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#1 Posted : Monday, September 26, 2016 9:47:26 AM(UTC)
If I got one of the Horizon Edition cars with the Drift Skills Boost, would that make it easier to beat drift zones? Or does it not affect your drift zone score?
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#2 Posted : Monday, September 26, 2016 9:52:16 AM(UTC)
we were wondering the same thing. I did notice that the HE E36 has wayyyyyy more steering angle than the regular E36, so that might have something to do with it.
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#3 Posted : Monday, September 26, 2016 5:56:58 PM(UTC)
Drift skill boost just doubles your drift skill score. It makes it easier to get a high skill chain
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#4 Posted : Wednesday, September 28, 2016 2:32:55 AM(UTC)
I've got a Focus RS Horizon Edition like that, I converted it to rwd and slapped a 6.2l v8 in it. Iol its very twitchy so far still dialing it in. :)
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#5 Posted : Wednesday, September 28, 2016 6:28:47 AM(UTC)
the drift boost cars give x2 on each skill so drift is normally 100 the boost gives 200, ultimate drift gives 1,100 the boost gives 2,200, the skill boost cars give 1,650 for an ultimate drift which is x1.5 but that includes everything not just drifting so near miss,speed,air,drift is all x1.5 with skill boost and if your just messing around in the city its better for skill chains as everything is multipled, and also no drift boost does not affect your points in drift zones
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#6 Posted : Saturday, November 24, 2018 8:31:05 AM(UTC)
Hey guys i wonderdoes it matter which Drift boost car i use i mean i have maybe 4 different makes

have a great weekend :)
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#7 Posted : Sunday, March 22, 2020 2:16:13 AM(UTC)
it only multiplies you skill score on drifting by 2 (from 110 to 220)