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#3151 Posted : Monday, April 19, 2021 10:30:54 AM(UTC)
How about electric motor swaps...
Or just put more all-electric cars. You guys can pick...

Or just do both
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#3152 Posted : Wednesday, April 21, 2021 6:50:27 AM(UTC)
Please can we have all of our blueprints available. 15 is very limiting .
Please could we have the option to change car groups in a race . I.e. in a blueprint race if I could select allow user to choose car group. Rather than anything goes. The plus side is that we would have specific car groups to race rather than specific class. The ability to change the car type would be a huge deal.
Thank you for all you efforts and updates so far.
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#3153 Posted : Wednesday, May 5, 2021 1:56:39 AM(UTC)
I would like to see a dyno near the festival so you can put your car on a ramp and do some testing with it, or use it just to hear the car. that would be helpful when you tune your car.
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#3154 Posted : Sunday, May 9, 2021 4:13:48 AM(UTC)

It's so incredibly broken. FIRST, make bidding a QUEUE, not on a request basis. Or, just make it easier to outbid someone by not requiring that we manually bid over and over, and are told "some error occured, try again", and then lose like every single car you bid on. Make it so that only one winning bid is allowed on each specific car on the market place for like a week. It makes it so unfair when rich whales just buy out every car.

SECOND, PLEASE keep people from bidding on every single car on the marketplace with a very obvious fake account. Make it a 1 car limit or something. There are multiple accounts that are on the marketplace SOLELY for outbidding and stocking up on every single type of vehicle that's available. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a crown victoria, for example. I have had a single account, CHN1046473324, outbid me on 3 entire cars, where they bought out the whole lot. Stocking up on every single available crown victoria is so incredibly pointless.
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#3155 Posted : Sunday, May 9, 2021 11:43:25 AM(UTC)
My Features Wishlist (Note: These are only features I thought about for Playground games to get some ideas for the next game mostly because I dont think they would ever add e.g a new racing mode to fh4 but I'm just trying to give the developers ideas. This wishlist is for FH5 and some of those ideas could be done for FH4 aswell. The features having a ''(FH5)'' next to them are for the next game)

-Underglow or Neon (basically the light under the cars, is old school but is pretty nice) (FH5)
-Autosculpt Wings, Front/Rear Bumper, Skirt, Hood and Roof Scoop. A system for all the cars in the game. give us maybe 5 wings and 3 front/rear bumpers, 5 hoods and 5 roof scoopes and let us modify them to the way we like. Then you don't have to add anything else besides maybe the bodykit for some cars that have an Aftermarket.
- Aero tuning for the stock wing or autosculpt wings (no more forza wings in FH5. Honestly it looks hideous.)
-Pinkslip Races (Risk your car to get a players car by racing against them in a road racing event or etc.) (FH5)
-Advanced Trading system (being able to pay people or trade cars with people)
-Carmeets event where people can join an event of races with their cars and win prizes (such as a trophy or medal for the best looking car) (FH5)
-Engine's sound tuning (making it more aggressive sounding or more mild sounding (FH5)
-More Transmission options. Straight cut gears. Normal etc. (FH5)
-bringing wingmen in races a friend who will help you through the race with blocking people or drafting you (Basically giving you a speed boost by breaking through the wind before you)
-no more exhibition completion when you finish a race as 2nd or worse (only when you finish as 1st)
-being able to change Front lights color
-Advanced PI system for each kind of race (Dirt Racing PI, Road Racing PI, Street Racing PI, Drift PI, Drag Racing PI) (FH5)

- New Racing Mode: Speed Traps (there are 6-10 Speed traps in the Lap . The more KMH/MPH numbers you have, the higher you go in the racers list and finally you can become 1st having the most speed numbers. Reaching the end first but having less numbers on speed traps would give all the other a speed penalty, losing numbers until they reach the endline aswell and this could make you the winner, as long as you're close enough to the highest numbers. (FH5)

-Being able to color our Brake Calipers
-More Color options (Chrome, Matte, Candy, Metallic, Iridescent) (FH5)
-Checkpoint mode: You have a time to reach the checkpoint. Reaching it in time will give you more time to reach the next checkpoint until you reach the endline in time and you win if you have more time left than the other racers. (FH5)
-Being able to Bid on a car without having to get ''Failed, Try again'' in our faces.
- Monthly Cars vote (choosing a car to be added to the game and not getting stone age cars that no one like) (FH5)
- Being able to modify car interiors such as the steering wheel, The color of stuff in there and The Speedometer. (FH5)
- More radios or better music OR Spotify streaming (FH5)
- More tire options, such a slick tires. Good on Asphalt but worst on dirt and wet (FH5)
- Worse starter cars and a slower march through the game. having a car that goes 250 Mph at the beginning will make the game boring at first glance because people thing they finished the game. (FH5)
- A better story. Maybe more like the first game you guys made where the player had to defeat bosses and to be the best horizon racer after beating everyone. (FH5)
- Players won't be able to upgrade car to max unless they win races and upgrade a level of their car to the max to be able to unlock all the perfomance and visual upgrades for their car. (FH5)
- Being able to put on vinyls and stickers on car glasses.

I would like to see maybe atleast two or three of these features in the next game and maybe one of them in FH4.
This post will be edited once I get new ideas or I find new mistakes in my grammar. Come back to this post sometimes. I might've edited it :))

Edited by user Sunday, May 9, 2021 5:54:30 PM(UTC)  | Reason: Grammar and some more features

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#3156 Posted : Monday, May 10, 2021 4:12:49 AM(UTC)
Pls, Pls, Pls, I want to play again those intro races, the game's and the DLC's, especially Fortune Island, without having to delete my saves or make a new racer.
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#3157 Posted : Monday, May 10, 2021 6:04:41 AM(UTC)
Could you add a big bore option to the Mazda RX7 and fix so that when you change the color of the rims on the Performante the livery doesn’t go away please.
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