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#26 Posted : Monday, June 5, 2017 3:26:32 PM(UTC)
I know that we still have almost a year and half till the release but I think it would be nice to see what you guys think would be good for Forza Horizon 4. I personally would like a parking garage to drive around in and take some cool photos in. Also some more customization would be good too. Maybe have a home base like a house with a garage where you could keep 2 to 5 cars that are your favorites and you could paint it to make it your own. Also it would be cool if instead of the auto show at the festival there would be car dealerships in the city ( Also would like a large city area 3 to 4 maybe even 5x that of Surfer's Paradise. Also the dealership could have glass windows that show the trending cars at the moment. It would also be cool if you could drive your car to a mechanics shop to get upgrades for it and could go to a bodyshop for the paint jobs. I feel like this would add a more realistic aspect to the game. There are a ton of other things I would like too like a functioning convertible but I would like to see what you guys think.
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#27 Posted : Tuesday, June 6, 2017 5:59:13 AM(UTC)
- More interactions with the city... nice maps, but empty.

- own route / track building (sprint/round courses)

- housing (TDU made it blabla)

- more cutscenes in career
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#28 Posted : Wednesday, June 7, 2017 11:41:42 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: thefancypance Go to Quoted Post
Single Player Gameplay

BOSSES- I'm directly referring to the wristband bosses in Horizon 1. There is little greater satisfaction in a game than wiping the smile off of a smug boss' face. We need bosses to challenge us to progress to the next level. No story necessary.
-More Characters make the game more interesting
-Warren and Dak have been good for the series, they should add more cut scenes with the mechanic
-The street racing in H3 is good but give us a face and a voice, not just some random drivatar
-Add more unicorn cars in the game through beating bosses and showcases

Lastly I do a lot of racing in Rivals and I would like to see more than just our best time for each course. We should be able to see the best time for EVERY car on EVERY course.

YES! The bosses were one of my favorite parts of Horizon 1.
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#29 Posted : Thursday, June 8, 2017 5:36:17 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: thefancypance Go to Quoted Post

-Add more unicorn cars in the game through beating bosses and showcases

The only part of your post that I want to make a point on, I agree with the majority of the rest.

Make this the only way to get unicorns, and make them available for all eternity, none of this limited time stuff.
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#30 Posted : Thursday, June 8, 2017 10:50:17 AM(UTC)
Bring back the option of gifting cars....
It's not a Question of whether the Glass is 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty - A man dying of thirst would be happy to get his hands on either...

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#31 Posted : Thursday, June 8, 2017 6:52:36 PM(UTC)
I sent this email to forzafb@microsoft.com

My ideas for FH4 (It is very long so if you read through it good for you)

I hope FH4 is in California but I know that other people think others places it is just my opinion:


First off I would like to suggest the festival take place in California for a number of great reasons. Again you could already have the location set in stone but I'd still like to let you know. Many (racing) games have taken place in California because it is so diverse and has so many environments that the community has been wanting. So first off you could try and make a huge city area like LA or San Diego or San Francisco that is almost 4x as big as Surfer's Paradise. Surfer's Paradise was really well made and really cool but honestly it did feel a little small so it would be cool to have a huge city. There could be a highway that goes into the city and also goes to the mountains where it turns into a steep winding mountain road. I have gone through the forums and I know this is a really big desire of the community because at this point it is has been mostly big large open roads with little to no incline or elevation gain. The roads in FH3 were beautiful but there was no narrow paved mountain roads and only a couple small hills most of them not paved. This mountain road/highway could lead into the mountains where they could drive through the forest maybe even Redwoods and could drive around a lake or something. There could also be some nice off road races in that area too. Going back to the highway it could branch into another highway which travels through the mountains to the high desert where players could also have lots of off roading. Not only that there could be long desert roads like those in FH3. This would meet both of the needs of the community that want those variety of streets to drive/drift or whatever they do on them. Also it would be nice to have a longer coastal highway such the Pacific Coastal Highway which could lead to some smaller beach towns like Laguna beach. Also the highway could have exits into the suburbs before the mountains which are more like the residential neighborhoods of Surfer's Paradise or real life cities like Glendora or Pasadena. There would also be lots of beach to drive on and maybe there could even be a pier like Santa Monica pier which you can actually drive on in real life and a marina with boats somewhere along the coast.

Details on the Map:

This section goes into more detail of the map and also a little bit of customization wishes. In the large city I know everybody would love a parking garage with 3+ levels to park in and drive in. Also you could have a central boulevard with palm trees in the middle and shops down it like in Surfer's Paradise but quite a bit longer almost like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Also it would be cool to have lots of skyscrapers in this city and tall apartment buildings like in SF( abbreviation of Surfer's Paradise) but almost 2 to 3x as many. There could also be a boardwalk with lots of parking lots by the beach in the large city and small coastal towns for the players to take nice photos and hang out with friends. Also in the city it would be nice to have lots of intersections with stoplights( Don't know if this is possible but other games have done it) and alleys between buildings. With the houses there could be the large apartment complexes in the city and as you move into the suburbs smaller houses like those of the outskirts of SF. Close to the coast and in the mountains there could be larger houses( Beach and Mountain mansions). Diving into some hopes for customization and such it would be cool if these houses had 3-4 garages and you could pick a house to own and could keep 3 to 4 of your favorite cars there and have it the color that you want. In FH3 the festival's spread throughout the map are the one stop shop for buying, upgrading, painting, and auctioning cars. It would add such a cool realistic part to the game if these were separate from the festival. Car dealerships could be spread throughout the map and could have glass windows that showed the cars trending at the time and players could go there to buy the cars they want. I wasn't sure about the auction houses but they could also be a part of the car dealerships or be separate buildings unto themselves. To upgrade your car you could drive to little mechanic shops spread throughout the map. To paint your car you could also go to these mechanic shops or the bodyshops could be separate buildings. Maybe one mechanic shop could be specific for a character like Warren but in California where you could see the progress on the barn finds and pick them up and have him do special things for your car. The festival's would still be there but they would be one building with a carnival around it and you could find races there and go there to expand but it wouldn't serve as the huge one stop shop for everything anymore to make it realistic.

Customization, the Car in General, Multiplayer, and Other Random Ideas:

This list is going to be in a bullet point format as to show the general idea since I won't go in to to much detail for most of these.
***Some of the important/main things the community wants
**Still important but not one of the most requested things
Convertibles being convertible for lack of better words.***
Having control over when the headlights/tailights turn on and off***
More bodykits for cars like Porsche for example***
Turn Indicators (If the AI have them why can't we)***
All the modifications and other things that can be done to wheels (I'm not going to go into detail on that because I'm sure you know what they want)***
More of a storyline with bosses that give better rewards (cars and good ones)**
More Garage Space( One of the most requested things***
Bigger height limit on drones for better pictures though I know that makes it easier for them to get places they aren't supposed to be
Forzavista in free roam**
This is a personal one for me: Different lobbies in multiplayer. When you select Online Freeroam you never know what the people are doing in that lobby. It would be nice to be able to choose what kind of lobby you are joining. For example: Drift lobby, Racing lobby, Offroad lobby, Drag strip lobby, Playground games lobby, Cruising around lobby(The one I really want),etc.
Not really needed but maybe some more detailing on the shops on the inside and you should keep the brands of the stores from FH3 and use them elsewhere ( assuming we are in an English speaking country)
Character customization (making your avatar your own not one of a list of 10 though it was diverse)***
License plates on the front of certain cars
This is probably the most crazy request I had but I would love for it to happen. It would be so cool to have the ability to get out of your car and walk around. Or the ability to get into a friend's car in multiplayer and have them drive you around to somewhere. I know that people would try and hit you if you were a person walking around in multiplayer but you could make it so it is like the cars running into a metal pole. Another idea I had was weekly car shows where it was like a lobby to itself where people met at the parking garage and could get out of there cars and see other peoples cars and paint jobs and things like that. I know this is a far-fetched idea but I think it would be really popular with the community.
More AI diversity carwise and greater density in certain areas. There should be a lot of everyday cars and then everyonce in a while an AI that isn't a regular everyday car but maybe a supercar if it is in the city or beach town and an offroad car if it is in the high desert. Also closer to the city and on the highway there should be more cars driving around then out in the high desert and mountains. It was kind of like that in FH3 but not as much as I would like.
Also on that note more AI's parked in parking spaces/lots/garage(s) so it seems more lifelike and realistic.
Maybe motorcycles. It isn't a personal favorite for me but other people seem to like the idea**
More realistic expansions or vice versa more like Hotwheels( Hotwheels was pretty cool but I would personally like some more realistic expansions like Blizzard Mountain)I know that the community is divided on this subject. People love it and people don't love it***
More everyday production cars to drive. It would make the game even more realistic.
On that note I'm only going to ask for one car because you guys always seem to have a great variety of cars in your games. The one car I would like to have is a BMW E30 3 Series 325e because that is the personal car that I drive and it would be so cool to drive it in the Horizon series.
This is not really car based but I think it would be really cool if there was a little more wildlife like some animals in the forest but mostly birds and sealife. Pigeons flying between buildings in the city. Hawks flying in the forest and high desert. Dolphins and whales in the water. Seagulls on the beach and in the ocean.
Another far stretched idea that the ships out in the ocean would actually move to make the game more realistic. Some could sit but others could move.
If FH4 were to be in California I would like to say that the ocean in Australia was beautifully made but the water in California is not as clear so you might want to make it a little murkier
Rearview mirrors and side mirrors could be a little clearer but they are okay I know that it must be hard to put good graphics in them.**
This is like the cruising around multiplayer lobby idea but I really would like the option of cruising around with other people and generally obeying the speed limit and traffic laws and parking at the beach taking photos so it would nice if there was feature that could help you find other people that want to do that(I know the forums can be used for that but it usually takes a while to get a group together)
Can turn the engine off and on (I mean it is kind of already a feature in FH3 but whatever)**
The highway in FH3 was pretty good but it would be nice if the highway would include 3 to 4 lanes with entrance and exit ramps assuming that the highway is raised( That would be really cool if it was raised over the city or suburbs)**
In the mountains there could be regular roads once you clear the steep mountain winding roads and also there could be some hilly offroad rocky areas and in the high desert or the forest there could be a rallycross area too**
Drag strip that is specifically a drag strip in the desert or somewhere not originally an airport. **
Race Track in the map some where just like a simple loop but something Nascar like but doesn't have to be big just big enough to test out cars on straights and turns. This is one of the big requests from the community***
Another request that came up because of limited garage space is selling cars to FH3 for 10% of their original price that way you could get rid of them if you were running out of car space. Hopefully we are able to get more garage space so we don't need this**
In the Auction House you can go back to your search results because it takes forever to go back to search for the car**
Also relist car option***
Able to roll down car windows(one of those that might not work but still hopeful)**
Can set time( At least longer day and night maybe)***
Diverse weather(pretty much had this in FH3 but it would be nice to have snow in mountains outside of DLC in the main map)**
Cosmetic damage actually does more than just dent and crumple the hoods and exterior body parts so it is more realistic**
Exhaust does not pop for every car only the ones with race exhaust or supercars and such.***
Anna appears on windshield when you go into cockpit view.**
Something to stop multiplayer wall riding(People really hate this and so do I though I am guilty of it too)*******
You are put into multiplayer lobbies with people of similar skills***
Old Forzathon cars that were exclusive to Forzathon can be bought a couple of weeks later at a price higher than what they are usually bought for***
More cutscenes in storymode assuming you add it**
Better sounding engines for some cars( Most of them sound fine but a few sound like each other when they aren't supposed to)***
Mountain or city tunnels to drive through( We had this in FH3 but it would also be nice in FH4**
This is one I thought would be funny and cool and make the game more realistic. Car Washes spread throughout the map so you could wash your cars off for a small price of like 100 credits or something. You could make the cars stay dirtier longer so it would be more rewarding to use the car wash.
Used car dealerships throughout the map**
If it was to be California don't forget the iconic IN-N-OUT drive thru :) (1 in the large city and one in the beach town and one in the high desert)****


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#32 Posted : Friday, June 9, 2017 2:24:08 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: TransAmConnor Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: thefancypance Go to Quoted Post

-Add more unicorn cars in the game through beating bosses and showcases

The only part of your post that I want to make a point on, I agree with the majority of the rest.

Make this the only way to get unicorns, and make them available for all eternity, none of this limited time stuff.

Yea I liked the idea in FH3 and I wanted to expand and improve it. That way the cars are rare but anyone can still win them if they want. Thanks.
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#33 Posted : Saturday, June 10, 2017 9:39:12 AM(UTC)
So a lot of what I am writing about is sorta GTA ish I guess. Horizon is an open world game and it's still sorta soul-less. It feels really cookie cutter to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the game along with all the Forzas. Just feels like there's an identity crisis happening.

Players Garage.

* I think you should have a spot in the map to pick from, sort of like the barn find areas, that become your home. From there you can park some cars outside, manage your collection, etc. Have this home be your hub, or storefront that is an actual location friends can drive to on the map.
Just like festivals, just more personal.

* As you progress through the game, you can unlock features or upgrades for your garage. Turn your 2 car garage into a full fledged speedshop or race teams.

Career Path

* At this point in the Xbox one, what can be done with a game (Rockstar and GTAV for example) it would be cool to see an option to choose a career path. Road racer, offroader, drifter or drag racer.

At the beginning of the game you pick which you want to be the focus of the play through. Which inherently would help with repeatability, I would think. Anyway, you start off as a street racer/amateur wanna be, work your way up to pro in whichever discipline you picked. Or maybe in Horizon go from just a young, nieve wanna be racer then work your way up to Street Legend. That sounds more Horizon. Point is, your working towards something, not just a level.

It would be neat to see, for example, if you picked drag racing, you could unlock a personal drag track at your garage location. Not really a huge NHRA style thing. Unless you could work up to it, maybe. I'm seeing more a tiny little, hidden gem, private 1/8th or 1/4 mile strip with burn out box and working tree. All triggered like speed traps or drift zones.


* As I wrote already, I think our garages should be an actual location on the map. Someplace to drive to, to have friends drive to. These would accessible for your friends through their map as well. At least the 1st 24 or whatever lobby limit is.

* This could be the new storefront system. Drive to their garage, see the popular cars parked outside. Enter the garage to access all the shared content.

* along with the garages, I think there should be actual tracks, circuits, 1/8th and 1/4 mile drag strips, gymkahna and rally tracks. Places built into the map to drive to and race on. Not set up an event, get in a lobby, all that stuff. Just something to drive to, pull into and thrash on some cars with friends.


* Career specific upgrades. Obviously keep the ability to build what you want when you want and all that. But have upgrades for circuit or road racing. Have drag specific upgrades, drift, rally and so on. For instance, for drag racing:

* proper tire packages, 4 inch wide fronts with up to 16 inch wide rears. Drag Radials and full on Big Tires.
* huge displacement engines, 700 plus cubic inches
* giant blowers, giant turbos and centrifugal supercharger with tunable boost
* NOS done properly, not Need For Speed
* Trans brake
* Chassis upgrades like full back half cars and tube chassis
* Wheelie Bars
* Body mods, more selections and customizable

* These type of things for each type of racing. It's been pretty much the same upgrades and PI system for a long time and it's due for an overhaul. I'd much rather have programmable fuel and boost management than a new wheelspin/perk system. But that's just me.

Car Shows/ Cars Meets

* Back to the drive up/drive to theme, have car meets or shows be another interactive, real time event and not a stagnant menu to sit in and wait. Make it a parking lot or warehouse that has a cool vibe to it. Maybe a few different spots with different personalities.

For me, what I want to see, what would make the perfect game, would be to take what has already been done and only work on giving Forza it's soul back. Make it personal again. There's enough "stuff" in the game, to me.

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#34 Posted : Saturday, June 10, 2017 10:24:48 AM(UTC)
To save time my topic is
Add a manual shifting speed table simulator for the game, just like the existing top speed simulator in tune interface.

And the details.
First of all, as a w/clutch beginner I got something data on highway in-game like this:

Forza Horizon 3

Toyota Trueno 178 kW
shift up(kph)
1to2 55
2to3 93
3to4 138
4to5 192

Lamborghini LP5000 Horizon Edition
shift up(kph)
1to2 92
2to3 133
3to4 178
4to5 228
5to6 282

faster shift up, 7500rpm (kph)
3to4 155
4to5 200
5to6 245

highest speed each shift(kph)
1 92
2 135
3 181
4 235
5 289
6 310

As you can see, each car has its own speed table and they're dynamic while vehicle adjustment, tune the car or something else.
Every time the speed table is changed, I have to return to the highway and test these data again.
The speed table is different between every car... every adjustment, even if there is a single horsepower upgrade or weight reduce.

For example, I spend ten minutes for getting the speed table of Lamborghini LP5000 Horizon Edition.
The car score stays at S1 900, great.
And yet if I add or remove the wing, replace its engine, the speed table will change immediately.
I don't know if the speed table changing isn't a serious problem.

My difficulty settings is "Damage & Tire Wear: SIMULATION" and "MANUAL W/CLUTCH",
that means I do a shift down without press clutch button, this will cause the car having 4% transmission damage.
And if I shift down from 6 to 5, I have to deceleration first, until my speed reach a safe speed limit to shift down,
otherwise, that is a chance to burn down the engine.
(Oh my god 66% engine damage just because of a single shift down error! et cetera.)

So in order to standardize the operation, I need a speed table of a tune completed car.
I mentioned before that I generate a speed table spend ten minutes.
In Forza Horizon 3 there are five hundreds more cars, and defined by upgrade and tune,
there is countless speed tables are waiting.

This is a great blow to my enthusiasm of driving a manual shift car.
Sometimes I think in tune interface, there is a top speed simulator place on top left,
could we add speed table simulator simultaneously?
I think in manual shift drive the information what I need are:

shift max and minimal speed
redline speed
faster shift up speed (7500 or a specified rpm, controller start trembling)

If these data can be generated by game automatically, that would be great.
In reality, I think nobody will buy a car and drive it to the highway and test his clutch and shift speed table...
Kind of stupid, I would say, and that is what I'm doing every day in this game.

Well... at last, actually I thought that not the game stupid, but is myself stupid...
The other players have their special Mathematical formula to calculate speed table so they won't going to the highway?
I don't know... I think speed table simulator is a good idea.
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#35 Posted : Sunday, July 2, 2017 11:44:26 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: ShieldAwesomeYT Go to Quoted Post
Location: Any location that has realistic highways, yeah... And a place where it would make sense to have the cars below vvvv


This is not a car with list, this is a feature wish list. There is a separate thread for cars. Moderator please move their post to the correct thread.
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#36 Posted : Wednesday, July 5, 2017 8:17:33 PM(UTC)
I went ahead and made a post on this back in the FH3 wishlist thread, but at this point we're not likely to see any real changes in that game besides more cars. The original post is here: https://forums.forzamoto...sh-List.aspx#post_736532

This is an edited/improved version of that post with some new/tweaked ideas.

Location: Island with highly varied terrain and mountains.
What I really want to see in terms of geography is something like the fictional island of Panau from Just Cause 2 where we had a little bit of everything all within a relatively short distance of each other. Putting everything on an island is an easy way to bound the world without making the map feel unrealistic or having to make excessive use of invisible walls and such. Plus I like ocean views and beaches and islands tend to have lots of those.

The tough part of this is that there aren't really any real-world islands that have a manageable size, strong car culture, and the amount of terrain variety (tropical beaches, large mountains including snow, rolling hills/plains, open deserts, dense forests, large cities) that I would like to see. I would prefer that the Horizon games stick to real locations, but we definitely need something more interesting than the relatively boring rendition of Australia we got in FH3.

Map Design: Larger playable area with a wide variety of roads. Especially want paved, scenic and highly technical roads.
The world map should be significantly larger than what we have now, possibly the actual size of a smaller island like what Test Drive Unlimited did with Oahu and Ibiza. I would like to see 3 or 4 major city areas around the island, each with its own feel. One could be a large city like Honolulu with a bit of everything, another could be more of an industrial port, another a wealthy beachfront resort (like Surfer's Paradise is now), and a fourth could be a smaller inland city. These should be connected to each other (and the airport) with a realistic freeway system (including elevated portions and ramps) with small towns realistically dotting the rest of the island.

A wide variety of roads should be present. In addition to the aforementioned freeway system, there should be a secondary two lane highway system connecting the smaller towns, plus a variety of scenic roads along the coasts, through the forests and through the mountains. Off road trails should meander off highways and backroads through the mountains and forests and interconnect with each other like service roads do in real life. A few scenic locations should only be accessible via a fairly lengthy drive on a primitive road. Additionally, each city area should have some sort of race track free from traffic. The main city should have a full-blown major raceway and maybe even a stadium as well. Smaller cities could have simpler tracks, and there should be a few random dirt tracks scattered around in the small towns to keep things interesting.

Like real world locations, it's ok to have reasonably large swaths of empty plains/desert/farmland/forest/mountains between towns, we don't necessarily need to have hidden goodies around every corner (not that I would complain if we did though). The goal is to have an interesting road to drive with a nice length, not something like the pathetic version of the great ocean road we got in FH3.

Character: Full customization, ability to do things outside of the vehicle and interact with the world.
The ability to choose our avatars in FH3 is a nice improvement over the previous Horizon games, however I was not terribly impressed with the choices we have. The default avatars in FH1 and FH2 were better than any of the options we have now (unless you're playing with a female avatar). I would like to see full character customization like a lot of RPGs (and even TDU2) have. Default options should obviously still be provided for people who don't really care what their character looks like and just want to drive, but for those of us who don't want to drive around looking like an idiot (or want to do so intentionally for the fun of it) it would be great to have the option to customize our character's appearance and clothing.

During freeroam and at festival/carmeet locations, it would also be neat to be able to get out of your vehicle and walk around. In the world map, there could be a limit on how far you can walk from your vehicle so you don't park it in town and then proceed to hike up a mountain (this is a driving game after all). While walking around a festival/carmeet, other players avatars should be wandering around as well to interact with, and theme park rides/concerts/hot air balloons/etc should be interactive and functional.

During official festival races, the player character should be wearing appropriate protective gear like they did in FH1. That was a neat touch that really added to the immersion of the game that I'm sad to see absent in the newer versions. Protective gear (like a helmet or even just wraparound sunglasses) should always be worn while driving vehicles without a windshield (your character might be reckless, but they aren't stupid).

Garage: Customizable space to show off cars.
Rather than just a list in the UI, the garage should be a customizable, upgradeable space the player character can walk around in and organize their cars, and invite other players to come in and look at their collection. The number of vehicles that can be put on display at once could be dependent on the garage upgrade level.

Autoshow: Multiple dealer locations, ability to test drive before buying and sell unwanted vehicles.
Like the garage, rather than just a single giant UI list we should have interactive dealers scattered around the map like in Test Drive Unlimited 2. The different cars should be more or less evenly spread out between the dealers, so a make with a lot of cars like BMW, Ford or Ferrari could have their own dealers, while makes with only one or two cars could be bundled together in something like a foreign imports dealer with similar makes/models. Old classics could have their own dealer, and older cars from the 90s and 2000s could show up at a used car dealer. We should also have the option to test drive a car before buying. The used car dealer should allow players to sell cars.

Players should also be able to sell their cars at the used car dealer for a relatively low but consistent price. The auction house could also be an interactive location that players could visit, and the auction rules could be more advanced with the ability to set reserves for an auction, and automatic bidding. I'm not a fan of the current auction system with how much time you have to waste in menus watching an auction like a hawk to not miss the opportunity to raise your bid.

Car Rentals: Allow players to put cars out for rent, and rent cars from other players.
Players should be able to put their extra cars in a rental pool. Other players could then rent the car for a period of time (1 hour to 24 hours) and use it in races and freeroam, although they wouldn't be able to tune or customize it. Rental rates would be set by the game relative to the dealer value of the vehicle plus any upgrades. This would allow new players to easily get a vehicle for a one-off race or championship without having to go buy a car for just one forzathon challenge. It would also allow players with extra cars they don't use to generate some side income.

Tuning: Add a basic mode for inexperienced players, expand tuning options for advanced players.
Add more tuning parameters (ecu, engine timings, boost, etc), along with a basic/advanced mode. Basic could be much simpler than what we have now with sliders to tweak the car for speed, acceleration, on road, off road, etc. They might not necessarily be optimal, but the point is to allow players who don't want to dive into the details of tuning to get a decent build for most conditions. Basic tunes should not be shareable. Advanced tunes could have more options than what we have now, and would be shareable for credits. A test track should be available for creating tunes, with the ability to quickly jump back and forth between adjusting tune settings and driving.

Vehicle upgrades: Limit conversions and put modified vehicles into their own class to prevent AWD from dominating everything.
AWD conversions should be much more limited than what we have now instead of every last vehicle having an AWD option, even when it doesn't make sense. This and engine swap upgrades make vehicles lose their unique characteristics and ruins things like muscle car races since there's no way to ban AWD vehicles from the race. Vehicles with conversions should be placed into a separate modified/custom race class to prevent them from competing directly against cars that stayed true to the spirit of the class unless the race explicitly allows it.

Vehicle Customization: More visual options and effects. Make custom horns an upgrade, not the default for everything.
We need a larger variety of customizable aero instead of all the race aero (especially the spoilers) looking the same on all vehicles. Interior customization also needs to be added. At the very least we should be able to choose interior color, but the ability to add extra gauges and screens, and install racing seats would be neat as well. The interior should also reflect the level of weight reduction that has been done to the vehicle like it did in older Forza games with seats/carpet being removed for the more extreme reductions. The ability to add underglow lights would be neat as well.

I'm not really a fan of the current implementation of the custom horn system. It's silly to have all vehicles use whatever custom horn you've chosen at the moment, I want to hear what the real horns for these vehicles sound like. Custom horns should be an optional upgrade to a vehicle, not the default for everything. When the horn upgrade is installed, you choose what custom horn you want for that vehicle (can be changed anytime once the upgrade has been installed, but the choice stays with that vehicle, not your entire profile). Also have the option to create our own musical horns.

Vehicle Systems: Allow player more options to interact with vehicles, add fuel usage to all game modes.
I would like to see options to interact with things like lights, power windows, turns signals, convertible tops, start/stop engine, etc in all vehicles. Additionally, if a vehicle has a navigation system it should be functional in cockpit view, along with the radio tuning between stations when the player changes what they're listening to. All vehicles should have limited fuel, and gas stations should be scattered around the map. Fuel usage should be realistic with regards to how aggressively a player is driving. Fuel should be free at gas stations. Running out of fuel results in the car being rescued to the nearest gas station (or the pits with a time penalty if appropriate for the race), or can even potentially fail some race events if there isn't a pit. This would allow for race events based on driving efficiency where you have to run a long race on a single tank of gas and have to conserve your fuel.

Vehicle Damage: Add a real simulation damage mode where one hard collision equals game over.
The current "simulation" damage should be renamed to something like basic damage, and proper simulation damage mode should be introduced like what Need For Speed Shift had (cars disintegrating when slamming into concrete walls at high speed). In this mode, destroyable objects that barely even slow you down with the current system would do significant damage.

Vehicle Types: More "normal" affordable modern vehicles, offroad trucks/suvs, and novelty vehicles (monster trucks).
FH3 already has a massive car roster, but if I was going to add to it, I would like to see more normal cars that people could realistically go down to a dealer and buy today. Also add more offroad vehicles and novelty vehicles (monster trucks?) instead of large numbers of very similar BMWs, Ferraris, etc..

Off-road driving: More realistic simulation so that trucks have their niche and you can't go everywhere in a street car.
Vehicles not set up for driving off road should get stuck and take damage very easily (when damage is enabled) when venturing off road and need to be rescued back to the nearest driveable road. Off road trails should be much more realistic (not bombing through farms and backyards in giant trucks) and realistically simulate different surfaces such as sand, grass, gravel, mud, ice, snow, etc. Driving a street car through deep water should stall the engine and require the vehicle to be rescued. New stadium events should be added for players who like the current jump-crazy off road races, but the other off road races should have the jumps toned down significantly. Working winches would be awesome, but it might be beyond the scope of a Horizon game to have that level of offroad simulation.

Progression: Bring back the system from FH1.
The original Forza Horizon did this the best out of all the games IMHO. I would like a return to the wristband system where you get points for finishing events and challenge specific "boss" racers to unlock new wristbands which unlock new, more difficult events. This doesn't mean that you have to start out with a slow car and work up or that you can't use a particular car that you like for the majority of the events. There should be significantly more events than needed to unlock the final race, and each track should have a few events available that covers the types of vehicles that would make sense for that track (no racing hypercars offroad). The idea is that if a player really likes a particular car, they can get to the final race using just that vehicle if desired since there should be enough events for each vehicle type that they can get all the points needed by placing first in all the events available to that vehicle. Otherwise the player is free to mix and match events based on their interests. There could be several different options for the final race (in game, it could be posed as a vote to the racers participating in the race but it's actually just the player deciding what race they want for the finale). The options could cover all the different race types (paved, mixed surface, dirt track, offroad trail and circuit or sprint) so the player can choose the finale they want.

Races: More long endurance/rally events, add dirt stadium events.
Going with the suggestion for a much larger map, I would like to see the option for much longer race events such as high lap count endurance races and long rallies (both traditional off-road and also on road) with multiple legs where you have to drive more conservatively to save fuel. There should also be the option to qualify for races so the player doesn't have to use a perk to start at the front of the pack. Also, have an option for staggered starts for some races. Gymkhana style events like in Dirt 3 would be great as well. Team races could be fun also.

Racer AI: Remove cheating behavior and random highly skilled drivatars at low difficulty levels.
Rubberbanding is a terrible way to make up for a poor AI and needs to be burned with fire. AI racers shouldn't have any bonuses the player doesn't have, they should know how to drive the car and not get magical amounts of grip around corners. AI difficulty should be consistent across all racers in an event instead of one or two highly skilled drivatars starting out front that can be very difficult to catch even on easy difficulties. If an AI racer is more skilled than the average, they should start at the back of the pack instead of the front.

Street Races: Expand into an independent, parallel career path.
Street races should have a completely separate progression path from the main festival (we kind of have this already) with a full underground scene that rewards rare cars that can't be purchased normally and lots of credits compared to the main festival. Depending on the player's street race notoriety/ranking, they would eventually be able to plan out custom events and set the rules and be one of the leaders of the scene. It could also reward custom perks and abilities (call drivers to distract police?).

Drivatars: Make them drive more like real world drivers (not necessarily the players they're based on).
Drivatars should represent competent festival drivers with racing styles and vehicle choices influenced by other players, not insane maniac drivers who cut you off and run into you head-on while you're parked for no reason during free roam. They should generally follow traffic and drive reasonably safely, although they could drive above the speed limit and frequently overtake traffic vehicles. When two drivatars encounter each other, sometimes they will challenge each other to a race. In general, drivatars should be encountered significantly less frequently than they are now. Players should still be able to challenge them to open world races and invite them to convoys. Drivatars should be smart enough to turn down a race challenge if their vehicle is significantly slower than yours.

Police Presence: Make street races more interesting, encourage players to not drive like a maniac everywhere.
[Outside of official festival events, police cars would be patrolling and pull over players/drivatars who are street racing, drive dangerously or crash into things. The police would have a very high chance of showing up during street races. If the player is caught, they are taken to the nearest police station and have to pay a fine relative to their bank account/garage assets/wristband level/notoriety. The police should be fairly realistic and not overly aggressive so that they're not a constant nuisance, and there could be a perk to temporarily disable them. Speed traps and drift zones should have an official bucket list style sanctioned event with traffic disabled for standard completion, and completing these in freeroam counts towards street race ranking.

Motorcycles: Add them please.
It would be awesome to have motorcycles in the game. These should be in their own class, so outside of unlimited races they wouldn't be racing against cars. Both road and dirt bikes should be represented. Since we already have UTV style buggies, ATVs would also be a neat addition.

Go-Karts: Fun minigame-style race events in festivals.
Each Horizon festival location could have a go-kart track that players can race karts around. These should be completely optional side races that aren't part of the main festival events. After winning all the kart races, the player gets a go-kart as a reward they can drive around in freeroam or use with their own blueprint events.

Traffic: Provide a way to turn it off, at least temporarily.
Have traffic follow a schedule (they kind of do so already now) so it's heavier in the city and during rush hour, and lighter at night. There should be a perk for temporarily disabling traffic.

Racing School: Please add this so players have a place to learn how to drive correctly.
At one of the race tracks there should be a racing school with beginner, intermediate, and advanced level driving courses. Very few racing games include any sort of tutorial (I guess they assume people playing the game already know what they're doing), but I'm sure there's a lot of players like me who are basically self-taught racing drivers with lots of bad habits. These would be completely optional for progression (making these mandatory was a huge mistake in the older Gran Turismo games), but could reward a large amount of XP on completing the courses to make it worthwhile for players to try it out.

Wheelspins: Less common, but more rewarding. Remove pitiful credit rewards entirely, each reward should be of roughly equal value.
I would like to see wheelspins be much more rare than they are now, and have much better rewards so that when you do get one, you're guaranteed something good instead of a relatively high chance to get basically nothing like we do now. Car rewards should be much more common, and the value of the rewards could increase with the player's level. The wheelspins should be an interactive event at festival locations instead of a menu popup. VIP passes also need to go away, paying real-world money to double your wheelspin rewards is dangerously close to pay-to-win.

Horizon Edition Vehicles: Remove them.
I would like to see these removed. Right now they're just duplicates of vehicles already in the game cluttering up my garage rather than something actually unique, and the bonuses they provide limits the number of "good" car choices for an event. If you're not using a HE car, then you're hurting yourself by losing out on extra rewards, and in some multiplayer events that award first place based on XP, you have to use an XP Boost car just to be competitive which locks you in to a very small number of practical options.

Unique reward cars for special events (the old unicorn cars) can be made unique with special paintjobs you can't get anywhere else so players can show off, but otherwise have the same performance as the base car so they don't have an unfair advantage. Keep XP/credits bonuses as perks that all players have an equal chance to acquire, and work with any car so players are encouraged to drive what they want instead of figuring out how to game the HE system (I didn't touch anything besides a credits boost Countach I was gifted early on in the game if I could avoid it just because the credits bonus was too good to miss out on).

Car packs/DLC: Reassess car pack pricing, make the season pass a true pass for everything, not just select items.
There really needs to be an "everything" bundle that will include all car packs, DLC, and promotional content for the entire life of the game. Car packs also need to be cheaper IMHO, the base game has around 400 cars plus everything else in the game for $60, but with the car passes we have to pay around $1 per car. Not a good deal from my perspective, and even the car pass is very expensive for what you get. I realize that licensing and modeling these cars is a lot of work, but given the price discrepancy between these packs and the base game, and the fact that you can only drive one car at a time, the value just isn't there for me. Also remove tokens and especially that terrible treasure map microtransaction.

Hiring Drivers: Allow players to hire CPU drivers (not drivatars) to drive their vehicles.
One of the great problems of a racing game like this is that there are many great cars, but you can only drive one at a time. One idea I had to allow players to better appreciate their giant collections is the ability to hire drivers who will follow you around in freeroam with whatever vehicle you put them in. The player could freely switch between these vehicles with hired drivers anytime in freeroam, and the drivers could be ordered to go back to the garage and get a different vehicle at any time. This would provide a way to easy switch out vehicles without always having to return to the garage, and would also allow players to more easily compose awesome photos with multiple cars.

Additionally, these drivers could go race for you and bring in some extra cash on the side, although much less than if you did the race yourself.

End-Game Credit Sinks: Provide an end-game use for large credit stockpiles for the player that has everything.
Many high level players have more credits than they'll ever be able to spend. They've already bought at least one of every car in the game and maxed them out with upgrades, and still have millions of credits lying around. One idea for a sink for these credits is to allow such end-game players to run special race events and championships that cost lots of credits to put on, but they have the ability to set all the rules and actually be the boss unlike the lip-service we got in FH3. There could be options for this both in the underground racing scene and the official Horizon festival. Very generous players could set up the rewards to be multimillion credit cars for everyone who participates in the race. There would need to be some mechanism of balancing this however so that endgame players don't just start giving out high end cars like candy and devalue the entire car market.

Radio Stations: All unlocked from start, option to prevent forced station/song changes for events, and remove Groove music subscription requirement to listen to personal music.
Have all radio stations unlocked from the start. Also have the option to prevent bucket list events and showcases from forcibly changing the station. I like the classical station, and don't really care for the others. It's quite annoying to be forced into listening to these other stations since you can't change the station back until the clock starts ticking for an event, and if you mess up and have to restart, you have to change back AGAIN and waste precious seconds. I usually just end up temporarily muting the volume depending on how bad the chosen song is.

Also, the decision to require a Groove music subscription to listen to our own music is a really low move. The Xbox already has a media player that can play local media files and this has been a feature on the PC for decades, so just allow people to use the Xbox/Windows media player to play local files. I can understand the difficulties of incorporating all the streaming services people might use so I'm not expecting those to be integrated, but the option to play local files would go a long ways towards improving the music system.

There's also a rumor that FH1 was removed from sale due to music licensing issues. I've seen this licensing disease kill other games, so any licensed music should be a free day 1 DLC that can be pulled when the licenses run out without affecting the rest of the game.

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#37 Posted : Thursday, July 6, 2017 11:50:54 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: gamer1000k Go to Quoted Post

The tough part of this is that there aren't really any real-world islands that have a manageable size, strong car culture, and the amount of terrain variety (tropical beaches, large mountains including snow, rolling hills/plains, open deserts, dense forests, large cities) that I would like to see. I would prefer that the Horizon games stick to real locations, but we definitely need something more interesting than the relatively boring rendition of Australia we got in FH3.

I agree with most of this but I think California would fit this all of these location goals. It's not an island but has the beach and all the other types of terrain and elevation gain and things like that. Also the map could be very large larger than FH3 and would be really awesome to drive down roads like Pacific Coastal Highway for 30 minutes of something longer

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#38 Posted : Thursday, July 6, 2017 1:44:19 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: FishSandwich22 Go to Quoted Post

I agree with most of this but I think California would fit this all of these location goals. It's not an island but has the beach and all the other types of terrain and elevation gain and things like that. Also the map could be very large larger than FH3 and would be really awesome to drive down roads like Pacific Coastal Highway for 30 minutes of something longer

California would be neat and definitely has a lot of variety, but a lot of the scenery would be very similar to what we already got with Colorado and Australia, and it doesn't really have anything like a rainforest (they do have the redwoods, but it's not quite the same). I wouldn't complain though if they did it correctly, there are definitely a lot of great scenic roads along the coast and in the mountains.

One solution to the world bounding if they choose to not go with an island location is to have boundaries similar to what we have in the water in FH3 where it teleports you back to the map when you drive beyond the border. That way we can still have realistic highways going in and out with traffic on them to make the world feel real rather than the contrived maps we have now with no connections to the outside world.

Another island idea I've seen mentioned that I liked the thought of is New Zealand. It's got great beaches, open plains, cities and mountains, and is one of the best places in the world in terms of natural beauty for scenic driving. I've heard they have a surprisingly decent car culture as well with all the Japanese imports that find their way there as well. The only problem is that it's right next door (relatively speaking, it's still 1000 miles) to Australia and I would expect something farther away for the next game.

Japan gets mentioned even more, but I'm afraid that we would have the opposite problem with that map than we do now with Australia in the sense that almost everything is either very dense city or mountains with very limited open spaces. That said, the combination of their car culture and the fact that we haven't had a game in Asia yet makes this a logical suggestion.

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#39 Posted : Thursday, July 13, 2017 1:17:14 PM(UTC)
Now we all know FH4 is a long way away but I'm curious as too what people want in the game, like being able to set the weather and traffic in a private session or having Rwd,FWD and AWD leaderboards but please don't just list cars as I'm sure a cars wishlist will be made on here eventually.

I would like the 2 things already mentioned and things like lift kits for the off road vehicles, a 1/4 mile drag event and drift events around circuits like on the FM series of games.

Now I know everyone has mixed views on the online adventure in FH3 due to it being based off of XP and the rammers and drifters in the back, I hope it stays in the next game but they add in a championship based on points from winning races.

We all hate rammers and I have a solution for it, in FH3 it records all stats in the game so why can't it put us in lobbies based on your average collisions in a race? That way the rammers are with rammers and the clean racers can enjoy there race.

If there is a FH4 section on the forums I couldn't find it.
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#40 Posted : Monday, July 24, 2017 9:32:51 AM(UTC)
If FH4 is coming out next year i really like to see that we can get out of the car and show of the engine and everything in the car 😍 and that playground games are adding speakers that can be costumasible to our wishes 👌 Its just whishes and if they are not adding that im not gona be mad 👍
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#41 Posted : Monday, July 24, 2017 9:33:24 AM(UTC)
If FH4 is coming out next year i really like to see that we can get out of the car and show of the engine and everything in the car 😍 and that playground games are adding speakers that can be costumasible to our wishes 👌 Its just whishes and if they are not adding that im not gona be mad 👍
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#42 Posted : Saturday, August 12, 2017 3:33:52 AM(UTC)
Hard-core mode (physics of course)
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#43 Posted : Saturday, August 12, 2017 7:14:41 AM(UTC)
As a new feature to the Blueprint, in addition to saving very specific parameters for each track/event combination, have a generic Championship Generator, which would let you set some parameters and create a random brand new Championship Blueprint.

For example you could have a random championship like this:

Name: Super Awesome Modern Rally Showdown
Car Type: Modern Rally
Number of Races: 4 - 8
Available courses: <list of courses>
Number of laps (for circuit courses): 12
Weather: Fixed (Cloudy)

Any time you select the "Super Awesome Modern Rally Showdown" championship, the game will automatically pick anywhere from 4 to 8 courses from the list provided, and applies the settings to each course and creates a temporary Championship which you can enter to compete in.

I love the Blueprint but its a pain to have to manually set up the Championships all the time. This would greatly increase the replayability for me.
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#44 Posted : Saturday, August 19, 2017 10:13:21 AM(UTC)
Does anyone else want to see Forza Horizon 4 in London or is that just me? lol #LOVEtheUK!

Also, What about bringing back "Trade In" like the original Forza Horizon had for Horizon 4??? I love the Auction House but we need a new (or in this case old) solution for certain cars that people just aren't buying in the Auction House; and for this I believe getting half the Auto Show value of the car is just fine! At least it's something rather than just getting rid of the car... Right?
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#45 Posted : Sunday, August 20, 2017 8:04:35 AM(UTC)
Forza horizon 4 should have places inbetween Festivals used for upgrading on the go so if you needed to upgrade for the next race you don't have to fast travel or drive all the way back
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#46 Posted : Tuesday, August 22, 2017 6:43:49 PM(UTC)
I hope they do some sort of goldrush rally theme. The map is the entire USA and they include better driving roads like canyon roads and curvy hilly roads. Going back to the goldrush idea, you would be a participant in a massive rally where you would do different races and go to drag strips and all that, just like goldrush. By doing this, they would be able to put those crappy drivatars to use. You would also be able to do online rallies where you could have up to 64 players in a lobby. Idk just throwing out an idea
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#47 Posted : Thursday, August 24, 2017 2:29:47 AM(UTC)
here is a couple of things I personally like to see in the next Forza Horizon. one of them REALLY important

1. DeLorean, Yes it NEEDS to return (and since Forza has an endorsement with Universal Studios with Fast and Furious there could be a possibility for the Time Machine to make an appearance, hint hint)

2. One thing that annoyed me was that the Ford Mustang Mach 1 never made it into horizon 2 or 3, but always in motor sport. maybe in H4 we might see it implemented back for the free roam sessions?

3. people have rumoured that the next map is to be set in Los Angles... why? its too generic. over used in games like Grand Theft Auto and Midnight club. we need something unique. which is why I personally thing the next horizon game should be set in Cuba. since Cuba has beautiful scenery and awesome towns, so it would be good for dirt and tarmac races! plus Havana would be an awesome place for a few street races.

4. along side no.3 to somewhat make it authentic, it would be awesome to see some more 50's and 60's American classics and maybe some British and Russian classics to even things out to make the environment feel better, that also counts for AI cars. and speaking of AI

5. MORE AI VARIATIONS!!! as in instead of the boring generic cars driving around the place, maybe having taxi's, lorries, minibuses, tricycles and much more (excluding emergency vehicles) just to make the place more alive! also something to program in would be planes, helicopters and boats to fly and sail around to make it more alive and feel realistic. like in free roam and not in the special events.

6. better graphics, OK ok before I offend anyone, yes Forza has beautiful graphics for the Xbox One. but with the 4k Xbox One X, maybe we could see an upgrade? even if its slight?

7. I really enjoyed the concept of Forza Horizon 2 with the constant road trips to different cities, I thought it was a good touch to see everywhere and get a feel for the environment you were going to be in. I felt and probably others felt the Horizon 3 concept of "being in charge of the festival" made it messy and less organised, as you didn't know what to do or where to go next. so I feel bringing back the Horizon 2 concept would be awesome as it is more organised and more enjoyable than the Horizon 3 concept.

8. another car recommendation. there are companies out there that redo cars, for example, the Singer Porsche 911, which I find absolutely gorgeous! The David Brown speed-back which is inspired by the Aston Martin DB5 and looks awesome! and the Jensen Interceptor R which is a British/Italian classic with a 6.3L V8 from a corvette!! so if we have these small companies into the game it would make it more special in my mind, as these cars do deserve some credibility as I feel they are the unsung heroes of the motor industry.

that's all I have for the time being, but feel free to contact me on Xbox Live Via GhostSniperIRE if you have any opinions or any response to my review.

thanks for reading!
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#48 Posted : Saturday, August 26, 2017 9:38:33 AM(UTC)
Also could you add the two-tone paint jobs like in fh2? also, add #forzathons
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#49 Posted : Saturday, August 26, 2017 9:47:04 AM(UTC)
Wheelspins! and big wins like 1,000,000 cr ,10,000,000 cr, and 100,000,000 cr.
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#50 Posted : Friday, September 15, 2017 4:44:07 PM(UTC)
I don't even know if we get a Horizon 4............

But I want to beg you to male one which is taking place at Abu Dhabi or Dubai.
Just to celebrate the moment.
I think most of us don't really think about it, but we live in the golden age of cars.
And this age can or will be over very soon.
You can pretty sure say that cars absolutely won't be the same anore in 10 years.
We won't have streets full of loud cars anymore.

These 2 mentioned places celebrate cars to the fullest. As we all do, but you don't need explanation to know what these guys do over there :D
Make it a really special one and just use the fact that the name of this game is FORZA!
Get companies like Brabus, Mansory, Prior Design and all these other names we see on the craziest cars today.
Make it one where only the craziest cars make the car list.
Just leave "regular road cars" out of it for this special one, unless it's some that can be crazy too.
Never Golf GTI's deserve much applause.........
Just a little example.
Bigger brands have smaller cars too.
Give it lots of M1, M2........ A class........ this direction.
But main focus on the finest brands.
They also have many cars to offer.
Why not put in a full range of AMG cars?
Even adding some older ones. (Speaking of the 6.2 monsters and and :D )
Or any other full selection of any brand.
Just try to get every piece of car in it that tells the world, I'm a monster.
Because that's what we won't have anymore in the future.
Future cars will be insane fast.
Cars now are a joke against that.
But they will never have this loud brutal romantic touch to it.

There is this little option when you try to customize your car.
Where we usually get the chance to change the engine on most cars.
Just add tuning version of a car to it.
When we want put some parts on some S Class.......... give this option and let us choose to make it a Brabus Rocket, some Mansory edition........... a PP Performance version, whatever.
It can be preset setting for the cars, that change bodywork, Performance..........
Just the crazy variety of cars it would dwliver to the game. So much more than designs and paintwork can do.

The story you could give the game is a completely different topic.
It's a complete dream to imagine what could be possible considering how for the technology is already and what Dubai for example has to offer in combination with this topic.

Just think of it :D
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