Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Saturday, July 9, 2016 8:53:51 AM(UTC)
Hey guys, I'm looking to hold a Formula Drift style tandem-battle drift competition tonight at 8 p.m. EST. The track will be a fairly common, wide and simple track at the docks. I have a video of the line I made in Upload, but I'm not sure how to link it. The rules in place are RWD only and no race tires. My gamertag is TFF 9toes, so please shoot me a message if you'd like to participate. Below I'll explain a bunch of info about the layout of the event, as well as what will be looked for from everyone taking part.

Seeds will be randomized to create a 1v1 elimination bracket, and we'll go through each battle until we have our winner. Each battle will consist of two runs, with drivers each leading. If a winner can't be decided on, the drivers may be asked to go one more time, and another 2 runs will be completed.

Judging will be done by any players not currently running, and should judge the following - For lead cars: the angle and proximity to clipping points. For chase cars: proximity to the lead car and mimicking the leaders line, matching distance to clips and the angle as best as possible. Overall cleanliness of a line is also judged! Zero out for a run by spinning out, hitting the lead car causing them to be pushed from their line/spin out, or by slamming into a clipping zone too hard.

If drivers start arguing over a call, drivers and judges are to record a clip of the incident and send the clip to me and state why they believe the call is B.S.