a great time and help create a lively and inclusive environment. Reserve your Club name today as no two can be the same!

Looking for Group (LFG) on Xbox Live
LFG helps you quickly find other players that you want to game with. It’s like posting a gaming “want-ad” to the Xbox community. Need to do daily quests or on the hunt for certain achievements? We have you covered – just create a LFG post. You’ll be able to add certain requirements to make sure that you’re finding the right gamers. You can specify the game, the game mode, how many people you need, rules like no trash talking or casual friendly, and any other in-game requirements like level, gear or character type.

A quick primer on how LFG works: gamers can browse open LFGs and request to join the ones that they’re interested in. The LFG host chooses from the list of gamers who have expressed interest and, once the group is full or the host is ready, the host can quickly get those people into party chat and start playing. Quick, easy, and simple. Whether you’re playing a FPS on Xbox One or your favorite PC title, you can quickly find other gamers to play with on Xbox Live. As with Clubs, Preview members will start seeing LFG on Xbox One today and on the Xbox app in the coming weeks.

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#47 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:32:30 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Multiplayer Lobby Options and Setup

What is the maximum number of drivers on track in multiplayer?
The grid holds up to 24 cars. The lobby limit includes non-racing spectators.

How does multiplayer work between console and PC players (Crossplay)?
"Like Forza Horizon 3."^ "we have the ability to limit/disable it for competitive modes."^
Forums: discussion thread

Is tuning available in lobbies?
"Yes, you can even tune during loading."^
Forums: discussion thread

Is there a qualifying feature in multiplayer?
TBA. Bill Giese told GTPlanet at E3 that there is an option to run hot laps while waiting to race, but it's unknown how these could be used for qualifying.
Forums: discussion thread on qualifying
Forums: discussion thread on Track Day feature

What features are included in Pitting?
TBA. While the E3 trailer depicted an animated pit crew, this doesn't seem to be a feature in FM7.
Forums: discussion thread

Complete options and lobby host settings - including time and weather - are TBA. Dan Greenawalt confirmed at E3^ that the latest multiplayer updates in FM6 will also be in FM7:

Manual Grid Ordering
"With Manual grid ordering, the host has the option to manually place lobby players in any order by moving them up and down the grid order with the Right Stick. Note that lobby players who are set to “Spectate” when a race begins will automatically be pushed to the end of the order, while participating racers will move up the grid order accordingly. Once the grid has been organized, the host sets the race to begin by pressing the X button. Just before loading into the race after the countdown, players will be presented with a final confirmation screen. From this screen, the host can make any final adjustments to the grid order (once again using the right stick), cancel the launch, or start the race."

Grid Preview
"With “Grid Preview” enabled, players will be shown a car-by-car rundown of the grid before the race begins. Players will see the driver’s Gamertag, as well as the make and model of the car they are driving for that race. With “Grid Preview” set to Auto, the game camera will automatically switch to each car on the grid; in Manual, the lobby host will be able to switch between cars manually by pressing the LB or RB buttons. At any time, the host can choose to start the race immediately by pressing the X button."

Spectator Features
TBA. In FM6, players who don't join a race at start can spectate, switching between drivers and camera views.

Broadcast Ticker: "When spectating a race in game, players now have the ability to toggle a ticker that gives up-to-the-moment positional data for all players in the race. As racers move up or down in position during race action, the ticker automatically changes. In addition, the new update adds each racer’s Gamertag and positional information above their cars during a race, giving viewers the chance to follow the on-track more closely than ever before."

Info panels: "The new Race Overview panel showcases crucial in-race information, including a mini-map which shows nearby racers’ positions on the track, as well as a leaderboard indicating where the current car is in the race, and how far the closest competitors are either in front or behind.

With the Player Overview panel, spectators can learn more about the player they are currently focused on in a race. The Player Overview page includes a great deal of information, including name, car information (Car Class, PI, and performance characteristics), as well as driving telemetry like revs, speed, current gear, as well as braking and throttle pressure. In addition, this screen provides information on that racer’s fastest lap of the race, the number of Quick Stops they have completed (if relevant), current lap number, and more. Spectators can toggle these panels on or off at any time by pressing the Y button."

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#48 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:33:09 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Other Game Modes

Is there Tag on tracks other than in the Test Track arena?
Forums: discussion thread on Tag

Is there Drag racing?
Forums: discussion thread

How do I Drift?
Forums: discussion thread

Is there car soccer?

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#49 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:35:44 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Online Etiquette and Adjudication

Forums: discussion thread on crashing and griefing in multiplayer
Forums: discussion thread on flags

Why did I get banned in the game? I did nothing wrong.
If you have received a game ban then you should see a message in game via the Message Center indicating the length of the ban. See the Xbox Enforcement page and be sure to read the Terms of Use which also cover Forza gameplay. Common causes for a ban include inappropriate content on car designs, or intentional wrecking of other players. The TOS prohibit discussion of enforcement issues on the forums so the only option is to email your question with details, such as all the gamertags on your console, to the developers at You might not receive a personal response to your email, but all emails are read. Ultimately you just have to wait out the length of your ban.

What is permissible and expected etiquette during races?
"He slammed into me!" "No, he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you. He rubbed you. And rubbin’, son, is racin’.” - Days of Thunder (1990)
Given the range of skill level and difficulty in translating seat-of-the-pants awareness to virtual racing, some contact between cars should be expected. However, while the rubbin'-is-racin' viewpoint may be entertaining for spectators, it's not fun for players looking for clean racing. Forza is not intended to be a combat sport, and griefing is a violation of the Xbox Code of Conduct. The Rules of Engagement thread in the FM6 forum goes over tips for proper racing, including: holding your line, when to pass and when to back off, giving back position after contact, using your mic to communicate apologies to other players, and patiently avoiding the first corner pileup. Players should never target others or retaliate for being wrecked, because this could result in the retaliating player being banned. Learning to race cleanly is vital to becoming successful in online events such as Leagues and the Forza Racing Championship. See for tips on various driving skills.

How do I report a griefer or inappropriate livery?
Use the Xbox Live Reporting function to report abusive behavior, and Mute verbally abusive players. Again, do not retaliate or you may find yourself banned as well, and do not name-and-shame others on the forums; let the enforcement team deal with these issues.
Forums: discussion thread

Are there searchable custom private lobbies?
Dan Greenawalt addressed this question at E3, focusing on blending the game and platform features.^ Use the Xbox Clubs and Looking for Group features to find likeminded players and jump into lobbies with parties.
Forums: discussion thread

Can players Vote to Kick abusive players?

Are there in-game tools to prevent corner cutting and crashing?
Creative Director Bill Giese mentioned "cool new adjudication tools" at gamescom^ but details are TBA.

Does Friction Assist apply in multiplayer?
Lobby hosts can turn this assist off in the options. "It's a learning tool for new players. Will be disabled in Rivals and most "common" hoppers but available in beginner hoppers."^
Forums: discussion thread on Friction Assist effect
Forums: discussion thread on multiplayer

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#50 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:38:27 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Multiplayer Hoppers and Leagues

What features are included in Pitting?
There is no animation or pitting strategy options in multiplayer; pitting will repair damage to 100% automatically when the driver's Assist settings for Damage are on Simulation.
Forums: discussion thread on Pitting

How do I report griefing, crashing, and cutting by other players?
After a race is complete, bumper right to Driver Info, select the driver, and select Vote to Kick, Mute Driver, or Driver Feedback where you can report cheating or dirty racing or Compliment great driving.
Originally Posted by: PJTierney Go to Quoted Post


Hoppers are lobbies that automatically cycle tracks (giving a trio of choices for players to vote on for each race) and allow players to choose their car within restrictions. If you don't own an eligible car you will be able to use a rental for free but you may find it underpowered without the option to upgrade. Players can upgrade and tune their owned cars in the lobby while waiting for the next race. Changing liveries isn't availalable . Players only earn CR and XP by using cars they own.
Forums: discussion thread on cycled production hoppers

Where are the hoppers for PI classes, drift, and drag racing?
The hopper selection at launch focused on specific cars and divisions in circuit racing. The October 6 Week in Review announced "Next week promises to be another fun one in Forza Motorsport 7, as we’ll be releasing a collection of new Hopper and Rivals events into the game. Look for all the details in next Friday’s edition of the Week in Review!"^
Forums: discussion thread
Forums: discussion thread on ghost racing

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