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#51 Posted : Sunday, September 25, 2016 11:24:33 PM(UTC)
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Yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssssss I have finally got my week 3 falcon too. Hmmmmmm now what am I supposed to do with 3 falcons and 1 escort. I think it was more fun moaning and groaning about them not arriving on time. Thanks T10.

I'm the same. I received both the final week 3 Falcon and the Warthog code at the weekend........now I better go play instead of taking all my time posting here.
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#52 Posted : Thursday, September 29, 2016 7:33:47 AM(UTC)
Got the week 3 cars this week as well.
I wonder if there is relation between getting the cars and the DLC codes from ESL. I believe I got the codes about a week after I got the cars. Could be coincidence. Hopefuly the Nascar code is coming soon :)
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