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#1 Posted : Saturday, October 8, 2016 6:00:13 PM(UTC)
I have always been a huge Forza fan and loved (notice the PAST tense) to play the game for it's customization and physics. I bought a force feedback wheel a few months ago excited to have a real experience and what I had after was not one at all. The force feedback feels dead, it makes drifting sloppy and it seems like the wheel just centers whenever it feels like it. I have since purchased Assetto Corsa and man, talk about night and day. I feel like I can actually feel the weight of the car transfer as the wheel readjusts from the front wheels. I can feel when my brakes lock up, or my front tires lose traction. I can't even play Forza 6 with a wheel, I would honestly rather use my old non FFB 458 spider wheel. I have searched high and low for useful info on a fix or a cause of the poor feedback but I seriously cant find much of anything at all. For me it is an immediate deal breaker, why would I spend a couple hundred dollars on a good wheel to go back to a controller? Now with Forza horizon 3 out I would love to buy the game and play it but I won't let myself take the risk. To me it feels like I have about a 90% probability of just wasting 60 dollars on something that I won't play. Can someone please help with a fix or at least a better understanding of why? And no reducing my rotation to 270 or even 540 isn't a viable fix unless the specific vehicle I'm piloting is supposed to have such a rotation, I played for a year at 240 degrees and I'm beyond over it. It is extremely disappointing and it kind of makes a mockery of marketing these titles as a "simulator" in my eyes. What good does It make to have a great physics engine if I can't even feel the physics working on my wheel? I tried to slide with it and it is absolutely past a "numb" feeling. I played the horizon 3 demo all the way through for maybe an hour and when I went back to my beloved AC I had to reteach myself how to actually use my inputs correctly. I get the handling models and everything else will vary title to title but I just find it hard to believe that a AAA studio with a virtually limitless budget compared to these smaller indie companies like Kunos just can't put the research or time in to the feedback model to cater to the wheel users. In the end I want something to bring Forza back to the table for me because in a the state it is in now I will no longer be a returning customer.

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#2 Posted : Friday, October 14, 2016 4:40:40 PM(UTC)
After doing some research and using the telemetry it seems like the cars just understeer way too easy in the front. Really unrealistically so I guess hypothetically there should be a tuning sweet spot for each car to help fix the issue and make the car realign correctly however it isn't really worth it to me to find the sweet spot. The wheel feels dead the entire time until you find that 10 degree spot where the front regains grip and it just doesn't seem too easy I messed around with my settings and damn near maxing out front camber helped but it just isn't the kind of feeling I was expecting. I still think the FFB could use a lot of work
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#3 Posted : Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:52:52 PM(UTC)
Depends on your wheel rotation but yeah under steer is the main problem for poor ffb feel easiest way to work around that is keep the stock tyre compound stiffen the front anti roll to 25-30 and choose an older more forgiving car like the 60 corvette
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#4 Posted : Saturday, October 29, 2016 8:27:50 AM(UTC)
In my opinion it should just be fixed by the developers to where you can choose if you want the understeering effect or not. In the sense of the grip though it's pretty unrealistic to lose grip in the front on a tame rwd car at such low speeds and the wheel should react to counter steer. I have seen multiple instances that people bought wheels for the game to drift and then sold them because of this issue, it really isn't talked about a whole lot in the community but it needs addressed there are games like Assetto Corsa they really need to take some notes from, I would even venture as far to say AC perfected their FFB modeling even racing the feedback gradually strengthens due to speed or turning and it is so smooth Forza should at least try and appeal to people that went out and spent their own money to make the game better for them and they need to put a lot of work into it