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#2251 Posted : Saturday, July 20, 2019 5:35:30 PM(UTC)
It would be nice to see a better wishlist for a start.
- Why not break down different parts of the game as categories / subcategories, and we can then add features etc we would like, and then we can vote for them? Just feels like this post will be lost amongst many other posts, and this is the only place we can give feedback?

I would really like Solo Games and Ranked Solo Games that you can search for like with Team Games, under Online Adventure. We have free-for-all racing, why not solo games like from Horizon 3?
Also if you could add voting after the games has finished that would be awesome, Like in Horizon 3

This was a nice thread but it got locked:

Also I wish for ranked team scoring to be much improved, and for something to be done about the cheating / point boosting:
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#2252 Posted : Saturday, July 20, 2019 6:00:08 PM(UTC)
- Fix the positioning of the Saleen S7's front badging
- The option to sell duplicate prize cars from wheelspins for credits (as mentioned above)
- Adjustment for the 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS - Remove the Forza wing and make the stock wing adjustable, like on the 2016 GT3 RS

I wish there was a means of choosing what kind of skill boosting perks you can get for your car's mastery tree, instead of having to live with what's there. Muscle cars always seem to come with drift skill perks in their skill tree, yet I prefer grip builds for racing.
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#2253 Posted : Sunday, July 21, 2019 8:12:27 AM(UTC)
Hello. I would like to suggest additional filter option in the garage to make some peoples life easier. This new filter would help to filter out new vehicles, which you haven't entered. How is it useful? For example - you have 100 wheelspins and you have already all the different cars in the garage and you want to remove any duplicate car; so when you wheelspin a vehicle you need to remember that vehicle so you can later remove it from your garage; but how much can you remember? With "New" vehicles filter you could filter out all new vehicles and you don't need to remember them all :)
Insert filter here
Will filter out vehicled with "NEW" tag
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#2254 Posted : Tuesday, July 23, 2019 3:05:29 AM(UTC)
Some wished for features:
- preview a tune to see if the aero / bodykit / wheels fit your aesthetic
- a marker on tunes to state whether the original engine has beenkept (and thus the original engine sound)
- preview a paint job
- quick scroll method on all lists like the garage filter in the above post
- some method external to the game to see the playlist; what you've completed, and the events and restrictions for each.

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#2255 Posted : Tuesday, July 23, 2019 5:37:56 AM(UTC)
Streamline the way-too-many button presses.

If I want to apply a car mastery, and have 100 points available, then why not just let me apply all 16 with a couple button presses? What value is added by selecting and confirming each one?

If I have multiple wheelspins, and more garage slots available than spins, then why not just let me resolve all the spins and show me a bullet point list of what I won? What value is added by having me start each spin, skip each spin, then wait for the unskippable last few frames of the animation - especially since the animation is pointless, as what I won has already been decided?

In general, look for opportunities to add batch operations to reduce UI friction for power users.
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#2256 Posted : Tuesday, July 23, 2019 5:44:22 AM(UTC)
Set a maximum PI range, either a number or a percentage, when populating the grid with AI cars.

For example, start a 50-lap race on Falcon Loop for S2 Extreme Track Toys. You'll get mostly cars that can keep up with you, but also a couple of moving chicanes (the Formula Drift BMW, the Silverado) that represent a hazard in lap traffic. In real life, these cars would be black flagged for safety reasons.
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#2257 Posted : Tuesday, July 23, 2019 8:32:13 AM(UTC)

Multiple factory wheel options?
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#2258 Posted : Wednesday, July 24, 2019 5:46:12 AM(UTC)
This is a feature more likely for the next Forza Horizon:
How about adding some kind of brownie points system for good/bad behavior? A badge with ranks or making your name change color like some MMOs
White name : Neutral
Pink > Red > Dark red name: Bad/Troll player
Light Green > Green > Gold? name: Good player

You get good points by making a clean overtake, for letting someone make a clean overtake or staying until the end of the championship
bad points for raming, rage quiting or blocking someone from passing you

So if you want to be a troll player and brag about it, you can! and also you let other players be aware of your behavior, taking precautions when they are close to you
but if you decide to be a good player then you get an incentive like CRs, spinning wheels or free cars! you get better rewards the longer you stay a good player
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#2259 Posted : Thursday, July 25, 2019 5:25:05 PM(UTC)
Very simple.
Add the Influence Notifications to be separately enabled/disabled that through the "general notifications" options. Most of the general notifications are important like radio switch, current PR Stunt score. The rest is not critical like Skill Stunt, Influence rewards, Time and gamertags.
Ability to fast travel anywhere like previously.

I noticed a lackluster categorization and a mess from which cars were selectable. A big bias toward big american classes, and their decades (US Muscles, US Sports Cars) and the rest of the world getting mixed in tea-pot (Sports car include all kind of generations, drivetrains and power levels).
A better categorization of cars is need to allow a better and more comprehensive show up,, instead of the championship types
The idea is very grounded. Set the championships, according to 3 main different factors with "accuracy setting/division tolerance", and 5 sub-factors, which are way easier, and add more flexibility :

left to right accuracy : accurate, semi-accurate, open

  • Body Type / General Shape / Number of Doors

  • Year of production / Generations / Trend/Style (Decades and Eras)

  • Country of Origin / Continent / Design Origin


  • Engine Aspiration : NA, Forced Induction, Hybrid, EV

  • Wheel-Drive (classical) : FWD, RWD, AWD

  • Engine Cylinder and disposition : I, flat, boxer, V, W, X / 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,16, 16+ cylinders

  • Weight : define ranges

  • Downforce : defines ranges or categories of aerodynamical bodykits like : none, street, tuned, drift, time attack/hill climb, endurance and GT specs

What does it mean really :

If you want a championship with only small SUVs with 6 cylinder or less you can have it
If you want a four to five doors 2001 to 2010 AWD cars for let's say a rally championship you can have it (would include all sedans, and hatchbacks that can be AWD swapped for example)
If you want a two doors or coupés from the Renaissance Era (1990-1999) with max 400hp to make a sports car championship you can have it (Supra, 300ZX, Mustang, 830CSi, Venturi 300)
If you want to mix Muscle/Pony and Sports cars from the 70's Japan, you can choose Streamlined Edges Shapes with NA V8 and from both US, Australia, and Japan you can have it (71 GT-R, Camaro, Challenger, Falcon)

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Forza Concerns: economy, gameplay mechanism,car list,PI-System,limited physics, unserious arcadish driving system, plain and empty map
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#2260 Posted : Friday, July 26, 2019 9:32:16 AM(UTC)
A nice feature would be if Forza would lock the controls when the game is in the task bar.

I've forgot to quit Forza, left it in the task bar and launched some fighting game and didn't notice that Forza was picking up the imputs when I was playing the other game.

Forunately nothing bad happened, but I might have messed up something.
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#2261 Posted : Friday, July 26, 2019 12:07:31 PM(UTC)
Factory wheels would be great, make it a fourth category of rims from all the cars in the same Factory. For example, the 812 has strange wheels for me, but putting in a wheel other than Ferrari doesn't quite fit my point of view.
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#2262 Posted : Saturday, July 27, 2019 2:04:52 AM(UTC)
I have some ideas for Forza Horizon 4 and I think I can share them with you.

Gifting Cars and Wheelspins (but with something different):
One feature that I really like is gifting cars and wheelspins.
But I've heard that in one of Forza livestreams it was told that they couldn't do this. Because people may sell super rare cars for real money and that's against Xbox rules. That gave me an idea: Why couldn't they make normal cars giftable and not the super rare ones? I mean they can make regular cars giftable and not the rare ones. Similar to what they did with Horizon Story cars in auction house some months ago. Also, gifting wheelspins will be cool.

Penalty System for people who quit ranked online events:
Also, I've been playing online adventure recently and an annoying thing is some people keep quitting the game. I can remember that once I was playing an ranked online playground games adventure, and because of a single fault, 5 people quitted the game and I was alone in front of 6 people! I think there should be an penalty system for people who quit the ranked games.

An Issue with the Chats System:
Yes, the brand-new chat system is cool, but there are some people that just send a massage 10 times in 5 seconds! This is somehow annoying, I think we should have a system that after sending a massage, blocks sending more massages for (for example) 15 seconds.
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#2263 Posted : Saturday, July 27, 2019 4:52:48 PM(UTC)
Just two small things that came to my mind,

- What about a way of choosing which direction you are facing when you fast travel, controlled by the right stick on the map view. It's so inconvenient when I am taking part in Forzathon live challenges and I use fast travel to line myself up with the danger sign - I spawn facing away from the ramp.
- What if Forzathon live events told you what surface(s) you will be driving on and what type of PR stunts you will be doing? Occasionally I show up to an event in a track toy, only to find out that round 1 is a speed zone on gravel, then I have to change to a rally car. Then round 2 is a speed trap on asphalt and I have to change back to the track toy. Usually there is a round with a drift zone, which means I have to change to a drift car AND switch to manual transmission.
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#2264 Posted : Sunday, July 28, 2019 9:28:24 AM(UTC)
Things the game needs asap:

- presets for auction search

- returning to search page when going back from the search results, instead of exiting

- getting rid of the livery lock when a user-designed logo is featured, as the game doesn't provide any useful logos... or at least make the user decide each time. So that one can share an awesome design made by positioning other's logo. Just put all the gamertags in the page of the design

- car rental instead of setup sharing. This would make much more sense, as you won't have to buy a car to join a single seasonal event, and anyone can make money if he's good at car tuning. Also, this can be turned into lenting a car to a friend for a test ride. Or chartering a rare car to players who want to enjoy it for a drive. The rent fee would rise if the car wins a lot against skilled drivatars (not on custom events).

- ability to sell spare parts when unneeded, or to win them at the wheel of fortune instead of those f chlotes.

- split seasonal events: you don't win a car for completing the whole season playlist, but you can choose to follow 1 out of 3 or 4 smaller playlists, like "driving skills playlists", or "classic cars playlist", or "rally playlist".

things that would be nice to have:

- commuter driving mode: the car is driven by AI on basic inputs like picking some speed, slowing down, changing lane, turning this or that way (with indicators flashing), following the route, increasing or decreasing the pace (remember Gran Turismo B Spec?) etc. This would be a nice alternative to teletransport or to rushing to the destination, the player could appreciate properly the landscape and it would add more immersivity to the driving process.

- ability to decrease wheel rim size, increase tirewall, to build a proper rally machine and not a 20" wheeled wannabe that bounces around.

- ability to install cross country suspensions on every car, with the car being lifted high of course as there wouldn't be enough space for suspension travel.
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#2265 Posted : Monday, July 29, 2019 9:45:57 AM(UTC)
I think that being able to pick which side of the car you drive on would be one of the most realistic features. The fact being that there are loads of European, British and Japaneses cars in the game that are set a left hand drive (which on a personal note is a real bug bare considering its set in England where you drive on the left and the driver sits on the right) which for me makes the game feel less realistic which is what I enjoy about the style of the game, that it is pretty realistic. I think it would just be a great feature, however the american cars obviously have to stay left hand drive as that is how they'r made as they are not a mass exported. I know that that would take a tone of redesigning and programming in my opinion it would make a tone of sense and add that little bit more to the game. ( if you ask me it would have made sense to design these cars right hand drive in the first place, but who am I to say what should and shouldn't have been done at the start.), just that it would be great to see this know, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

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#2266 Posted : Monday, July 29, 2019 2:48:48 PM(UTC)
I wish they would give us back the ability to see Manufacturer paint codes. I like to mix and match paint with different generations and that's impossible now. For example, I'd like to put the "Liquid Blue" of the 2017 Ford GT and put it on a 2005 Ford GT or 1964 Ford GT40. Is that too much to ask for? Also, some cars have pre-made designs or stripes on them, but these designs disappear when you custom paint the car. Could we have the option to toggle those designs on and off so we can choose if we want to keep them? The Ford Ranger Raptor for example says Raptor on the bed, but if you change the color it disappears. What if I want a custom color, but I want to keep the "Raptor" on the back? I would like the option to keep it.

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#2267 Posted : Monday, July 29, 2019 7:20:22 PM(UTC)
Tbh I'd like to see some roof spoiler options,more angle kits for cars that don't already have them ,and more origin body kits fon cars such as the Nissan's
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#2268 Posted : Monday, July 29, 2019 7:28:55 PM(UTC)
I'm not sure if this has been talked about yet... But what ever happened to gifting cars?!

So sad this feature was lost. What do you guys think?
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#2269 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2019 12:32:04 AM(UTC)
A thing I miss in current Forza games, you never see your cars together.
When FH4 released and I heard we were able to but property, I was also hoping for a garage mode.
A thing what TDU mastered was the way you bond wich your garage cars, buy a property including garages was an amazing aspect.

Having a 4, 6, 8 or 10 car space garage including Forza vista would be tremendous. Maybe one warehouse on the map for the ultimate man cave.
Import from your car inventory and let the players decide the mix, have your favourite cars all in one garage, or have one garage for your hypercars, and the other for classics.

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#2270 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2019 2:38:44 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: LordReindeer0 Go to Quoted Post
A thing I miss in current Forza games, you never see your cars together.
When FH4 released and I heard we were able to but property, I was also hoping for a garage mode.
A thing what TDU mastered was the way you bond wich your garage cars, buy a property including garages was an amazing aspect.

Having a 4, 6, 8 or 10 car space garage including Forza vista would be tremendous. Maybe one warehouse on the map for the ultimate man cave.
Import from your car inventory and let the players decide the mix, have your favourite cars all in one garage, or have one garage for your hypercars, and the other for classics.

Something like GTA V would be perfect for me.

It would be nice to have a big hangar depot where to store useless cars, and then many garages throughout the whole map, not always related to a house property. They could be 4 place garages, 6 places, 10 places, 20 places... They could be hidden in the forest, near the sea, in the city... Maybe this purpose isn't quite suitable because the map isn't full of buildings like it is in GTA, and there would be more garages than houses.

But I'd like very much the idea of driving to a garage to pick a car. Or waiting for the car to be brought to me with an actual trailer, getting it unloaded and seeing the previous car getting away on trailer.

I don't like very much the idea of accessing to all the hundreds cars from a house near the sea with no actual garage in sight, it feels too unrealistic.

The photomode inside the garage would be awesome, and it would be even better if the garage was customizable with various items. Think of a multi-floor garage on the seaside, and the ability to take photos of cars at sunset with the sea and the islands in the background...
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#2271 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2019 2:58:06 AM(UTC)
Also I've thought about having more abandoned racetracks or similar places.

The current race track around the drag strip is nice but the tires on it need to be gone and the fences near the railway should be broken in first place because no-one would maintain them. The track is easily accessible from the road, not hidden at all, so the sign at one of its entrance needs to be placed aside, like someone moved it. The road pavement is also too nice to be abandoned, the vegetation is too tidy, not thick enough, but this one would probably cause performance issues.

An underground tunnel like Laurent Hill https://www.racecar-engi...ecrets-of-laurel-hill/, that would be 5km long and with less air resistance, maybe with multiple hidden entrances around the map.

An abandoned high speed ring like Terramar, but bigger and steeper, where to run high speed trials like in Yatabe

To add realism, they should be hidden in forests, or behind walls or banks, with lot of wild vegetation around.
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#2272 Posted : Tuesday, July 30, 2019 3:06:32 PM(UTC)
Would it be possible for the Seasonal Championships to automatically Fast Travel you into the next race? If it were possible, it would shave a lot of time which is spent finding the next race on the map and going through menus. It's already done with The Trial and the Playground Games.

Another request would be for menus to have quicker transitions.
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#2273 Posted : Wednesday, July 31, 2019 7:19:33 AM(UTC)
More car customization which are mentioned by Retrokrystal in update 12.
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#2274 Posted : Wednesday, July 31, 2019 8:38:07 AM(UTC)
More control over the audio. If you're not going to update the sounds then at least give us the ability to control how much bass there is over all. LFE control. Give us audio controls with the extent of say GT Sport, Project Cars 2, or even your sister title - Motorsport. I'm tired of all these vehicles feeling weak and uninspired like they're engineered to ONLY sound good on small speakers. That was just a terrible decision on whoever manages the audio of this game.
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#2275 Posted : Thursday, August 1, 2019 6:35:29 AM(UTC)
Is there anything we can do about the lack of selection for real common accessories found in real life. Why is APR Performance not have anything in the game other than the 1 spoiler found on the Funco F9 (and possibly the 2003 Honda S2000, i cant remember) but APR has a huge market for ALOT of different car manufacturers, and they make really good looking spoilers and diffusers.

Veris bodykit parts for the 2015 WRX STI would be awesome. Veris also has their hand in alot of different car manufacturers pockets. I just think the 2015 WRX STI got the [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] end of the stick when it came to being able to customize it. Theres nothing you can do to it.

All in all, can we stop pumping out soo many new cars and add the cool extras to the cars we already have?

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