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#1 Posted : Thursday, July 7, 2016 5:11:48 AM(UTC)

I'm having a problem viewing my videos outside of my console. My videos show up in the ForzaTV section in the Forza5 game menu. I've shared them. But when I try to find them via the Forza Hub app on my pc or via forzamotorsport.net gallery, they are not there. My pictures show up but not my videos.

Is there a way to view my videos anywhere other than only on my Xbox One? If so, please direct me as to how.

I appreciate your assistance in advance.

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#2 Posted : Friday, January 27, 2017 7:18:54 PM(UTC)
Hi. I am having the same problem as well but with Forza 6. My pictures show up, but the 3 videos I've shared have not. I uploaded them from Forza 6 a few hours prior. I was wondering if there was a quick fix, but here's my reasoning.
Because of the size of some of the replay files and how a viewer can change camera views, cars, toggle telementary, and others, PCs and phones don't have that capability to do that from a website, let alone a fourm.