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Rank: D-Class Racing License
#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 12, 2016 11:06:03 AM(UTC)
...returning to the scene of such legendary races as the "Drive Like Gromit" and the booze delivery sprint, we will now flog some Murrican Iron over the groaning cobblestones of this sleepy Amalfi Coast village.

The "rools"~

American car, A class
minimum weight of 2900 lbs.
maximum power of 400 BHP

Run as hot laps if you want to be known forever as a wimpcake; otherwise compete against similar cars.

Best clean lap wins a Boss 429 Mustang and unofficial title of "World's Finest Muscle Car Driver.".

My replay, on my storefront, shows I'm taking it easy on you. My best lap 1:12.744
Rank: A-Class Racing License
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#2 Posted : Thursday, October 13, 2016 3:43:22 AM(UTC)
Thought i would give this one a shot with something a little different . It's def Murrican , its def over 2900 lb's and it has less than 400 HP and its A class , so all is good : )

Here's my weapon of choice :)

I ran as suggested against AI cars and managed a time of 1:07:382 on lap 8 . Replay is up named Murrican Muscle . I got a few other things to do on the forum , but will try n have another go at this later .