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#1 Posted : Monday, June 12, 2017 11:15:04 AM(UTC)
Frequently Asked Questions
Forum Thread Index
Game Guide

This thread compiles Frequently Asked Questions about Forza Motorsport 7 on both the Xbox and Windows 10 PC platforms, covering topics from purchasing to hardware to features and menus. Each topic includes links to official sources and related discussion threads in this forum, if available. Posts will be edited with new information before and after game release, so check back from time to time. See also the Forums FAQ for questions about the website.

Overview- Forza vs other car games | Motorsport vs Horizon | Age/Skill suitability | Basic requirements
Quick List - facts and figures
Links - Official sources of info | FM7 in the News site index

Contact - Help on the Forums | Turn 10 | Xbox Support
Troubleshooting - Prevention and Solutions | Gamesave reset
Enforcement - Code of Conduct | Bans
Accessibility - Supported Languages and Regions | Physically and visually impaired players

Consoles - Xbox One / S / X differences | Install | Kinect
Win10 PC - Minimum requirements | Online requirements | Resolution, framerate | GPUs and drivers | Install
Peripherals - Controllers | Wheels | Pedals and shifters | USB support | Keyboard/Mouse
Monitors - 4K and HDR | Multimonitor | VR devices
Online - Play Anywhere | Cross-Play | Xbox Live Gold | Game saves | storage and data management
Tech - UWP and DX12 | Forzatech | Photogrammetry | Modding

Editions - Contents | Release dates and Early Access | Pre-loading
How do I buy the PC version?
Pre-Order - Bonuses | Retailers | Pay methods | Regional
Demo - Features | Console | PC | Wheel Support
DLC - Redeeming codes | Store/Marketplace | Exclusive DLC | VIP | Car Pass and Car Packs | Expansions | Sharing DLC | In-App purchases | Content updates
Apps - Forza Hub | Xbox App | Accessories App

Main Menu
Notifications - Message Center | Forza Hub
Personalization - Driver Gear | Playercard
Wheels - Button mapping | DOR
Audio - Sound quality | Soundtrack | Spotify | Groove
Video - PC options

Tracks - List and lengths | Boundaries and Obstacles | Drag strips, Tag arena
Weather - Dynamic weather | Surface physics | Dynamic skies
Track Editing

Lists - Manufacturers | Models list | Forza Edition variants | locked cars | Car Wish Lists
Types - Divisions and Homologation
Specs - Performance Index | Classes and Attribute Ratings | Damage, Fuel, and Simulated Physics
Upgrades - Body Kits | Rims & Tires | Performance Parts | License Plates | Interior
Tuning - Tuning basics | Adjustable settings | Importing and using Tuning Setups
Painting - Colors and Surfaces | Body panels | Importing designs | Livery Editor | Vinyls | External image files/apps | Save limits
Driver Gear - Personalized Driver outfits
Forzavista - Homespaces | Toggling lights, indicators, wipers, windows, convertibles

My Cars Garage - importing previous garages | Sorting/grouping | Selling/Removing | Gifts | Sharing | Garage limit
Car Collection - Tiers and Points
Buy Cars - Sorting options
Specialty Dealer - Exclusive models
Auction House - Listing and Bidding | Transaction fee | Limits and restrictions
Prize Crates
Driver Gear

Race Payouts - Race XP and CR | VIP bonus | Mods bonuses
Daily Payouts - Shared file use income | Status tiers and benefits
Rewards - Loyalty Rewards | Forza Rewards | Contests
Leveling up - XP and Driver Level | Milestone Rewards
Forzathon - timed events and awards
Tokens - Purchase and usage | Account sharing
My Drivatar Stats - 100% completion
Achievements - list and requirements | Forzathon

HUD - Camera views | cockpit animation, steering wheel delete | Rear view mirror | Telemetry | Units
Assists - Difficulty | Damage, Fuel and Tire wear
Mods - Usage and bonuses
Drivatars - Difficulty

Forzathon - Challenges | Rewards
Free Play - Options | Racing against your own ghost, selecting opponents
Split Screen - Player 2 | Drivatar opponents
Forza Driver's Cup - Championship points | Showcase events | Unlocking Elite mode | Rewards | Homologation rules | Race customization options | Partner content
Co-op Mode - not featured

Rivals - Monthly and VIP events | Hotlapping by track and class | Ghosts
Leaderboards - Clean vs Dirty laps | Sorting laptimes | HUD and Replays

Clubs - In-game Clubs | Clubs on Xbox | Looking for Group | Forums
Lobbies - Crossplay | Finding lobbies | Tuning and Practice | Private host/race controls | Spectate features
Modes - Circuit | Endurance | Multiclass | Drag | Drift | Tag
Adjudication - Bans | Racing Etiquette | Cutting and Crashing | Vote to Kick, Reporting
Hoppers - Where are the class hoppers, and drift and drag?
Leagues - Points and Bands | Rewards
Forza Racing Championship - eSports events | Forums | Registration

Photo Mode - Settings | Storage limits | Exporting | Gallery | Contests
Video - Forza TV Replays | Xbox Clips | Upload and sharing
Streaming - Official livestreams | Mixer integration | Hardware and Software

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#2 Posted : Monday, June 12, 2017 11:16:49 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Overview

I'm new to Forza: How does it differ from other car games?
Forza Motorsport compares closely with other licensed simulation sports games: Forza is notable for its realistic depiction of real cars, tracks, lighting, and handling, running at 60 frames per second at the current best console resolution. Since the beginning of the series in 2005, Turn 10's goal has been to "turn gamers into car lovers and car lovers into gamers." Partner content such as Top Gear and Hoonigan celebrates car culture in addition to the focus on motorsport competition. The car roster is diverse with production cars and race cars across many body types and manufacturers from pre-WWII to modern day. Customization is a key feature of Forza, allowing players to tune and upgrade the performance of their cars and use the Livery Editor to create unique paint designs. The game contains both solo and multiplayer features and allows players to choose their path in career mode. Instead of pre-programmed A.I., Forza uses the cloud to create and constantly update Drivatars - a unique virtual representation of each player's driving style - and puts them in your game as opponents. Unlike some other car games, there are no playable characters, and Forza games do not depict police, crime, or weapons.

How is Forza Horizon 7 different from Forza Motorsport 6 or the Forza Horizon series?
Forza Motorsport racing takes place on closed circuit tarmac tracks at real world locations (Le Mans, Daytona, etc), unlike the open world of the Forza Horizon series. Motorsport and Horizon games share the same physics and lighting engine (ForzaTech) and often incorporate features introduced in previous games. FH3 features such as the Auction House (last seen in the Motorsport series in FM4), Drone Mode, wide body kits, Forza Edition cars, and Forzathon are included in FM7. FM7 is the first full game in the Motorsport series to be playable on Windows 10 PCs (via Play Anywhere) with developer attention to peripheral support and display options for PC players. New to this series is Dynamic Weather and skies, more focus on animating and personalizing the driver with a wide array of racing suits, and the introduction of Dubai as the featured environment. Suzuka, Mugello, and Maple Valley tracks return, last seen in FM4. An improved penalty system targets track cutting, and tuning can be done while waiting for multiplayer races to load. FM7 has the largest car roster in the franchise's history, with more cars at launch (700) than FM4 had after all DLC additions.
Forums: discussion thread

Is Forza Motorsport 7 suitable for my child?
Forza games are designed to be playable by a range of skill levels, and offer driving assists that allow inexperienced players to jump in and drive, and harder difficulty settings to challenge experienced racing game players. 100% completion time that may take up to 100 hours. FM7 is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB (and PEGI 3 in Europe).^ Xbox's Code of Conduct prohibits car designs that contain vulgarity but some may be visible before they are reported and removed. In online multiplayer, players may be exposed to unrestrained audio chat from other players, but they can be muted.

What is the minimum I need to play Forza Motorsport 7? Do I need a steering wheel and the Xbox One X?
You do not need to own or have played previous Forza games in order to play FM7. The Standard version of the game costs $60 and is available for any in the Xbox One family of consoles or on Windows 10 PCs (digital only; console not required) with the required performance and storage requirements. Game features are the same on the original Xbox One as the Xbox One X, with HDR and 4K benefits available from the One S and One X respectively. FM7 is not available for the Xbox 360 or other brand consoles, and is not available from Steam. Other than a monitor the only other equipment requirement is a compatible controller ("gamepad"), which is included with retail console packages or available separately for use with PCs. Peripherals such as steering wheels, pedals, and shifters are not required. Kinect and a headset are not required but will enhance the playing experience for streaming and multiplayer mode. An Xbox Live account is required to sign in on the console and PC. A paid Xbox Live Gold membership is required for multiplayer on the console but not required for multiplayer on the PC. Only one copy of the game on a console with Gold membership is necessary for guests on that console to play the game and have access to downloadable content add-ons. In-app purchases are not required to complete the game. See the Support topic in this thread for discussion about physical and visual impairment, and the Hardware section for discussion of technical issues.

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#3 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:22:43 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Quick Facts

Xbox Wire: Official FM7 Fact Sheet (pdf)

Developer: Turn 10 Studios
Publisher: Microsoft
Age Rating: ESRB-E, USK-6, PEGI-3+
Platforms: Xbox One / S / X stems and Windows 10 PC (Not available on Xbox 360)
Xbox One X: releases November 7. Current owners can switch for no extra cost.
Release: September 29 (Ultimate Edition, disc and digital), October 3 (Standard and Deluxe)
Stores: / and retailers (Not available on Steam)
Demo: console and PC, date TBA
Pricing: $60 Standard (disc and digital); $80 Deluxe (digital only); $100 Ultimate (disc and digital)
Limited Collectors Disc Package: none
Limited Edition Forza 7 Console: unknown

Play Anywhere: Buy digital once to play on PC and all Xbox consoles, unified gamesave and DLC
Crossplay: Multiplayer between console and PC players
Split Screen: local two-player split-screen included
Co-Op: TBA
Multiplayer: Up to 24 cars on track
Tracks: 32 environments, 200 ribbons, Dubai new, Suzuka/Mugello/Maple Valley return from FM4
Offroad: TBA (unlikely)
Drag Racing: TBA
Weather: Dynamic weather with clouds, lightning, rain, and puddles
Lighting: Dynamic skies, night mode
Cars: 700+ on disc at launch
Manufacturers: 90+, Porsche and VW at launch, Toyota limited to race cars
Licensed partners: NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula E, Supercars, WTCC, Top Gear, Hoonigan
DLC: Hoonigan digital pre-order bonus, Day One Cars, VIP, Car Pass (42 cars over 6 months)

Wide Display: 21:9 supported
Multimonitor: "support for multiple monitors" on PC (details TBA)
Multi-USB: supported
Wheels: not required, "every fan-requested wheel on the market" supported, 30+ announced
PC requirements (Min.): 8GB RAM, i5-750 / FX-6300, 2GB GTX650 / R7 250X
PC requirements (Ultra): 16GB RAM, i7-6700K @ 4GHz / Ryzen 7, 8GB GTX 1080 / RX Vega 64
Framerate: 60fps locked on all Xbox One systems, 30fps+ unlocked on PC
Resolution: 1080p on Xbox One and One S, 4K on One X, 720p to 4K on PC
HDR: Xbox One S and One X and PC

Car Collector: earn greater rewards with more cars
Garage limit: TBA
Forzavista: now available track-side before races
Driver Gear: 300 driver outfits from classic goggles to modern HANS and pop culture themes
Customization: widebody kits and blowers included, Forza Edition cars included
Rims: FH3 styles included, more motorsport inspired designs
File import: FM6 and FH3 liveries and tuning setups can be imported
Storefront: TBA

Prize Crates: Mods, Driver Gear, Cars
Tokens: TBA
Loyalty Rewards: TBA
Forza Rewards: TBA
Forzathon: included
Auction House: included
Gifting: TBA
Mods: included (bonuses for increased difficulty)
Assists: new Friction Assist to control slick/sticky grass
Damage: revised modeling
Cockpit: new wheel-less view, driver reacts to collisions, immersive rattling sounds

Music: original score, Spotify and background music supported on Xbox systems
Track boundaries: revised dirty lap method to reduce corner cutting
Pitting: not animated, single tire compound
Qualifying: TBA
Leaderboards: TBA
A.I. opponents: Drivatars continued from Xbox One Forza games
Career: Forza Driver's Cup (6 championship series), optional divisions, custom race length
Clubs: TBA
Modes: Tag etc TBA, Bowling included in solo career
Leagues: newly enhanced
Lobbies: tuning in lobbies included, no searchable custom private lobby system
Spectate: Grid Preview, race broadcast ticker, info boxes
Streaming: Mixer integration, stream at 4K
Photo Mode: Screenshot at 4K on the Xbox One X
Replays: 30fps, new camera angles

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#4 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:25:35 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Links

The primary source of official information about Forza are the articles on the News page on this site and in the Forza Hub. Special announcements may pop up between regular bylines: Week in Review (Fridays), Rear View Mirror (Mondays), Heavy Metal Affliction (Thursdays). Tuesday and Friday livestreams on the official Mixer channel show off new content and may include snippets of info. The official Twitter account is also used to alert users of temporary issues.

Since the News page only goes back a couple months I have created a Official News, Livestreams, and Twitter alerts thread on the forums for a running compilation of past news. You can also see links to older articles in my and at See also my Chronology of Forza video playlist on YouTube with over 650 official trailers and interviews going back to 2005.

When posting new info on the forums or asking about something you heard elsewhere, provide a source link for other community members to review. Despite rumors of scanned cars or tracks etc, nothing is official until announced by Turn 10 or playable in the retail game.

Official Sources of Information
FM7 official photos at News section
Forzamotorsport official Twitter account
Forzamotorsport official Facebook account
Forzamotorsport official YouTube account
Forzamotorsport official Mixer channel
Forzamotorsport official Twitch account
Dan Greenawalt Twitter account
Bill Giese Twitter account
Forums: posts by Mechberg
Forums: posts by HeliosT10
Forums: posts by Nitro Glitter
Xbox Wire
Xbox Live Status
Xbox Support site and Twitter
Xbox Enforcement

How do I contact Turn 10?
Per the forum Code of Conduct, "constructive criticisms and suggestions are welcome, provided they are directed to Turn 10 Administration via private e-mail, here:" If you are communicating a problem with your game or account, provide as much detail as possible in clear language. You will receive an automated response confirming your message was received, and you may or may not receive a followup response. Some basic information questions may receive a response from the official Twitter account but enforcement questions should only be directed to the email address. A list of forum Moderators is in the Code of Conduct but moderators are not Turn 10 employees and cannot answer most game account questions. Xbox Live cloudsave or account purchase questions may need to be directed to Xbox Support at or via Twitter.

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#5 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:26:07 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Site Index

Site Top Menu Bar

  • Official Cars and Tracks overview pages for FM7 and previous Forza games.
  • News - has articles with announcements for DLC, content updates, contests, and other info. Scroll down to load older articles.
  • Forums - displays all discussion forums on the site with a "Trending Now" link to articles in the News section above.
  • Gallery - this is where to find the photos you've shared in the game.
  • Overview shows your Rewards score and Tier, next Reward period, and your progress on each game.
  • Redeem takes you to the page to redeem current rewards and see your cumulative rewards history.
  • Friends Compare shows your progress and Friends progress in each game and element. Click the game tab and then keyboard Tab key to see older Forza games stats.
  • links to overview articles and Buy pages for FM7 game editions and DLC add-ons.
  • link to for news, gallery, leaderboards, and registration

All Forums

  • News Discussion - forums Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, and article discussion.
  • Community Events - photo and livery contest threads for FM7 and other Forza games, plus special event notices.
  • Content Creators Area - post a thread announcing your videos and livestreams for other users to follow.
  • Discussion - use Wishlists instead of creating new threads.
  • Forzatography - post a thread to share your photos and get tips on technique.
  • Paint Booth - Race and Fantasy designers share images of their work and tips on technique.
  • Tuner's Garage - Share tips and setups for circuit and drag racing.
  • Racer's Lounge - Meet new friends, arrange cruises, organize racing series, and join external clubs.
  • Drifter's Paddock and Drift Teams subforum - share tuning and driving tips, set up battles, coordinate club members.
  • Discussion - discuss news and rules with other players
    (Previous games)
  • Discussion forums for previous games. See FM6 for similar features and topics.
  • General Xbox Gaming - discussion of non-Forza games for the Xbox platforms.
  • Off-Topic - discussion of PC gaming and any other topic that comes to mind.
  • General Automotive - discussion of racing and car culture.

    My Settings
  • Inbox, Profile, Likes, Signature, forum post count, Member Since date
    My Inbox
  • limited to a total of 1500 messages in Inbox, Sent, and Archive
    My Topics
  • User Topics - lists threads you have posted in
  • My Favorites - lists threads you have favorited

Site bottom bar
Turn 10 Studios - about the company
Support - Useful Links, where to find support, Forum FAQ
Terms of Use - at
Rewards Terms of Use - about Forza Rewards
Privacy & Cookies

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#6 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:27:14 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Accessibility Support

Does FM7 support visually impaired (blind, color blind) and physically impaired players?
Video settings can adjust Brightness and subtitles. Controller layouts change inputs. "Playground Games and Turn 10 both share the goal of making our games more accessible to more gamers. Playground Games actually has a very close working relationship with SpecialEffect (and in fact has helped them with recent fundraising events, in addition to technical consultations related to accessibility in games)."^ "Altcontroller just works with Forza Horizon 3, "out of the box" so to speak."^

Can I play FM7 in my country?
Microsoft in 2013 wrote:
"When the console launches this November, we will support Xbox One in 13 markets. Xbox One may be used in all countries, including the non-launched markets. In addition, Xbox One games are not region locked. Any Xbox One game purchased at retail can be used in any country on any Xbox One," said Microsoft in a statement. "That said, there needs to be a valid payment method corresponding to a supported launch country in order for any transactions to occur over Xbox Live, and some content may not be accessible outside launch markets due to geographic content restrictions imposed by content right holders."
^ See the current list of countries/regions where the Live service is supported. "Game features that require the Live service are only available in these countries/regions."
Forums: discussion thread

Can I choose the game language regardless of my region?
"Forza Motorsport 7 will be localized in the following languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexico and Spain), Italian, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Greek."^ Xbox One games use the console setting by default, see Xbox Support. In Windows 10 go to Start > Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language - this control is synced across all devices on your Microsoft Account (see Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings > Language Preferences).

The language setting menu is found under the Progress tab in the Options tile.
Forums: discussion thread

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#7 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:32:04 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Troubleshooting

Preventative preparation
If you're reading this, chances are you're here because of an issue, which would make these tips moot, but... It's always a good idea to reboot your equipment before making a major change such as installing a game or update, so that your system has a fresh sync with your Microsoft account. Make sure you have enough storage for the content you're about to add. On PC, make sure you have the adequate hardware, current Windows 10 build, and current GPU drivers, and are not running any conflicting software. Check your privacy settings to allow download of content. Read up on current known issues before making a change that might run in to a problem: Read this FAQ, read the Tech Support forum, read the Xbox Live Status page, read the Forza Twitter account, and read the News articles, read through the posts on the first few pages of the discussion forum. If Turn 10 is investigating an ongoing issue sometimes the only thing to do is wait. Finally, don't engage in activity that will result in a restriction on your options, such as downloading offensive content or violating Xbox Enforcement terms.

Troubleshooting general steps
If your game is stuck or shows other unusual behavior, follow these general troubleshooting steps in sequence from the least intrusive/altering:
  • Restart: Closing the game or switching to another game can clear some issues. If you have a disc installation you also might try ejecting the disc and reinserting it.
  • Reboot: Turn off your Xbox One console completely then start up and see if the issue is fixed. For some DLC and content update installation issues, users have reported success by changing the console's Power Setting to Instant-On with Automatically download updates enabled. Force a console system update if one is available under Settings/System. You might also try rebooting your router and modem to clear any ghosts in the machine. See Xbox Support's topic on Xbox One Networking settings.
  • Reconnect: For multiplayer connection issues, see Xbox Support's topic on Xbox One Networking settings. Try unplugging and rebooting your router and modem to clear any ghosts in the machine. Also try changing your console's connection from wired ethernet to wireless (or vice versa) and back again, as described in this post.
  • Research: If you have access to a different Xbox One and different router/connection than your home console (such as a friend's) you might try logging there as a way to isolate profile issues vs hardware issues.
  • Reinstall: From the dashboard, select FM7 and Manage Game and Uninstall (choose this instead of "Uninstall game and add-ons" to start; multiple users have reported that just uninstalling the game has fixed issues like crashing to dashboard from certain tracks), then reinstall the game, reboot, and restart and see if the issue is fixed. Your gamesave is stored in the cloud so reinstalling the game will not affect your progress.
  • Reset:
A) Reset your gamesave. See below.
B) Reset your console to factory settings via Settings > System. "Warning: Restoring your console to the factory default settings erases all accounts, apps, games, saved games, and settings. Anything not synchronized with Xbox Live will be lost. Your console syncs with Xbox Live automatically when it is connected with the service." If you change consoles, see this description of the steps for restoring everything, including the sync time to recover your gamesave from the cloud.

Report: If none of the steps have fixed the issue, report it in clear and full detail in the FM7 Support forums or send an email to the developers at You may not receive a personal response but reporting may help T10 look into the issue and eventually lead to a resolution for multiple players facing your situation.

Request: Note that game design choices are not the same as software problems. Use the Game Features Wish List thread to request game features you'd like to see in the game. Individual feature requests and wishlist threads will be locked or merged to avoid pushing topics of discussion off the front page of the forum.

How do I reset my gamesave?
Note that deleting your data will erase all gifts and start you from scratch.
See Nitro Glitter's step by step guide to deleting gamesaves on console and PC.
See the Xbox Support FAQ for managing game data.

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#8 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:41:29 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Console and PC

Xbox Wire: Xbox One X features - E3 2017

What is the game resolution on the Xbox One / S / X / Win10 PC?
Xbox One and One S play the game at a locked 60fps native 1080p, Xbox One X plays at native 4K 60fps, and Windows 10 PCs can run as low as 720p 30fps up to 4K and unlocked framerate.^

Will FM7 work on my Xbox 360 console?
FM7 is exclusive for Xbox One systems only (One / S / X) and Windows 10 PCs.

What is the difference between the game on the Xbox One S versus the regular Xbox One?
As a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) title, the game is the same for the One and One S, but the Xbox One S is enabled for High Dynamic Range (HDR) display. You would need to use a monitor that supports HDR display in order to see the benefit of higher contrast ratio between shadows and bright lights; otherwise the game will look the same on a non-HDR display for both the Xbox One and Xbox One S. The One S can also upscale to fill a 4K monitor screen, but does not output gameplay at 4K (dvd/streamed video only). Both consoles run the game at 60fps/1080p.^

Are there any game features on the Xbox One X version not available on the Xbox One or One S?
"The dynamic features are equally available in all versions of the game - even min spec PC."^
Forums: discussion thread for comparative features

Will I need to upgrade from my One / S to play on the One X later?
No need to buy a new copy - "all existing Xbox One games, including Xbox Play Anywhere titles, Backward Compatible Xbox 360 games and accessories, will be compatible with Xbox One X."^ You can copy games and apps from console to console over your home network instead of using bandwidth to download them again, as well as easily transfer external storage from one console to another.^
Forums: discussion thread on compatibility
Forums: discussion thread on data transfer

Is there any benefit to playing the game on the One X if I don't own a 4K or HDR tv?
Yes - "a 4K screen is not required to play great games on Xbox One X. Your games will still look and run much better on Xbox One X than any other console on the market regardless of your television and that’s thanks to supersampling. Supersampling also helps to reduce “jaggies” around the edges of objects and other staircasing-like effects."^ ^ On a 1440p monitor, "we will effectively output native over HDMI in this case at 1440p."^ TrueAchievement calculated 27% faster loading times with FM7 on Xbox One X than the original Xbox One.^
Forums: discussion thread

Will Xbox release a limited edition FM7 console like the blue one for FM6?
Unknown. The Xbox One FM6 Limited Edition console was released September 2015.^
Forums: discussion thread

Do I need to own a console to play the game on PC?
No. FM7 on Windows 10 PC is a free benefit of the Xbox Play Anywhere feature for digital purchases. Purchase a digital edition from the Store or as a redeemable code from a vendor and then download it to play. Alternately, if you have a console but don't have a tv, you can stream the game from the console to your PC/monitor via the Xbox App.

Will my PC run FM7?
Minimum (i5-750) and recommended PC specs were announced at gamescom 2017.^ The Microsoft Store will identify if your system is compatible. ^
Forums: discussion thread
Forums: discussion thread on DX12 supported GPUs and drivers

Will the game support HDR on PC?
"Happy to confirm that Forza Motorsport 7 will indeed support HDR on PC as well as on Xbox One X and Xbox One S."^
Forums: discussion thread

Does FM7 support triple screen?
The gamescom announcement about PC features mentions "support for multiple monitors."^
Forums: discussion thread

Are there dedicated servers for PC players?

Is Xbox Live Gold membership required for online features with PC?
"Xbox Live Gold will not be required for online multiplayer gaming using our service on Windows 10 PCs"^

Does FM7 require an always-online connection or can I play offline?
Presumed to work like FH3 which "does not require a persistent connection to the Internet for playing single-player modes."^

How much storage will I need to download the game? Can I set the install location drive?
The Store requirements indicate 100GB.^ The game can be installed on an external USB 3.0 drive connected to a console. See How to Manage Storage on Xbox One for details.

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#9 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:41:57 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Peripherals with consoles and PC

How are Kinect and Cortana used in FM7?
TBA. They were not featured components in FM6 but you may find Kinect useful for streaming your gameplay. An adapter is available for Kinect use with the Xbox One S and One X and Windows PC.^

Is TrackIR or head tracking supported?
Forums: discussion thread

Will my gamepad controller work with FM7, and on the Xbox One?
The gamescom announcement lists the Xbox 360 controller, Xbox One controller, Xbox One Elite controller, Xbox One S/X controller, and Sony Dual Shock 4 among supported devices.^ Use the Xbox One Elite Controller App from the Xbox One Marketplace to program functionality.

Are Xbox One controller rumble triggers supported on Windows 10 PC?
Impulse triggers work with bluetooth on Windows 10 as of the April 2017 Creators Update.
Forums: discussion thread

Is my current wheel controller supported?
"We’re excited to share that thanks to multi-USB support, Forza Motorsport 7 will be compatible with more than 30 gamepads and racing wheels, including every fan-requested wheel on the market:" [see gamescom announcement for list]
Forums: discussion thread for Xbox
Forums: discussion thread for PC

Has Force Feedback (FFB) been improved for wheels?
"There has been huge changes in both the number of wheels supported as well as the FFB effects themselves. This has been a major investment."
- Dan Greenawalt^
Dan talks about how Forza deals with scaling FFB in relation to caster and camber for all cars on the same wheel in min. 75-80 in his E3 audio interview with The Smoking Tire.^
Forums: discussion thread

Tips on using a Wheel and Pedals
See the FM6 post "Steering Wheels and You"^ by VoodooUomo for tips on calibrating pedals, deadzones, differences in production car vs. race car steering lock modeling, degrees of rotation, and wheel auto vs. manual resets.

Is the Oculus Rift and Hololens supported? (VR, AR, MR)
The game does not support VR devices. See the Hololens and Oculus Rift sites for more information.
Forums: discussion thread

Do I need 5.1 sound for the best audio experience? Is Dolby Atmos supported?
During the debut livestream, Bill Giese stated that Dolby Atmos is not supported.^
Forums: discussion thread on audio equipment

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FM7 FAQ: Forza technology

Do the Xbox One and One S download 4K assets?
Forums: discussion thread

What is ForzaTech?
"The Forza franchise is built on what we call Forzatech, that's our engine, our rendering and our physics engine, and both games are built on the same platform, and we evolve that between the two studios over time."^ See also Digital Foundry's April 2017 coverage of Forza and Project Scorpio development:

Physically Based Material lighting (introduced in FM6)
Arstechnica interviewing Chris Tector: ""With the move to PBM (in FM5), it really changed that story for us. It's about how many properties you want to model," he said. Cars and tracks are modeled with a layered approach. "You know what the different layers of paint and coating do to refraction—a diffuse base layer, a more transparent layer with metal flake, a clear coat—each one has different properties that affect the light," he said. "We want to attenuate the light as it refracts, so when it hits the flake it's a different brightness than when it was coming in the surface or bouncing back out," he told Ars."^

What is the poly count for cars in FM7?
Forums: discussion thread

Porosity (introduced in FM6)
"The newest addition to this aspect of FM6 was the porosity of a material, which affects how water sticks or runs off a surface." "The team calculated porosity for 148 different types of surface with wet and dry values."^

Tire and surface simulation (introduced in FM5)
"Greenawalt said. "If you go to the text books, they don't necessarily agree. Was someone applying a Pacejka curve incorrectly?" Suspecting that people weren't interpreting tire data properly, Turn 10 set out to collect data of its own. The team contracted with testing company Calspan to collect the data, but the interpretation was left to Turn 10." "FM6 does simulate sidewall flex, where the sides of a tire can roll under the wheel, changing the shape of its contact patch." "Turn 10 has built its own testing rig. "It was built by Aaron, one of the guys who works over there," Greenawalt said, pointing across the office. "He built a weight and put [DOT-]R-compound tires that we'd tested extensively at Calspan so we know all their parameters at different temperatures. He cut out little circles that were the same tire patch per weight ratio as the standard average car weight in the game, and it's basically a little car and we pull it along with a spring, and we know what the coefficient of friction is," he said." " "Any one track might have tens and tens of surfaces, so instead of looking at what a lap time should look like in the rain, we just make sure that the coefficient of friction is correct for all the surface types and the lap time comes," he said."^
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FM7 FAQ: Installation, Gamesaves, and Xbox Live

Prepping for installation
See the Tech Support forum for upgrading Windows and finding the most recent GPU drivers.

How much space do I need? Can I avoid downloading 4K assets?

Can the game be shared with different accounts on the same device?
On PC, see the Sharing Windows 10 Store Apps with your Family blog post at On consoles, only one game and DLC copy is necessary for multiple accounts to use if the owner has Gold Member status on XBL. See the Xbox Support topic Using Xbox Live Gold sharing features on Xbox One.
Forums: discussion thread

What do I do when I'm asked to choose between a local or cloud gamesave?

Can I have more than one gamesave for different game progression?

How do I reset my gamesave?

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FM7 FAQ: Editions, Pre-Order, and Release FM7 pre-order links Pre-Order announcement
Forum: Editions and DLC thread

What is the game's content rating?
Rating: ESRB-E and PEGI-3 - content appropriate for all age groups

What is Forza Motorsport 7's release date?
  • September 29, 2017 - Ultimate Edition (global launch, midnight local time)
  • October 3, 2017 - Deluxe and Standard (global launch, midnight local time)
  • November 7, 2017 - Xbox One X release

When can I pre-load the game? What time can I start playing?
Pre-orders installed a small placeholder before full pre-loading became available the same week as Early Access. Some users had to uninstall the placeholder and reinstall the game to initiate pre-loading. Gameplay is available at midnight in your local region.
Forums: discussion thread on release time
Forums: discussion thread on pre-loading

How do I buy FM7 for just PC if I don't own a console? (Play Anywhere)
FM7 on Windows 10 PC is a free benefit of the Xbox Play Anywhere feature for digital purchases, which works with downloads direct from Xbox/Microsoft and from codes purchased at retailers. FM7 is not available on Steam. If you have a console but don't have a tv, you can stream the game from the console to your PC monitor via the Xbox App.
Forums: discussion thread

When will I be billed for my pre-order?
Contact your retailer for confirmation. Microsoft's policy is:
"A credit card is required for pre-order, but your card will not be charged until your order is shipped or the product is made available for download. However, an authorization hold or small temporary charge may be placed on your credit or debit card as a result of your pre-order. Note that we can't charge your card and complete your order if your card expires between the date you pre-ordered the item and the date the item becomes available. Please ensure that your billing and contact information is current at all times. Pre-orders are covered by our Pre-Order Policy and can be reviewed, updated, or canceled at any time before pre-order items are released."^
Forums: discussion thread

Do I need pay for an upgrade when the Xbox One X releases?
No, the content and gamesave is the same for all Xbox One systems, just with 4K assets on the Xbox One X. External storage can be simply unplugged and plugged into the Xbox One X, and data can be transferred from one console to the other over a home network.

What's included in each pre-order bundle?
  • Disc $59.99 Standard Edition = softcase
  • Disc $99.99 Ultimate Edition = Steelbook case + Day One Car Pack + Early Access play
  • Digital $59.99 Standard = Play Anywhere + Hoonigan Car Pack (FM7 & FH3)
  • Digital $79.99 Deluxe = Play Anywhere + Hoonigan Car Pack (FM7 & FH3) + Day One Car Pack + VIP
  • Digital $99.99 Ultimate = Play Anywhere + Hoonigan Car Pack (FM7 & FH3) + Day One Car Pack + VIP + Car Pass + Early Access play
Forums: discussion thread on Ultimate Edition details

What's the difference between content on disc and digital versions?
The game content is the same for both formats except for video option menus in the Windows PC version.
Forums: discussion thread

Is there a discount for previous Forza game owners or VIPs?
There was no mention of a discount in the Pre-Order announcement.

Are there any retailer-exclusive cars this time?
Instead of cars, Exclusive Driver Gear DLC is available from different retailers, including GameStop and GAME are offering a Diecast scale model 2018 Porsche 911 GT2.
Forums: discussion thread for Porsche model
Forums: discussion thread for bonuses

Can I upgrade my Standard or Deluxe Edition after launch with the Ultimate bundled DLC?
There are no plans to offer the Hoonigan Car Pack as a separate add-on; this is a bonus DLC for digital pre-orders only. The Day One Car Pack is listed as a $10 value, VIP is listed as a $20 value, and Car Pass listed as a $30 value. These items typically become available for Standard and Deluxe add-ons after launch.

How can I get all content?
The way to get almost all FM7 in-game content with the best bundled discount is to pre-order the digital download version of the Ultimate Edition directly from Xbox (console dashboard/Windows Store/Xbox app), but there are exclusives from separate retailers, and the Ultimate Edition may not include all future DLC:
  • Early Access (September 29 release) is only available with the Ultimate Edition (both disc and digital).
  • PC play is only available with digital purchase (Xbox's Play Anywhere feature); some retailers sell digital codes. (Disc-owner gamesaves are retained if you later purchase a digital license).
  • Retailer- specific Driver Gear DLC is only available from pre-ordering at select vendors.
  • The Hoonigan Car Pack for FM7 is a digital download/code pre-order bundle exclusive (no add-on after launch); the Hoonigan pack for FH3 is also included for free.
  • VIP and Car Pass are typically available for all edition owners to purchase after launch, but only the Ultimate Edition (disc and digital) bundles both and may be less expensive as a bundle than as add-ons.
  • Car Pass and Ultimate Edition typically do not include all DLC; there may be additional paid DLC outside these add-ons and editions contents.
  • Tokens have been available as an accelerator in previous Forza games but haven't been required to access any content or progress.
  • The top tier in Forza Rewards (in-game gifts, typically credits) is only available to players with history in previous Forza games, though external CR shouldn't be necessary for typical game progress.
  • Online features for console require Xbox Live Gold membership (not required for PC multiplayer).
  • Crossplay (console and PC players together in multiplayer) is only available in Xbox Live markets.
  • HDR requires an enabled tv/monitor with Xbox One S or X or capable PC
  • 4K requires an enabled tv/monitor with the Xbox One X or capable PC; PC will offer unlocked framerate.

Are there any Loyalty Rewards for previous game owners?
"Was just in a meeting finalizing that." - Dan Greenawalt, August 23^

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FM7 FAQ: DLC Pre-Order announcement
Forums: DLC overview thread

See the DLC overview thread linked above for specific details on each DLC pack.

Is there a companion app for driving, Auction House manager, or Livery Editor?
There has been no announcement of a companion app. You can use the Xbox App on Windows PC to stream from console to your monitor, and the Forza Hub app provides access to the Forza Gallery of photos shared by you and the community..

Does the Car Pass include all DLC? How much is it?
The Car Pass includes six specific monthly car packs, starting with the October Car Pack, for a total price of $30.

If I purchase the Car Pass after I've purchased an included car pack, will I receive a discount?
Unlikely, since Turn 10 has not offered this on previous games and Xbox Live's purchase terms indicate that sales are final. Unless T10 comments on this, account transactions would be an issue for Xbox Support.

Will all family accounts on the same console have shared access to all DLC?
In previous games code assets (cars added to the Buy Cars list) were accessible by all accounts on the shared console, but gamesave assets (first-free-car with DLC purchases, VIP icon, VIP acceleration etc) are only available to the DLC owner.

Are there any plans for track DLC packs?
Unknown. Watch for announcements in the Forza Hub and in articles like the Week in Review in the News section. Any DLC announcements will be added to the DLC and Editions list thread.

Does Forza Motorsport 7 have in-app purchases?
There are no tokens in the game at launch; all purchases are made using in-game credits earned from gameplay and there are no features locked behind a paywall. "Once we confirm that the game economy is balanced and fun for our players out in the wild, we plan to offer Tokens [a real-money currency that works like CR] as a matter of player choice. Some players appreciate using Tokens as a way of gaining immediate access to content that may take many hours to acquire in the normal course of play. There will also be an option within the in-game menu to turn off Tokens entirely."^
Forums: discussion thread

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FM7 FAQ: Demo Forza Motorsport 7 Demo is Live! - September 19 Gone Gold Announcement - September 7
Forums: discussion thread
Forums: wheel settings discussion thread
Forums: Known Issues support thread
Release: September 19, 2017 at 10 am Pacific Time worldwide
Store: Link (version 1.105.6970 at release)
Size: 17.6 GB (console), 22.9 GB (PC)
Min PC Specs (for 720p30fps. Higher specs allow higher resolution and framerate.)
  • Windows 10 Creators Update
  • DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB Video Memory
  • CPU: Intel i5-750 2.67 GHz or AMD FX-6300
  • GPU: NVIDIA GT 740 or NVIDIA GTX 650 or AMD R7 250X

Turn 10 announced at gamescom that a demo would be available "on Windows 10 PCs prior to the game’s release" but did not announce a date.^ The date and details were included in the Gone Gold announcement^ on September 7th:
The official demo for Forza Motorsport 7 is coming for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. The demo features three unique racing experiences in Forza Motorsport 7, showcasing the depth and breadth of the experiences available in the game. Drive the Forza Motorsport 7 cover car – the Porsche 911 GT2 RS – to the brand-new Dubai circuit and experience the thrill of navigating the Jebel Hafeet Pass, one of the most famous driving roads in the world. Or, pilot the massive Mercedes-Benz Tankpool racing truck to victory at the high-speed Mugello circuit in Italy.

For drivers who want the ultimate test, the Nissan NISMO GT-R LM is available for a race at the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit. Here, fans will be challenged to handle the ‘Ring’s complex corners and elevation changes, while also tackling the dynamic track conditions that will make racing in Forza Motorsport 7 so breathtaking. Racing through rainstorms laced with thunder and lightning make for a visual showcase and for a challenge like no other – where dynamic puddles grow and shrink with the intensity of the rain.

The Forza Motorsport 7 demo will feature assists that will allow players to dial in the difficulty the way they see fit; and for PC players there will performance options including benchmark mode to adjust the experience to each player’s PC performance capabilities. For the full list of PC specs supported by Forza Motorsport 7, check out our recent story.

Demo debut VOD - September 19

Does the demo support wheel controllers?
Yes. See the Known Issues thread for the list of compatible PC and Xbox peripherals.

Can I choose the location to install the demo on PC?
Type "Settings" in Cortana and System > Storage > "Choose where new content is saved" to confirm the drive where you will install the 23 GB demo.

Camera Shake and Troubleshooting
PC users may notice that the demo does not respond to video options (turning off HUD motion effects) and may experience stuttering. See the Known Issues thread in the Tech Support and Help forum for a list of issues with the demo. The thread indicates that "a future update" will add support for some features such as unlocked framerate, video options, and reduced load times.

Included features
Settings for HUD, Audio/Music, Video, Controller
3 circuit race events
Driver Gear choices

Not featured
Rivals or Leaderboards
Photo Mode
Buying/Collecting Cars
Split screen
Progress and settings are not saved, so you will start over each time you open the demo.
Progress in the demo does not carry over to the full game.

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FM7 FAQ: Menus and Tips for getting started in the game

Will I need to download a content update again after install?
Digital owners who pre-load or install have the full game and will not need a content update (barring any bug fixes). Disc owners will have a 50GB content update waiting: "Naturally, the game can be played from the disc alone. However, if you want to experience the true depth and breadth of content in Forza Motorsport 7, you’ll want to take the additional update. A great example is the Forza Driver’s Cup single-player campaign. While all players can complete the first play-through of the Forza Driver’s Cup on disc, beating the series unlocks a wealth of new Forza Driver’s Cup content, including new competitive and Showcase events, as well as new trophies and Driver Gear rewards. In order to access those new events and rewards, you’ll need to have the additional update installed."^

Game Start tip: settings and gifts
When you launch the game for the first time you will see a splash screen for Turn 10 Studios, then hear a brief intro about the spirit of the game. Your first choice will be the gender of your driver and a Driver Gear outfit; these can be changed at any time throughout the game. Your first menu options will be between solo play (Forza Driver's Cup), multiplayer, or continue to the game menus. Whichever you choose you can come back to the main menus, but it might be a good idea to explore the menus, check messages, review your video and audio settings, and collect gifts waiting for you before jumping into a race. Video, audio, HUD, and controller settings are found under the Progress tab in the Options tile. VIPs can collect Prize Crates from the Home tab, and collect DLC cars for free from the Cars tab. Grabbing cars from the Car Collection menu (sorted by Collector Tier) puts them straight into your garage, while the Buy Cars menu (sorted under Free Cars) guides you through a curated design selection (or your choice of body color) before adding the car to your garage.

Why haven't I received my Loyalty Rewards?
Loyalty Rewards do require some progress before they pop up; you must complete the first three races and then go to your garage where you will be prompted with the Loyalty Rewards message. See more info in the Loyalty Rewards topic.

Why are some menus locked?
Sometimes an interrupted network connection will lock out access to menus; a reboot should fix this issue. " Some features in Forza 7 will not be immediately available at launch – including Auction House, #Forzathon events, and Leagues. Players looking for those features will see the “Coming Soon” notice by the features in the game menus. As our community of players grows in the weeks after launch, we will be enabling those features in game. Over the coming months, we’ll be introducing our series of events in Forza 7, including new #Forzathon events, constantly updated Rivals and Hoppers that will make full use of our new homologation system (more on that next week), new Prize Crates (featuring goodies like Mod cards, Driver Gear, new cars, and more) as well as unveiling cars in our Specialty Vendor (which will feature a regular cadence of unique cars for purchase), and more. The months ahead will also see new features to the game, which we’ll outline in further detail soon."^


Above the menu: Badge, Gamertag, and Car Collector Level.

Forza Driver's Cup
Prize Crates
Driver Gear
Message Center

Forza Driver's Cup
Free Play
Split Screen

Forza Hub
Forza TV
Forza Gallery
Message Center

Car Collection
My Garage
Auction House
Buy Car
Specialty Dealer
Tuning & Upgrades
Paint & Customize

My Stats
My Drivatar

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#16 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:45:54 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Message Center and Forza Hub

The Message Center is located under the Home tab. This is where you'll find Payout reports from Drivatar and shared file earnings, news about DLC, news about Rivals, and any Ban information.

The Forza Hub is located under the Multiplayer tab. This will launch the app outside the game. Forza Hub on Windows Announcement - December 2015 Forza Hub Launch Announcement - September 2014
Store: download link

The Forza Hub is a free app on the Xbox One console and Windows 10. You can use it to review your Achievement progress, compare progress against Friends, review Forza Rewards points progress, redeem Forza Rewards, read the latest News and announcements from Turn 10, view game photos from your Friends and your own gallery, jump to DLC in the Xbox Store, and launch the the game.

Anywhere you see the ". . ." symbol you can select it to view more pages for that topic.

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#17 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:46:55 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Video Settings


"PC Customization Options – We created Forza Motorsport 7 to be optimized for a wide range of Windows 10 PCs. With options like benchmark mode, 21:9 displays, 8x MSAA and 16x anisotropic peripherals, every player can experience the game the way they want. And with an unlocked framerate, each race is customized to be visually stunning."^

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#18 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:47:38 AM(UTC)
FM7 FAQ: Audio Settings and Music

Audio Settings
    • Opponent Car Volume
    • Tire Volume
    • Impacts Volume
    • Track Volume
    • UI Volume
    • Menu Music: Off, On, Dynamic
    • Menu Music Volume
    • In-Race Music: Off, On, Dynamic
    • In-Race Music Volume
    • Replay Music: Off, On, Dynamic
    • Replay Music Volume
    • Subtitles: Off, On

    How accurate are car sounds in FM7?
    "Driving in Forza Motorsport 7 is unlike anything you’ve seen (or heard) before. Especially in cockpit mode, you’ll see and feel every jostle and shake of the car more than ever. You’ll hear loose parts rattle in your ears as you push your favorite cars to their limit and beyond. Anything that could be impacted by the violent motions of the car has now been exposed to our ForzaTech simulation engine – to deliver players the true feel of what it means to drive at the limit."^
    Forums: discussion thread on car audio
    Forums: discussion thread for driveline flex

    Does FM7 support Dolby Atmos on all consoles?
    Forums: discussion thread

    Do I need 5.1 sound to fully enjoy FM7?
    Forums: discussion thread


    What type of music is in FM7?
    "F7 does have a full musical score! And you'll be happy to know Michael Nielsen and I wrote it!" - Kaveh Cohen^
    See also in re: FM6 The making of the Forza Motorsport Score Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
    Forums: discussion thread for Music in FM7

    Spotify app on Xbox
    "Just download the Spotify app from the Xbox Store to choose your personalized gaming experience. You can choose from your saved music, search the full Spotify catalogue of 30 million tracks, or browse the pre-curated gaming playlists in the ‘Gaming’ hub. Simply play your music on demand with your Xbox One controller, whether you are a free or a Premium Spotify user. Worried about interrupting your game? Don’t be! You can also control playback on your Xbox wirelessly from the Spotify app on your phone, tablet or desktop using Spotify Connect."^

    When will OneDrive support be integrated into FM7?
    "We heard earlier this year that Forza Motorsport 7 OneDrive music support will be present just like it was on Forza Horizon 3. However, we are going to have to wait for the feature, since it isn’t available at launch. A spokesperson for the title’s developer, Turn 10 Studios, has confirmed to Windows Central that the Forza Motorsport 7 OneDrive music support is going to be released later. “Forza Motorsport 7 will let players use their personal playlists via OneDrive. We’re excited to make this feature available at a later date. Stay tuned,”."^
    Forums: discussion thread

    Background music on Xbox One - Groove, Pandora, iHeartRadio etc
    "All you need to do is open the app, start playing the tunes you want to hear, and then hit the Home button to navigate to the game or activity you want. Once you’ve got background music running, just double-tap the Home button to open the guide which will allow you to make adjustments or switch songs on the fly."^

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    #19 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:48:36 AM(UTC)
    FM7 FAQ: Wheel Settings


    See the FM6 post "Steering Wheels and You" by VoodooUomo for tips on calibrating pedals, deadzones, types of cars, DOR, and auto/manual resets.

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    #20 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:48:52 AM(UTC)
    FM7 FAQ: Controller Settings

    • The game offers 15 different Layouts for controller inputs for: Brake, Gas, Clutch, Shift Up, Shift Down, Handbrake, Switch Camera, Look Straight Back, Free Look, Steering, Rewind, Toggle Telemetry, and Pause.
    • For each layout you can also toggle: D-Pad Steering, Vibration, Switch Gear Up/Down, Switch Handbrake/Clutch, Switch Lookback Camera, Rewind on View Button
    • Press X for Advanced control of deadzones for Steering, Acceleration, Braking, Clutch, Handbrake, and Vibration Scale. Deadzones are the areas at the ends of stick and trigger motion where the game identifies zero or full input. Tip: For the most precise control, set deadzones as near to their extremes (0/100) as your controller will allow without phantom inputs.

    Forums: discussion thread on controller mapping

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    #21 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:49:56 AM(UTC)
    FM7 FAQ: Car List and Types

    Forums: Car List thread with details about FE and locked cars.
    Forums: Car Wish List thread for requests of cars that aren't in the game. lists all cars in the series with full specs (in progress) visual online database of cars

    How many cars and manufacturers are in the game?
    From E3, FM7 was advertised as having over 700 cars at launch including "the largest list of Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis in any racing game"^ The cars available to all players on disc represent 89 manufacturers. Hoonigan is the 90th, added as a separate manufacturer with the bonus car pack DLC exclusively for digital pre-order bundles. There are 701 total cars on disc, 34 of which are special Forza Edition variants of production models. VIP adds 5 more FE cars, and the Hoonigan Bonus and Fate of the Furious Day One packs add 17 cars by DLC as of game release time. Not all cars are listed in the Buy Cars menu due to the game's car collecting design, but all cars (if the player owns the DLC) are available to drive in Free Play mode:
    • 667 on-disc licensed models
    • 34 on-disc Forza Edition models
    • 5 DLC Forza Edition models (VIP)
    • 7 DLC Hoonigan models
    • 10 DLC Fate of the Furious models (listed with production manufacturer models)

    Please use the single Car Wish List thread for posting models you'd like to see added to the game.
    - This will reduce the need for moderators to merge threads, and make it easier for Turn 10 to monitor community interest.

    What are Forza Edition cars?
    FH3 introduced Horizon Edition cars to the series as modified counterparts to base models with body kits, performance upgrades, tuning, and bonus factors. "Not only do these cars look great and drive well, but Forza Edition vehicles also offer advantages to progress your career and increase your credit balance. Each Forza Edition vehicle has built-in multipliers that will enhance your credit reward for racing and winning with it, as well as increase the XP gained while you are behind the wheel." "In addition to being available as rewards in game, via the Forza Drivers Cup single player campaign or in #Forzathon events, you’ll also be able to find them on the Auction House, which is returning for Forza Motorsport 7." The VIP Car Pack is comprised of five Forza Edition models.^
    Forums: FE cars and bonus factor list

    What's new? Are Porsche and VW in at launch?
    FM7's cover car, the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS is new to the series and was the first time a major reveal in the car industry had taken place at an event like E3. Over 70 cars that were introduced to the series with FH3 are now in the base roster of FM7. New-to-series cars (not in FH3) include the 1950 Alfa Romeo 158, 1992 Toyota Eagle MkIII, 1993 Toyota T100 Baja truck, and 2017 race cars: Renault RS17, Bentley Continental GT3, Porsche 919 Hybrid, Mercedes BTCC A45, Australian Supercars, Formula E, NASCAR, and IndyCar models. Porsche and VW cars are in the base roster at launch.

    Where are the Toyota production cars?
    "Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to align the interests of fans and the interests of our manufacturing partners. As a result, production Toyota vehicles are not represented in Forza 7. We’re as disappointed as you are about this news and, while we hope to bring Toyota production vehicles back to Forza games in the future, it is worth noting that a small number of Toyota race cars will be included in the game. "^

    Where is the Chevy "SS" badging?
    Since 2015, "Changes to the Super Sport models In Forza 6 were made in association with Chevrolet in order to align with the brand's global naming strategies."^

    What types of cars are in FM7?
    Roughly 75% of the game's launch roster is comprised of production cars, with more than 150 race cars representing: Formula 1 from multiple decades, Formula E, IndyCar, NASCAR, Australian Supercars, WTCC, Can-Am, Mercedes-Benz racing trucks, and historic and modern Le Mans prototypes and GT racers. Production cars range from the 1932 Ford to current year models and the world's fastest hypercars to oddballs like the BMW Isetta and 2013 Cadillac Limousine. SUVs, pickup trucks, offroad buggies, and Trophy Trucks are also included. The game does not feature motorcycles.

    How do car divisions work? Can different types race together?
    Each car is assigned to one of over 60 specific divisions to group cars by similar body style, performance, and time period. See the Car Divisions & Homologation discussion thread for a list of cars by division. In single player campaign mode and multiplayer hopper lobbies, events are designed around divisions with Homologation rules limiting power, tire width, and performance index with the goal of tightening competitive performance range. Free Play and multiplayer private lobbies allow players to set up races by various factors including country, performance index, drivetrain, aspiration, and physical specs. See the FAQ topics on Upgrades and Drivers Cup for more on Homologation.

    Are there any cars locked behind gameplay?
    All cars can be used as free Rentals in Free Play, but there are some cars not listed in the Buy Cars menu. When players start the game they will be at Car Collector Tier 1 which gives access to a selection of cars in the Buy Cars menu. Collecting cars unlocks Tier 2 and its group of cars, and so forth up to Tier 5. There are also Exclusive cars which are only available as awards from Forza Drivers Cup championships and Showcases, Forzathon (coming soon), Prize Crates, and the Specialty Dealer, (and presumably from other players via the Auction House when it becomes available). See the FAQ topic on collecting cars for more details.
    Forums: Exclusive cars list

    How many cars will be added to the game as DLC?
    The Pre-Order announcement lists a Car Pass covering six monthly car packs of 7 cars each (42)^, in addition to the five VIP Car Pack models (Forza Edition), ten Day One Car Pack models (Fate of the Furious), and seven Bonus Car Pack models (Hoonigan). There may be additions via content updates or DLC after the Car Pass coverage period. See the DLC thread for additions and details.

    Why are some previous Forza game cars left out of FM7?
    From FH3:
    Originally Posted by: JONK1969 Go to Quoted Post
    Ultimately, any car that appears in Forza is a car we at Turn 10 decided to include. For cars that appeared in a previous Forza title but do not in the current game, there are many reasons. I'll summarize a few here:

    Sometimes it's a choice we made to make room for another car we felt was more important for the title. Game design balance might be a factor. Or disc space: there's only so much room on the physical disc. Project budget or schedule impact another: porting and licensing cars from earlier titles in addition to building and licensing new cars all come with resource cost we have to prioritize.
    Sometimes we decide that a car has been made redundant by a higher trim version or newer model that otherwise is too similar to an older model to justify both. Sometimes we are unable to license a particular car by a manufacturer, or any car by a manufacturer (or even multiple OEMs represented by the same agency) for one reason or another, even if it was in last year's game. There are quite a few cars in the community top 100 list that fall under this category, but we'll keep trying.

    There's a reason that no other racing game features so many manufacturers: it's really hard! It takes a dedicated team of professional licensing and legal experts working year-round to maintain strong relationships with OEMs, race teams, and the agencies and lawyers who represent them, as well negotiating ever-changing contract terms, costs, and often changing personal contacts. The desire to have every car that has appeared in Forza to be included in every new Forza is understandable, but to expect that is just not realistic from a game design, licensing, or business perspective.

    Originally Posted by: JONK1969 Go to Quoted Post
    Even when a manufacturer asks us to put their shiny new car in the game, it still has to be licensed, which isn't free. It all piles up if you multiply that by dozens of car makers and multiple models for each. But that's the price of doing business. There are benefits for us in that some of these manufacturers will amplify attention for our games or DLC on their website and social media.

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    #22 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:50:41 AM(UTC)

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    #23 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:51:02 AM(UTC)
    FM7 FAQ: Car Specs and Attributes

    Menu information
    The car selection menus show numbers for Power, Torque, Weight, Front Weight Distribution %, drivetrain layout, and country of origin (linked to manufacturer). The Race Setup menu for Car Restrictions also includes fields for Model Family, Region, Engine Configuration (V, Inline, Rotary etc), Cylinders, and Aspiration. Displacement figures are not available in these menus.
    Forums: discussion thread for engine displacement

    Can players toggle lights, tops, horn, or wipers during gameplay?
    These commands are not available while driving. Wipers activate automatically for wet conditions. Some cars may have bodykit upgrade options that change the car from closed top to open top for racing. Forzavista and pausing solo play to enter Photo Mode allow lights to be toggled in that mode only. Damage cannot be reset in Photo Mode as in FH3.

    Are headlights on during daylight conditions? Do they come on in tunnels?
    TBA. For reference in FM6: "Most cars have either full lights or DRLs on all the time. Popups down in day. Photomode, you can switch."^ - Dan Greenawalt
    Forums: discussion thread

    Does FM7 simulate DRS in race cars?
    Forums: discussion thread

    Is fuel and tire wear accelerated or adjustable in FM7?
    Tire and fuel wear can be toggled on or off in Assists but there is no adjustable rate of consumption.
    Forums: discussion thread

    How does FM7's damage model work?
    As in FM6, Assists options allow Damage to be set to Off, Cosmetic only, Tire & Fuel only, or Simulation. Simulation damage is visible by broken out headlights, cracked windows, and scraped and dented bodywork, but not destroyed pieces, fire, or popped tires. The Cosmetic-only setting will prevent performance degradation, while Simulation setting tracks damage to panels, suspension, clutch, and engine by percentage, making car control difficult and ultimately immobilizing the car until end of a race. Damage can be monitored with Telemetry during racing. Pitting will fully restore the car to 100% performance, but there are no specific Pit lane repair/part options.
    Forums: discussion thread
    Reference: gamesradar - Forza 6 'not a collision sim like Burnout' but 'wrecks happen - September 2015

    Does Forza show a car's weight as empty or full?
    "We display standard manufacturer curb weights in the UI - i.e. wet with no driver. the backend sim uses more detailed numbers."^ - Dan Greenawalt (FM6)

    Is Forza's physics model accurate?
    Forums: discussion thread
    Forums: discussion thread
    Forums: discussion thread on cockpit noise/vibrations

    Cars are given a Performance Index number ranging from 100 to 999 that changes when upgrade parts are installed. PI ranges are grouped into 9 classes (E, D, C, B, A, S, R, P, X). Performance attributes for Speed, Handling, Acceleration, and Braking (Launch is not included in FM7) are shown in numbers from 3.0 (slowest/weakest) to 10.0 (fastest, strongest). These numbers too indicate potential performance and are not an exact comparison between cars.
    Forums: discussion thread on class system and balancing and homologation

    How is the PI number calculated for each car?
    For reference, in FH3: "^
    Originally Posted by: JONK1969 Go to Quoted Post
    Forza uses a classification and “Performance Index” scoring system to fairly balance cars across the game. This PI system refers to a ranking number based on a car’s best lap time around a simulated test track. The slower the lap time, the lower the PI number; the faster the lap time the higher the PI. This test track is mathematically generated to be representative of all the race tracks in a specific game. We call this a “PI test track.”

    PI ranking, however, is different for each game. It is relative to each game’s car list and race routes. Each new Forza title gets another revision of this test track to be a good representational average of all tracks in the game. This, in addition to the changing and growing car list with each title, is why class boundaries and PI #s are not the same with each new version of the game, or between Motorsport and Horizon.

    Forza Motorsport titles use an entirely different PI test track than Forza Horizon titles, because race tracks (like Silverstone, for example) are not representative of the types of race routes found in Forza Horizon’s open roads. Horizon’s roads tend to have longer straights, faster turns, and less hard braking and cornering in general. For this reason, the actual class letters and PI values for a given car are not the same between Horizon and Motorsport games. Additionally, Forza Motorsport has Formula 1, Indy, and modern prototype race cars at the top of its PI system, while Horizon 2’s top-end cars are “hypercars” like the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. This means a PI of 998 in Forza Motorsport is a much higher level of performance than a PI of 998 in Forza Horizon. It also means less granularity is needed in Horizon’s car classes than we have in Motorsport. Again, it’s relative to each game’s cars and race routes.

    Once we have PI test track lap time data for every car in the game, we analyze it to determine class boundaries. Most of these land exactly where we would expect, based on the fact that all the performance data for each car is based on extensive real world research, including data provided to us directly by car, tire, and aftermarket parts manufacturers as well as race teams.

    We rarely hand tune PI, and if so it is to maintain fair game balance across career, multiplayer, and leaderboards, or to keep cars of similar type and performance in the real world in similar PI ranges or classes, and never to a degree that a car’s performance characteristics are significantly compromised compared to its real world counterpart.

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    #24 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:52:08 AM(UTC)
    FM7 FAQ: Upgrade Shop and Homologation Restrictions

    Forza's upgrade options allow players to change the look of a car and improve its performance within its class or in a higher class. In general reducing weight improves performance but sometimes a heavier part can provide stability that helps acceleration, or reduces the overall PI in the car class to make room for another part. Some cars have fewer options but in general the upgrade categories and groups are the same for all cars but the same part will affect models differently. To tune gearing, suspension, brakes, or aero the car must have an adjustable (Race level) part installed. Parts cost credits to buy buy once owned they can be removed and reinstalled for free. Bought parts are assigned to each specific car, so if you had two Venenos you would need to buy a camshaft for each, etc. Unlike FH3, there is no basket-then-buy system in the Upgrade Shop; each part must be purchased and installed individually.

    While you can upgrade any car any way you prefer to use in Free Play and private Multiplayer, single player campaign preset multiplayer events restrict cars based on a Homologation standard for that car's Division. In the example below, The 2000 Silvia's division requires Tire Compound to equal Street (and this current build fails because it has Stock tires installed), and Tire Width, Power, and Class PI must be equal or less than the restriction, so it can't use the upgraded Sport Turbo part. Quick Homologation will use the parts that were included when you obtained the car, but players can custom mix parts as long as they fall within the restrictions.

    Some cars may not have all of these categories available:

    Change your horsepower and torque, engine response, and overall weight with these parts: Air Filter, Manifold, Fuel System, Ignition, Exhaust, Camshaft, Valves, Displacement, Pistons, (upgrade turbo/supercharger if installed), (intercooler with boosted aspiration installed), Oil, Flywheel. Installing a turbo or supercharger on a naturally aspirated engine or vice versa will reset some installed parts as applicable.

    Will exhaust upgrades be visible on cars?
    Forums: discussion thread

    Parts: Brakes, Springs, Anti-Roll Bars, Roll Cage, Weight Reduction. Changes to these parts at Race level have a visible effect on the car. Brakes, Springs, and ARBs allow for tuning.

    Parts: Clutch, Transmission, Driveline, Differential. Sport and Race transmission allow tuning gears. Converting the car's drivetrain will cause the differential to reset to stock with an option to upgrade to Race.

    Each car can choose from up to four grip level compounds - Street, Sport, Race, and Drag - and may have multiple Width options for Front and Back tires. A purchased width will stay installed for any installed tire compound.

    Is there tire lettering?
    FH3 introduced "Forza Horizon" lettered tires and redline tires for all cars. FM7 only offers "FORZA" lettered tires as the stock option on Forza Edition cars.
    Forums: discussion thread

    Can we change tires for wet conditions? What if my tuning setup doesn't include them?
    "No, we've chosen to focus on the on-track simulation and physics. Pitting is supported, but it isn't part of the core loop and strategy."^ The solution introduced with FM6 is that the game automatically adjusts tires for wet weather. There are no options in pit lanes; pitting just restores the car to 100% when tire wear is enabled with the Damage setting.
    Forums: discussion thread

    Rims affect performance with unsprung weight changes and tirewall flex with rim sizes. Stock rim size cannot be changed; you must install a new rim type and then change the rim size. "Wheel options will be abundant in Forza Motorsport 7. In addition to bringing over a number of the new-entry wheels from Forza Horizon 3, we’re adding a selection of new race-inspired wheels."^ Every car in the game can choose any of the 170 different rim styles from over 40 different manufacturers.

    Is wheel offset visible?

    In general most cars have a Forza front bumper and Forza rear wing for adjustable aero. Some cars have multiple hood, sideskirt, bumper, and wing options from aftermarket brands. Many muscle cars have a blower option, which can be equipped regardless of actual engine aspiration.
    Forums: discussion thread

    Are there wide body kits in FM7?
    "For the first time in the Forza Motorsport series, we’re bringing wide-body kits to a number of cars in Forza 7. A select number of kits are completely bespoke and designed in-house here at Turn 10; from underground-inspired designs to aero-enhanced modeled after professional motorsport. In addition, numerous body-kit options from Forza Horizon 3 will also be available in Forza Motorsport 7, including Upgrade Heroes like the Nissan S14 and the 240SX SE announced today." ^ If there are widebody options for a car, these will be found in the Upgrade Shop under Aero. The Bodykit Presets tile in the Tuning & Upgrades menu will upgrade both bodykit parts and performance parts.

    Swap out the Engine, Drivetrain, and Aspiration. Most cars have at least one engine swap option, others have as many as six out of the 17 different engines offered as swaps. Changing the engine will affect power and car weight, and also cylinders and aspiration; changing the engine will change the available aspiration conversion and engine upgrades. Almost all RWD cars can be converted to AWD and vice versa; this will change the differential part in upgrades. There are four common aspiration options: turbo, twin turbo, positive displacement supercharger, and centrifugal supercharger.
    Forums: Engine Swaps with car list

    Is there an option for Nitrous oxide?
    The only game in the Forza franchise to date to feature nitrous oxide boost was Forza Horizon 2 Presents: Fast & The Furious.

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    #25 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:52:32 AM(UTC)
    FM7 FAQ: Tune Setup and Setup Manager

    Cars can be tuned from the Upgrade Shop, in pre-race menus, or while paused during a Test Drive. To enter Test Drive, go to Free Play and select car and track, then Go to Race, then Setup, then enter Test Drive.

    Is there a tuning tutorial in the game?
    Press the right stick for detailed Help descriptions on each tuning tab. For further reference see this Tuning Guide for FM6 which discusses the overseteer and understeer effects of tuning.
    Forums: discussion thread

    Which parts of the car can be tuned?
    Other than tire pressure, parts must be Sport (partial tuning) or Race (full tuning) level to allow adjustments in the tuning menu settings for these categories:
    • Tires - All cars can change tire pressures without installing any parts. Adjust pressure to create the right contact patch and affect tirewall flex; pressure increases with heat.
    • Gearing - Sport transmissions allow for setting the Final Drive ratio while Race transmissions allow for setting each gear individually. Lower numbers allow for higher speed, higher numbers provide more acceleration. Watch the benchmark data for 0-60 and Top speed for these effects.
    • Alignment - Set Front/Rear Camber, Front/Rear Toe, and Front Caster. These affect turning and stability.
    • Anti-Roll Bars - Set Front and Rear separately. Lower numbers allow more body roll, higher numbers are stiffer.
    • Springs - Set Front and Rear stiffness, and ride height.
    • Damping - Set Front/Rear Rebound and Bump stiffness.
    • Aero - Set Front/Rear downforce. Downforce creates more grip and can be used for turn-in but more downforce reduces top speed.
    • Brakes - Set brake balance and pressure. These are used to control when wheels lock up, and how much weight transfer loads each end of the car.

    Is there Engine tuning and boost pressure?
    There is no option to tune boost pressure or other engine features in FM7.
    Forums: discussion thread

    Wheel Offset
    TBA. Forza games have not included this option to date, though widebody kits may affect track with and aesthetics.


    FM7's system of shared files makes the file available for other players to download for free (parts prices cost credits if not already owned). The usage of the tuning setup will provide daily credit payouts to the setup creator. Tuning setups are locked from adjustment when downloaded; the recipient has the option to reset all settings and try a new setup on the same car. Tuning setups can also be downloaded from multiplayer lobbies by selecting the player in the lobby (if the setup is shared).

    Can liveries and tuning setup files be imported from my previous Forza gameplay?
    "Had a few questions from our painters about this, so am happy to confirm that paint and vinyl transfers from FM6 to FM7 is gonna happen."^ From Tuning & Upgrades select My Tunes and tab to each previous game to import saved tuning files for your current car. If your previous game setup included a part that isn't in FM7 (such as Rally springs) then the file will show E100 / E100.
    Forums: discussion thread

    Is there a file limit for tuning setups, liveries, photos, and replays?
    Forums: discussion thread

    Does FM7 have a centralized Storefront for shared liveries, tuning files, and photos?
    FM7 does not have a Storefront feature like FH3. In the Get Tunes, Setup Manager, or My Tunes menu you can select Creator Options and Follow Creator to have their shared files listed first in Recommended tunes.
    Forums: discussion thread

    Can liveries or tuning setups be gifted to other players unlocked for collaborative projects?

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