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#1 Posted : Saturday, January 7, 2017 9:49:15 AM(UTC)
Hey guys... I had an idea for the experts to help us noobs and intermediates out. I had some random tuning questions, but rather than spam the board, I figured I'd take the time to kick off the "tuning clinic". People ask questions and experienced tuners answer them. Make it a one stop shop. I've read the tuning guides but not all of them address the specific things I'm looking for. Anyways here's the format I'm thinking of with two questions:

Issue: Lift-off oversteer
Class: A-class
Car: Various
Controller: Wheel (TMX)
Question/Problem: Seems like no matter what I do with springs/dampers on a wide range of cars I get some degree of lift-off oversteer with my A-Class tunes. It happens right at the point after I let off the brakes coming into 2nd-3rd gear hair pins, or if I tighten my line while coasting/letting off the throttle. Is this a problem with my driving technique or is there anything I can do to stabilize the car. Any ideas?

Issue: Bouncy/unstable front end
Class: S-Class
Car: Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0
Controller: Wheel (TMX)
Question/Problem: Pretty simple... front end of this thing never feels planted. I have full aero on it but the issue happens around medium speeds (~3rd gear stuff). Is it just the nature of the car?

What do you guys think of this idea, and can you give me some help? :)