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#26 Posted : Tuesday, June 26, 2018 5:20:39 PM(UTC)
Now that Series 1 is complete, here are a couple of thoughts about next year's FRC. First one about sprint races, then one about the audience.

Throughout Series 1, race length has been fairly short. This seemed to lead to high entertainment value during the finals, as stakes were high and incidents occurred more frequently than one might expect. This was fun, and there's nothing wrong that! At the same time, once this year's season is over, we'll have learned who the fastest Forza racers are in short races. Is it time to lengthen the races for next year? Add in the challenge of tire wear and fuel, meaning pit stops are required, and see how the top drivers handle figuring that out as well as dealing with being required to keep their focus for a longer period of time (e.g. 45 minutes to an hour)? I'm not trying to claim that the Forza RC finals aren't tiring, there's a lot of races during those days, but it might be a different kind of tiring. I think it would be interesting to have the top drivers battling it out in longer races.

Secondly, should the Forza RC playoffs (e.g. the series finals as well as the grand final) have a live audience? Something to consider, the round of applause that the top three got at the end there was a bit disappointing.
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