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#1 Posted : Wednesday, January 22, 2014 1:27:53 PM(UTC)
I am currently one of the few active members left in my car club. I am the club designer and one of the co leaders, Sicklylamb2 is the club leader. We are primarily a drifitng club. We are looking for new active members to join. A few things we ask for new members:
- Must be able to drift fairly well, 40,000+ in a single lap on Maple Valley or Alps Stadplatz
- Have other skills in other race types
- Creative minds or ideas
- Be active
- Skills in tuning would be very nice as well

Please consider being a new member of this club, I am on almost everyday, Sicklylamb2, the leader, is active, our only other active member will be shipping out for the military soon so we need new members. If you think you apply to the things listed above, come out and join us. We also have exclusive club designs and tunes for our primary drifiting cars and are adding more to the collection monthly. Message me or Sicklylamb2
-The Death Drifter members
Rank: Driver's Permit
#2 Posted : Monday, February 17, 2014 8:25:03 PM(UTC)
hit up jayscin69 77,000 plus on maple drifting and i am a circuit and drag and drift tuner i also design