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#1 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 4:04:30 AM(UTC)
(OFFICIAL RISING HORIZON COMMUNITY FORUM MADE BY TEAM VINTAGE JAPAN) Street/Touge Racing discussions, and registration for the RISING HORIZON COMMUNITY (Racing Division)

Team Vintage Japan is building a new game out of Forza Horizon, a vision for all Forza games and racing games alike

Team Vintage Japan is a project started by me, where full immersion of Japan and its car culture/driving style is brought to video games. Where people can experience intense and simulated driving actions and take part in events. That's often seen in Japan, and celebrated. As full immersion and simulation is our first priority when it comes to any driving action we do, as we truly want to be there ourselves. To us we don't see forza as how its presented, instead we see it as a opportunity to bring japan to the base game. By totally wiping any part of the country given (Austrialia currently), and totally bringing/presenting Japan as the actual base game. As in our game, WE ARE IN JAPAN!!!

This is why we are proud to present Rising Horizon which is a new community started by Team Vintage Japan, that when joining this community. You will be able to join a community of Touge/Street drifters, Wangan Runners, and Touge Racers. That all drive and drift properly, with everyone doing driving actions similar to real life. Think of this community as when forza had user created lobbies (for example Forza 4), now you will be able to find people that drive and drift properly. With now not worrying about people trying to hit you, or actively trying to make your driving experience a terrible one. As now you will be with and able to connect with other people that have the same passion as you do. For wanting to experience a full simulated driving experience, with being totally immersed with Japans culture.


Any team/group can join this community as well :)

The Rising Horizon community consists of two groups, (Racing Division and Drift Division)

These two groups consist of two sub divisions in the racing division (Shuto Runners and Touge Racers) and one sub division in the drift division (DRIFTERS)

(Disclaimer) - Whichever country Forza Horizon is based around, Team Vintage Japan (The Street Style Family) will always perceive this based country as Japan. That's why there are many references to Japan, even though we are in this perceived based country currently (Australia). As our team is based in Japan.

Here is the activities in our community RISING HORIZON (racing community) we are providing, for a full simulated experience.

Shuto Expressway (首都高速道路) (WANGAN)


Car Restrictions:

- NO MODERN HYPERCARS, (For ex. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Koenigsegg, pagani huayra), NO HYBRIDS, NO HOMOLOGATION CARS, OR CLASSIC RACE CARS for ex. 33 Stradale, Ferrari 250 GTO, Jaguar D-Type, etc

If you are still unsure if your car is eligible, please feel free to contact me through pm or through my gamertag

- No cars that are directly from America, for example Ford, Chevy, Cadillac, etc.

Off branded Japanese American cars such as Acura, infinity, etc are allowed.

- NO Drivetrain swaps and you can only swap in any Japanese engine

- Rally Tires are BANNED


If you are caught with you trying to sneak runs with it off, you will be kicked from the session. As Team Vintage Japan tolerates no mistrust, amoungst its members.

At any time you can pull into a PA or to the side, and fix your damage

- YOU MUST HAVE A JAPANESE LICENSE PLATE (Unless you have a design on the car, that's not yours. Then just remove the Australian plate)

In order to remove your plate, go to the garage section of the Horizon Festival. Then press the license plate section. There will be a remove license plate button at the bottom of the screen, it will say press "X" "To remove plate. (The arrow is pointing to it) The plate you see behind it, is the license plate vinyl i put on the car.

After pressing the "X" button, the license plate came off. The plate you see, is a vinyl license plate. I will talk about this in a moment.

(All of these Japanese License plates came up, by putting in the description "Japan Plate" (capitals does not matter) when searching for a decal.

Go to the garage section of the Horizon Festival, and go to designs and paints section. Go to "APPLY DECALS." When searching up a decal, put in the description "Japan Plate" "JDM Plate" or Japanese Plate" (capitals does not matter) When putting these words in the description, and searching. You will get a whole bunch of Japanese plates to put on your car.

When getting your Japanese plate, put it on the license plate holder. (MAKE SURE TO SIZE IT PROPERLY, SO IT DOES NOT LOOK WEIRD)

There are many license plates you will see, just from searching those three key words in the description ( "Japan Plate" "JDM Plate" or Japanese Plate"). The diagram above, explains the different colors of Japanese license plates. Also, what each plate/text color of a Japanese license plate means

One plate, those diagrams does not talk about is the Japanese license plates with a red slash. These are temporary registration plates, for cars that don't have a actual registration. In Japan

There's a lot of fake Japanese plates, when you search up any of the three keywords in the description. ( "Japan Plate" "JDM Plate" or Japanese Plate") But its important to know if you are running with a fake or a real registered plate, when it comes to choosing your own Japanese Plate.

You are allowed to run fake Japanese plates, or even cover your plate with any material you like (You must put the plate on the car first, before you cover it with something), or frame your license plate

Here Are Examples:

Framed Plate

Covered License Plates

- No Team/Competition themed designs, from anywhere in the world except from Japan

Team Vintage Japan encourages real expressway racing team designs, for ex. Team Mid Night Club (ミッド ナイト クラブ), Z - Z - RACING, etc.

Mid Night Club


There are certain Shuto Battle Season Prize cars that by pass that by pass some of these restriction, so watch out for the cars spec sheet and information.

HORN ALERTING COMMANDS: (These commands MUST be done, even if you can verbally say the command verbally from the party. Due to too many people talking in the party, some people not being able to connect to the party, some people not having a working mic, etc)

- When everyone is ready to set off, from a (PA). Everyone will sound off two horns. So everyone knows that we are ready to set off.

- When we are cruising on the Wangan, and you would like to start a race with someone. Go behind them, and bump your horn. If the the person bumps there horn back, then a sanctioned battle has begun. (This is our method in substitution for blinking your lights at someone)

- If you see anyone crash, one VERY long horn press. In order to IMMEDIATELY alert the other drivers, of the extremely dangerous situation


- Make sure to do an alert, like bumping the horn to alert someone that you want to race them


We might be going well over 200 mph on some runs, if you are tailing someone. As he is weaving in and through traffic, then he makes an unexpected move that leaves you not being able to react to the traffic that was in front of him. There will be an accident. Give each other space, so that no member has to worry about being slammed into when breaking, or unexpected traffic coming up from a blocked view.

- Be careful of traffic, monitor there actions closely.

You never know while going 200 mph down Shuto, then all of a sudden a traffic car turn signal goes off with the car now transitioning into another lane. With you having no time to react, due to this. Monitor your surroundings.


Please be very careful when overtaking, and as stated. Make sure to give the person plenty of room. Until the action is done.

- Do not overtake and then break check due to all of a sudden feeling like your car is in danger

Clean overtaking is to be done only, if you are still unsure if should overtake or not. DON'T DO IT


We understand that it may be hard to not do this, as the game allows you. But please try to not hit them, if a traffic car spawns in front of you and you crash. You are absolutely not at fault, you are able to reset your car right then and there and continue on.

No need for going all out:

Although we have a whole track layout consisting of the C1, the whole Bayshore, and the Wangan Route. Its not about absolutely flooring it the entire run, but just seeing who is faster. (Not unless you setup a race with another person, that consists of flooring it untill you are at the end of the course) This is not circuit racing, these routes are here as only for structure and recreating the same expressway routes in Japan. As even when racing on expressways in Japan, no is going all out all the time. As you will surly crash, and its unnecessary. Once you see a high traffic area coming up, or you see that your opponent is not going to catch up. Just begin to slow down, simple as that.

Shuto Battles:

Shuto Battles consist of sanctioned duel/group runs, that is a battle to see who is the fasted. ALL BATTLES ARE SANCTIONED/APPROVED BY ALL PARTIES

What does sanctioned mean?

Although i give everyone the privilege to build up the cars however they want (With still saying within engine swapping and drivetrain regulations), this is still a privilege to not be taken advantage of, for a power advantage against your opponient. As it would be really easy to challenge an R34 to a Shuto duel, with a supra. Due to this i am putting this sanctioned aspect in place, as i do not want people getting unfair wins in Shuto battles. With affecting the results of wins for Shuto Battle seasons. Every battle must be approved by both persons (or all persons, if more than two people want to battle at one time). Any person has a choice to deny you of a battle, if they do not wish to duel you in the car that you are currently in.

How to start a race:

Most of the time we will be just cruising on the Wangan, but if you would like to start a battle one of the members on the spot. Bump your horn at someone, and if that person bumps his horn back at you. This means that a sanctioned race has started, as the person has approved of the race. This will allow everyone driving to choose who to race, with comparing their own car attributes with others.

Shuto Battle Types

Point To Point Battles:

- These races involve driving from certain point and finishing at the other point, usually this will involve just doing a lap around the C1 loop. Or just racing to the other side of the Bayshore Route. But customs duels can be created, in terms of only using a certain section of any Shuto route to race on.

In order to win this type of Shuto Battle, you must reach the set point conversed about first.

Disclaimer: This battle type must be set up before hand, this means that you can not start this type of race by simply beeping your horn at someone. You must converse about the route you are going to race on first, before doing the sanctioned duel on that preferred route.

When a certain distance is reached:

This type of Shuto Battle can be conversed with other members for planning, or when cruising on the Shuto Expressway and you see a Shuto Racer. Just Bump your horn, and wait for your reply if the battle is a yes. (If he beeps back at you)

- These races involve getting a certain distance away from your opponent, and making it clear that your opponents car will not catch up to you. Distances will vary as some battles may be more predominate than others. In terms of realizing that you are either no longer gaining on your opponent, or you just cant keep up. Due to this, it will be up to both racers to respectfully determine who is faster during the race, as the distance varies by increase or decrease.

In order to wins this type Shuto Battle, you must not be able to see the opponents headlights or figure for an adequate amount of time. OR for it to be abundantly clear that the opponent will not catch up (For Ex. If you are a half mile ahead)



- Hitting into any object ONCE, For ex. Traffic, Street Light, Poles, Guard Rail, etc

One slight sneaky move of cutting, or bumping your opponent slightly off course. Could mean an instant win for the violator, due to this. We are taking any offensive act or cheating, is being taken very seriously.

- Hitting into another members car

- Your car is invalid with the car restrictions

Any lying about a violation done during a battle, will get you kicked out of the season. Making you ineligible to win the Shuto Battle Season Prize car, that's given out at the end of the season.

Shuto Battle Seasons:


Cars Applicable For The Event



(Follow the Shuto Battle season rules in order to start getting accumulated wins for a possible chance at wining the prize car stated

Accumulated wins for current battle season (This board updates every 24 hours)

CYENW01FF (Staff) Battle Wins: 0

JoaoCsO (Staff) Battle Wins: 3

m4rcm4rc (Staff) Battle Wins: 0

Kercy or Kerky Battle Wins: 0

PensiveLime77 Battle Wins: 0

EK Chef 420 Battle Wins: 0

lI Apex Battle Wins: 5


KillaRaYzeeL Battle Wins: 0

Senpai CLEE Battle Wins: 0

TrickleGER Battle Wins: 1

Kenmari GTR Battle Wins: 1

MacDubois Battle Wins: 0

vikingrGER Battle Wins: 0

(Any Shuto Battle Win is to be reported to me immediately, so that this board can get updated with the latest information on your win progress)

During any Battle Season when you beat any person at any time through an sanctioned battle, with following the accordance restriction of the event. You are one step closer to possibly winning an exclusive prize car, that will only be available to you.

Prize winning and Information:

!!!!There can be only one winner!!!! At the end of each season, whoever completes the season with the most battle wins. Gets an exclusive car prize

When the season is over, the winner will receive prize car through the auction house for the lowest payment possible (Sorry, cant send car directly :(

Overall General Shuto Battle Wins Prizes

- Overall Prize Winning is only for the dedicated, as these numerous and hard fought wins is for the tried and true only. When a certain win count is reached through the accumulated wins, you will earn the prize stated.

These general battle wins is not only limited to Seasonal Battle Wins, it can also be accumulated for anyone you beat through any sanctioned battle.

(Overall Battle wins prizes is being reviewed and tested for your enjoyment)

Shuto Expressway (首都高速道路) Routes

"The red arrows mean high traffic area, or HIGH CAUTION.

Shuto Expressway Inner Circular Route (Route C1)

Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 3

Part 2

Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route

Forza Horizon 2

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 (END)

Forza Horizon 3

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (END)

Wangan Route:

Forza Horizon 2:

Part 2

Forza Horizon 3

Part 2

Daikoku Route and Daikoku Futo Parking Area Location

Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 3

Daikoku Route leads to Daikoku Futo Parking Area, which serves as a resting area. For if you want to get off the wangan, and change your tires/fix any damage taken during your runs.

Important Message To Traffic Problems When Shuto Racing:

I understand the frustration, when there cars are spawning in front of you or next to you when racing at high speeds. Due to this factor, we ask you be on alert at all times. With trying to stay in the middle of any two lanes, for as much as possible. As Team Vintage Japan has seen these concerns, and are trying to think of ways to avoid these problems in the future. Team Vintage Japan is fully aware of the glitch to get rid of traffic, and although it relieves stress and prevents traffic from spawning near you. This is not the vision for Shuto racing, as when racing on any highway. There is always an factor of traffic getting in your way, with dodging traffic at high speeds. If team Vintage Japan decides to turn off traffic for Shuto Racing, any race will turn into just a circuit race. With people easily getting the upper hand, just for knowing the track. With although this being a factor for regular highway racing, there needs to be an unknown factor when highway racing. In order to give the tension and unknowns, circuit racing does not give. Due to this, traffic will remain on. If you ever crash due to a car spawning in front of you, the battle will come to a close as a draw. On the third time when you battle, and you hit a car due to it spawning in front of you. The win will go to your opponent, or you will be disqualified from the race if you are racing with more than one other person.

When Racing:

Please take extra caution while racing at high speeds, as the goal is to see the speeds your car can handle. (Or how fast your mental state can handle). But to also do runs successfully and safely as a team, due to this preliminary. Team Vintage Japan asks to monitor your tires behavior as your driving, and to take caution around the slightest of turns. As one mistake, or mistook could mean the end of your life. As the team has high trust with one another, and we will absolutely not have people playing with our lives.

Safety Is Our Number One Concern:

You are free to build up your cars as fast as you want, and drive as fast as you want. But you are not free to disregard everything, and run rampant. Be mindful of the other drivers around you, and the things around you. As if you cant safely drive with us, and cause us general safety concerns. You will not race with us again.

Parking Areas/Service Stations:

All Parking Areas and Service Stations can be used as a resting stop or for tire changing and damage resetting.

Can we trust you......

To put your life on the line with us?

Due to the dangers that every car will exhibit, from going 200 mph. Team Vintage Japan has no tolerance for foolery. As runs going wrong will usually meaning death, and not just a "Better Luck Next Time" statement. Due to this, if you are not serous about Wangan racing. With you knowing that you will probably just cut corners, side swipe cars, hit into members, etc. Then please understand, that we do not want you here.......

Looking forward To Porsche Making There Return To Forza:

It is said that some of the Mid Night Club members are still running today in secret......


In order to register and join the "RISING HORIZON COMMUNITY" (Racing Division) for the "Shuto Runners" sub division, you will have to complete Shuto runs with us. In order to asses and analyze your driving abilities. So we can make a decision, to put you into the community for Shuto racing.

Upon registration, i will contact you through the xbox live messaging system.

WE OF TEAM VINTAGE JAPAN APOLOGIZE FOR OUR LATE CONTACTS THROUGH REGISTRATION, we absolutely underestimated the amount of work that was before us. This is why we making a new way to register, for any division of the community.

This new way of registering is through performing an action, that's inclined towards the division you are registering for through a video. For Ex. for the drifting division you would send me a video of you properly avoiding curbs, light poles, traffic, etc. For Shuto Racing you would send me a video of you successfully completing one of the Shuto routes. In order to do this, follow the following steps below ↓↓↓ in the quick reply section of this forum page. If you do choose to do it by message, it will take me longer for me to reach you.

"RISING HORIZON" Servers Online

Wangan Lobbies

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 2

Touge Racing Lobbies


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#2 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 2:43:24 PM(UTC)
Really interesting I'll try doing both but im more interested in the Touge Battles

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#3 Posted : Monday, February 6, 2017 12:49:49 PM(UTC)
ill give it a shot, sounds pretty fun
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#4 Posted : Tuesday, February 7, 2017 7:57:20 PM(UTC)
Forum Edit #1: Major edits done to the forum, with clarification to Wangan challenges, rules added when Wangan racing, and picture representations added. With "TEAM VINTAGE JAPAN IDEOLOGY WHEN IT COMES TO RACING" being added, with spelling error fixes, and miscellaneous fixes. More challenges to Shuto, and more touge routes to be added soon. With Touge routes characterization, for example, "One lane only racing" with the touge racing types being applied to each touge route coming.
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#5 Posted : Thursday, February 9, 2017 3:40:48 AM(UTC)
This weekend I'll get my Nostalgic Cruise C110 Skyline GTR Hako **** ready for racing, and here's a challenge for myself, the engine of the hako **** is a race spec with 200hp max.

Good luck
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#6 Posted : Tuesday, February 21, 2017 1:10:29 AM(UTC)
Hello guys,

I'm highly interested in joining this awesome club as I'm passionate for the whole Japanese car culture (touge, wangan, vip) and also a fan of realism. I read both topics carefully and really dig the whole concept and your work you put in it.

What I'm lacking is experience in driving and tuning as I'm a Forza beginner and just played race games irregularly. I hope you accept newbies willing to learn. Please contact me, so we may speak about details :)
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#7 Posted : Tuesday, February 21, 2017 6:45:33 AM(UTC)
Update to Racing Division of Team Vintage Japan (VER 2.00): Misconceptions about the team has been cleared up, with Touge Racing still being in development. Car Restriction clear up, and safety concerns more thoroughly explained.


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#8 Posted : Wednesday, February 22, 2017 6:10:30 AM(UTC)
Im interested in joining

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#9 Posted : Wednesday, February 22, 2017 7:46:01 AM(UTC)
Racing with this team is the most fun I've had in awhile! 👍🏻
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#10 Posted : Friday, February 24, 2017 1:32:08 PM(UTC)
RISING HORIZON BETA BUILD ver 0.80: RISING HORIZON is a community for everyone wanting full immersion, if you want to participate in any of these activities. Feel free to contact me

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#11 Posted : Saturday, February 25, 2017 1:21:58 AM(UTC)
And already, I see a problem. You mentioned the rules (which are quite clear to me) but the 悪魔のZ that I have is swapped with an RB26DETT (delivering precisely 680hp), I have no proper Jp classics in my garage that aren't swapped and deliver enough power (not that I swap all my cars) and also you said no vintage European. By this I hope you mean no Vintage EU during the races, otherwise I have a problem, because I collect classic/vintage EU and UK cars in FH3, in fact my pride and joys are a 1969 Lola T70Mk.IIIB and 1962 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso. the Lola is definately able to reach the mentioned speeds (though it isn't maxed, it only has 610hp), the 250 isn't even worth trying. Just so you know.

- MH/SNC Matthijs
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#12 Posted : Sunday, February 26, 2017 7:03:53 PM(UTC)
(Update In Progress) ver 0.81

- More people to be added to the Rising Horizon Community, (with showing the list of people)

- Added rules when highway racing such as, "When messing up on a corner, and losing a considerable amount of speed. Do not cut right back into the opponents lane, as this will lead to a crash. As the opponent wont be able to stop quick enough"

- Available/Online lobbies per activity

- Shuto Events

- Shuto Duel section

- Main Wangan routes inside the whole Bayshore route, will be presented and mapped.

- Miscellaneous Fixes

Coming soon

- Shuto Weapon Gallery (TBA)

- Shuto Battle News (TBA)

- Rising Horizon community News (TBA)

- Shuto Battles Ranked (TBA)

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#13 Posted : Saturday, March 4, 2017 3:07:11 PM(UTC)
Hey Katana,

I tried to rework the map. Maybe it's helpful:

Feel free to edit it. If you want me to change colors, add texts, signs or other stuff, just let me know.
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#14 Posted : Saturday, March 11, 2017 8:26:30 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: vikingrGER Go to Quoted Post
Hey Katana,

I tried to rework the map. Maybe it's helpful:

Feel free to edit it. If you want me to change colors, add texts, signs or other stuff, just let me know.

That looks great!!!! I will let you know :)

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#15 Posted : Saturday, March 11, 2017 8:28:20 PM(UTC)
All "RISING HORIZON COMMUNITY" members for both divisions (Racing Division and Drifting Division members) of with staff members listed

(スタッフ会員) Team Vintage Japan Staff Members (スタッフ会員)


CYENW01FF (Staff)

shabadoor (Staff)

m4cm4rc (Staff)

JoaoCsO (Staff)

amarusiaPS13 (Staff)

SENIK9 (Staff)



CYENW01FF (Staff)

shabadoor (Staff)

m4rcm4rc (Staff)

JoaoCsO (Staff)

amarusiaPS13 (Staff)

SENIK9 (Staff)


Dr 2JZ

Ichigo Drifts

DSR Coachella


Slim Seay


drifting scott

Fury VX


Iz Hyp

TG xSaints


CYENW01FF (Staff)

JoaoCsO (Staff)

m4rcm4rc (Staff)

Kercy or Kerky


EK Chef 420

lI Apex



Senpai CLEE


Kenmari GTR




Team Mid Night (LOCKED)

(Members Unknown)

Team Top End NSX



Team Work Racing



Rocket Bunny Racers








THE 86s





Loading data for more teams....


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#16 Posted : Saturday, March 11, 2017 8:32:33 PM(UTC)
SHUTO FORUM UPDATE!!!! I have added the Wangan routes of Shuto, i was thinking about adding the C1 outer loop. But no route i could think of would be applicable. New section of the forum for Shuto Battle Seasons. These seasons that will soon be listed after the pre seson, will let you be able to win prizes. If you battle and beat of enough people, all through sanctioned battles. With miscellaneous information added.

More updates soon
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#17 Posted : Tuesday, March 14, 2017 9:03:45 AM(UTC)
Another forum update: The layouts presented for Shuto runs, is for roll racing and highway cruising. Its not a circuit race, this is now explained. With cars being able to now pull over and reset at any time.
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#18 Posted : Tuesday, March 14, 2017 11:23:02 AM(UTC)
I'm really interested in this, I've had this idea for awhile and I'm very happy that someone made it possible! My gamertag is Kenmari GTR, pumped to meet you guys!
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#19 Posted : Wednesday, March 22, 2017 4:53:26 AM(UTC)
Really interested would love to give it a go sounds real fun would love to see what it's all about GT SFXM HALO
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#20 Posted : Wednesday, March 22, 2017 7:28:32 PM(UTC)
I am interested as well. GT: MacDubois. Not sure I can hang in the touges but definitely count me in for the Shuto battles. It should bring back the good old days on Tokyo Xtreme Racer.
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#21 Posted : Thursday, March 23, 2017 11:39:20 AM(UTC)
WE OF TEAM VINTAGE JAPAN APOLOGIZE FOR OUR LATE CONTACTS THROUGH REGISTRATION, we absolutely underestimated the amount of work that was before us. This is why we making a new way to register, for any division of the community.

This new way of registering is through performing an action, that's inclined towards the division you are registering for through a video. For Ex. for the drifting division you would send me a video of you properly avoiding curbs, light poles, traffic, etc. For Shuto Racing you would send me a video of you successfully completing one of the Shuto routes. In order to do this, follow the following steps below ↓↓↓. If you do choose to do it by message, it will take longer for me to reach you.

1 - Go into settings

2 - Go to preferences

3 - Go to "Game DVR & streaming"

4 - If not allowed check "Allow broadcasts and game captures"

5 - Press "record that" and choose how much time you think you will need in order to record the following challenge

6 -When you have finished recording for the desired division, do the snap feature (Double tap the xbox button)

7 - Once you have done that then go into your game dvr app and share it to me, you can also do this from xbox button when you see the notification that your xbox recorded the gameplay. Or just go into notifications if you missed it. Click on the game dvr capture, and share it to me from there.


6 - (Optional) If you want to watch your xbox recording gameplay, as you are driving. Press snap (Double tap the xbox button), and go to the bottom category which is "snap an app"

7 - Then go to Game DVR, and when your are ready press start a new clip.

8 - Then hit Start recording, and you see time progression of your challenge as you are driving

I will try to contact as many people as i can through message, but i cant promise any instant contact through message.

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#22 Posted : Sunday, March 26, 2017 10:59:19 AM(UTC)
Forum Update: Mystery battle season added, with the new season starting in 6 days. With the available prize car being reveled in 6 days as well. Organization of the "Rising Horizon" community members to occur very soon. Between, Touge racers (None at the moment), Drifters, and Shuto Runners.
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#23 Posted : Saturday, April 1, 2017 8:52:42 AM(UTC)
FORUM UPDATE!!!!!!! SKYLINE RUNNERS BATTLE SEASON IS HERE!!!!! Register for Shuto Racing in the "Rising Horizon Community," in order to get a chance at winning the (賞金) “NISSAN SKYLINE R33 ADVAN SPECIAL” (賞金). Categorization for community members in terms of which division they are currently participating in, has been made. With miscellaneous fixes and better explained scenarios, when it comes to Shuto racing.
Drift (偏流), Peace (平和), Trust (信頼), and Fun (遊び)
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#24 Posted : Monday, April 17, 2017 2:38:30 PM(UTC)
Don't forget to update the skyline runners winning section
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#25 Posted : Friday, October 13, 2017 7:56:07 AM(UTC)
I hope it's not dead jet...
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