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#1701 Posted : Monday, June 24, 2019 11:15:46 PM(UTC)
Hello Turn 10,

check out my recommended features for Forza 7 or 8

1. Tier Level is attached to the gamer tag everywhere. while at the podium, while in the lobby, on the home screen as well as during prize spins.

Why is it important for us to see the tier level everywhere? No one really cares. Please leave it only on the home screen where it is right now but get rid of it from everywhere else.

2. Make the badges more meaningful and animated.

With exception to the country flags and the manufacturer logos, I can’t understand the meaning behind some of other badges and I am not the only one saying this.

3. Do not give users the option to create or modify driver gear. people can and will post offensive content. 😣

4. Add another column to the leaderboard showing an icon of controller if the race was completed with a controller and a steering wheel if it was completed with racing wheels.

6. While players are celebrating their victory at the podium, they should also be saying something positive or funny besides just clapping their hands.

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#1702 Posted : Thursday, July 4, 2019 8:58:37 PM(UTC)
This some simple ideas, wishlist, to make FM7 bigger and playable many years...

1- On the Free Play menu, we can create a playlist of tracks to run, like a little championship with time of day and weather conditions.
2- With this, a playlist of cars with upgrade config/tuning lock or partial. Even a base liverie wich players can create your own liverie under that, for sponsored races.
3- All this will be shared with the Forza Community, to play on and offline. Just download the configs.
4- This is some things I want for a long time on franchise...
a) Windshield banner. Full customizable. Even the transparency. Thinking, again, in sponsored races.
b) Every single part on cars can be paintable. Even plastic textures or grids... Rear/front wings... Brake pads and rear spoiler too. Every single part!
c) Free box entry to do some little adjusts for tuning mode. Thinking in personal Track days or even race competition.
d) Create a multiplier of tires and fuel consume to improve the race strategics
e) Put in game an ECU system, to adjust the power of car freely... And a system to increase the weight too.
f) For the weight reduction, change car parts(hoods, trunks, fenders, bumpers, even roofs... If car have sunroof change to closed roof) for lighter materials.
5- One the main ideas of the franchise is customize appearance using external body parts on the car... Even cosmetics itens, like rear lens... At least external body parts(front/rear bumpers side skirts, hoods and rear spoilers, always w/ same height from the ground), bring a base design for all street cars... Clean front side holes from bumper, any antenna, tire body protection, change side mirrors for lighter racing mirrors, change sunroof for lighter one. For the rear spoiler, use the several models present in the game... Since the small ones until the big ones... For the tire wheels, is the same thing... Use the models present in the game to increase a lot the possibilities...
6- For the tires, bring back the idea present in FM2... When we buy, we can choose the brand and for every one, a different spec of life, grip and responsiveness... Every tire will be marked with your brand. This is awesome!!!
7- Take the previous idea and, again in FM2, select a brand for every piece you buy in game... This unlock the brand sticker to use freely even to paint with colors whatever you want!
8- Shows all specs of the car, like engine type, how many cylinders, size, weight, etc in the upgrade shop and tuning menu... In the tuning menu, show all the "numbers". Even the unlock configs, so we can consult this numbers for base ideas.
9- In some "street upgrades" unlock little or limited configs, like suspension and gear ratio on tuning mode.
10- Use more the cameramen put in the tracks for replay, like the real broadcast... And give us a tool to put some exclusive angles, or order to see, the replay cameras... Use the multiplayer interface for free play replay too...
11- Again, in Free Play Mode, automatic upgrades to avatars based on you P.I. And, if possible, use the same handling and weight upgrades first. So after power upgrades...
12- Turn off the inside reflection on windshield.
For now, I believe is enough... Thank you! ;D

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#1703 Posted : Friday, July 5, 2019 7:33:30 PM(UTC)
Hello :)

So make the MG Twin-Cam available again to own. Since hte car is in game I thought it's more relevant here than on Car wishlist.
Allow a free spectating mode without joining the lobby (like for LIVE streams, and external viewers from the Xbox Live, Just a like a Grand Prix Stream)
Add 2 AI cars and dash cam/cockpit view for splitscreen
Add an option to change colors download tunes/paints just like when you buy a new car, in the splitscreen and freeplay mode
Forza Concerns: economy, gameplay mechanism,car list,PI-System,limited physics, unserious arcadish driving system, plain and empty map
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#1704 Posted : Friday, July 5, 2019 7:53:56 PM(UTC)
So apparently Ultimate editions do NOT come with unlimited garage space only limited by your HDD space as advertised pre-launch. Just today I hit the garage limit of 900 cars.
Unlimited space was the main reason I've been buying the Ultimate editions. Well, not any more.
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#1705 Posted : Monday, July 8, 2019 9:10:15 AM(UTC)
If this is going to be the last update, i just would want two features:

1.- FOV: Same Field of View Slider system seen in FH4. Uncomprehensible 2 years later since launch, and still having to remember this feature is pending and aclaimed by all wheel users that actually enjoy the new FFB, Data-out Feature and even FRR regulations system.

2.- Private multiplayer races with AI combined: Sometimes doing a 2-5 multiplayer race feels a bit empty so, fill with some drivatars could do races even more interesting.

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#1706 Posted : Monday, July 8, 2019 1:39:56 PM(UTC)
Simply - AI Racers in private matches/lobbies. My entire group who raced weekly gave up on FM7 over a year ago because of this... when we have 5 people racing on a big track.. it gets boring super fast.

The fact this feature has not been in FM7 yet, I am betting means it will not show up until FM8. Which sucks, while FM7 is an awesome racing sim... it is useless for multiplayer with friends.
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#1707 Posted : Monday, July 8, 2019 2:30:28 PM(UTC)
Car Soccer
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#1708 Posted : Monday, July 8, 2019 9:40:18 PM(UTC)

Absolutely loving Forza Motorsport and the recent updates for the Steering Force-Feedback and track penalties. These have made our private racing sessions fantastic, thanks heaps Turn 10 and the Forza Dev Team(s).

Would really like to see the leaderboards available/update for a stock vehicle. Perhaps when a vehicle is non-homologated only that particular vehicle , instead of the vehicles class, could be included on a leaderboard for comparison with other drivers of that specific stock vehicle.

Another thing which would be really good to see available after a race has finished - perhaps with some clickable pause feature - are track-section split times, either on a per driver or comparison basis. Even if these were available just for each driver to individually view, it would be awesome to be able to compare Fastest Lap Time and Fastest Time for Each Section (usually there's 3 sections??), especially for the drivers fastest 5 or 10 laps, and I believe this would help improve lap times.

Oh, and maybe some indicator whether the driver was using a wheel or a controller to achieve their time.

Thanks very much!! :)
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#1709 Posted : Tuesday, July 9, 2019 6:22:49 AM(UTC)
What I wish me from Forza Studios, that make the game PERFECT

- Inject Fan cars (Street cars like bmw e30 325i, Audi A6 c4, BMW 535d e60) Like assetto Corsa ...
- Addon Browser with Fan Cars
- Addon Browser with more Wheels
- Fit Wheels from other Car models (from a Audi a7 to a s4 b5 or so what)

I wish me this for the PC Version of the game .. they doesn´t have to make a 8th part of motorsport just speech with the community what they wish....
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#1710 Posted : Tuesday, July 9, 2019 7:31:19 AM(UTC)
You should be able to show only times set in the same car, and only untuned times on the leaderboards.

As a game mode idea:

You have to beat a time in an E Class car, and then climb up through the Classes.
Would also work as a bounty hunter special, put the bounties in cars according to their skill level, with the slowest driving low class cars, and its getting increasingly more difficult to beat them in higher classes

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#1711 Posted : Monday, July 15, 2019 2:57:02 AM(UTC)
Leaderboard lap times divided in sector times.

Time intervals in the race hud.

Multiclass Endurance hopper with 8 Forza GT cars, 8 Forza P2 cars and 8 Forza P1 cars. (This will work very well now that backmarker ghosting is added).,
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#1712 Posted : Saturday, July 20, 2019 9:25:35 PM(UTC)

Please add the ability to tweak the FOV ( cockpit and chase view ) and also the camera position in the cockpit view.
To me , Project Cars 2 FOV is the most realistic and simulation racing style.

Add the ability to add AI cars in private online race

thank you

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#1713 Posted : Wednesday, July 24, 2019 5:14:24 AM(UTC)
What i would like to see is, especially in a game with 'motorsport' in the title is more actual racing cars, for example, two of my favourite cars, the Porsche 911-GT1 and Mercedes CLK-GTR, these are race cars, they were designed to go racing, they only made street versions to fit with the regulations but in FM 7 we dont get the race versions, why? This is really annoying as FM4 had the race version of the Porsche?

And yes I know we can upgrade the performance and give it a race livery but as soon as you go into cockpit mode your immersion breaks as you are still in the road car.

what I suggest is either make sure cars like this have a race and road version or have the ability to give the cars a race interior.

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#1714 Posted : Saturday, August 3, 2019 6:32:15 PM(UTC)
My wishes for the next forza Motorsport title:

Seeing as how there’s no “forza Motorsport 8 wishlist” thread, I’m assuming this is the correct thread for this.

Anyways, I love forza Motorsport. It’s my favorite racing game as of many years now and I want the franchise to keep on improving and become bigger. Here’s the thing I think FM8 will need in order to do that.

a better online competitive scene.
Forza Motorsport has somewhat fallen behind its competitors very quickly in the sense that other big racing games have become far more competitive than forza, and therefore, have attracted a much more loyal fan base. Forza really needs to buckle down on competitive racing with their next release. The introduction of FRR makes me hopeful that T10 is planing to do such a thing.

While the current “leagues” mode was fun for a good amount of time, it just doesn’t offer enough of a reward for players to return to it. It’s very very easy to reach the top rank in leagues as long as you’re a decent driver. But simply making the grind to the top more difficult is not the solution: Forza Motorsport 8 needs to have a complete overhaul of its leagues mode.

We need actual qualifying for leagues races
We need a driver rating and a sportsmanship rating similar to GT sport or iRacing
We need more of reason to want to play leagues other than just a series reward.
We need championships that take place over he course of multiple races.

Forza has all the tools necessary to become a GREAT competitive racer, but people can’t take it seriously due to its lack of basic things that are present in actual Motorsport. They just need to embrace the Motorsport part of the game.

The introduction of division based racing and FRR are a great start but it’s going to require more than those two things to make the next Forza installment an actual competitive racer. Which is undoubtedly the route I think Forza should take the game. Keeping the game at its current state isn’t going to last. If Forza 8 is a copy and paste of Forza 7, you’ll more than likely find people buying a PlayStation and GT sport to have real competitive racing.

Leave the fun and open style of racing to Forza Horizon. Make Forza Motorsport into a game that can be taken seriously by racing fans. That simple change of mindset can singlehandedly save this franchise and make it flourish.

I hope to see a future for Xbox where if you want close exciting racing you’ll play FM8 and if you want a more open world and more customizable experience, you’ll play Forza Horizon.

Having a fan base with two completely different takes on car enthusiasm is entirely possible with Forza due to them having two separate platforms to work with.

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#1715 Posted : Tuesday, August 6, 2019 7:09:20 AM(UTC)
send car as a gift
Fuel liters in the pist stop
mixes tires in the pit stop
more tracks

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#1716 Posted : Monday, October 21, 2019 11:26:38 PM(UTC)
ability to customize FOV 'field of view for each camera

Forza challenge : ( drive permit , challenges , etc )

Full animated PIT STOP crew

dynamic day time and weather

real time FLAG rules ( like GT sport )
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#1717 Posted : Tuesday, October 22, 2019 3:02:00 AM(UTC)
I wonder why a "FM7 Wish List" is still active even though they stopped supporting the game in July.

Well, if they still plan to release content for this game, then:

- Give us tracks from FM4 please - the fantasy ones.
- Correct the gear shift animation glitches, including cockpit glitches such as the F40's turbo needle not working correctly after turbo upgrades.
- Car DLC that has the latest Ferraris, Lambos, Aston Martins, Porches, etc.
- Please get rid of that tincan/hollow sound effect in cockpit from certain cars because they do not have it IRL: P1 GTR, LaFerrari, FXX-K, Audi R8 V10plus, etc. They sound so tiny, without any hint of a powerful exhaust and engine under the hood.
- The modern Mclaren road cars (minus the Senna, P1 and 720S) all sound the same - they all have the P1 sound sample - what gives?

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#1718 Posted : Tuesday, October 22, 2019 3:46:45 PM(UTC)
PC Version.

1. Adjustable FOV and camera position in Driver view
2. Options to turn off steering wheel on Cockpit View and turn on virtual mirror on Driver View.

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#1719 Posted : Thursday, November 14, 2019 10:45:39 AM(UTC)
Can we get Drivatars in Private Mulitplayer Lobby? my friends and I love this game and play with sometimes just 3 or four friends and it would be super awesome to have Drivatars to fill out the rest of the slots like in previous Forza Games. Why cannot we do this? or what was the reasoning for not being able to do this?

would Anyone else like to have drivatars in Private mulitplayer?
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#1720 Posted : Thursday, November 14, 2019 10:46:20 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Darksiders0777 Go to Quoted Post
send car as a gift
Fuel liters in the pist stop
mixes tires in the pit stop
more tracks

Sending a car as a gift would be a lot of fun!
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#1721 Posted : Thursday, November 14, 2019 10:49:02 AM(UTC)

2.- Private multiplayer races with AI combined: Sometimes doing a 2-5 multiplayer race feels a bit empty so, fill with some drivatars could do races even more interesting.


THIS! we used to be able to do this. It would be nice if we could do it again
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#1722 Posted : Thursday, November 14, 2019 10:59:35 AM(UTC)
Again content updates are over for Forza 7
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#1723 Posted : Thursday, December 5, 2019 7:15:50 PM(UTC)
Co-Op Campaign - Add Co-Op ability to campaign races in FM. This exists in FH 3&4 campaign.
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#1724 Posted : Friday, December 6, 2019 11:29:51 AM(UTC)
Since FM7 is done getting updates this thread might as well just be a wishlist for FM8.
So here are a few things I'd like to see in future Forza Motorsport titles.

There are a ton of rally cars that have come to Forza thanks to the Horizon series, but we have yet to get proper rally racing in Motorsport. There is even rumors that rally feature where cut from FM7 because the Top Gear Test Track has some tire walls in place where the Top Gear Rally Cross route goes from Series 23.

Proper Dynamic time of day and weather.
FM7 has a rather half-assed approach to time of day and weather and I want real full 24-Hour day-night cycles with time scaling options to have the 24-hour day-night cycle simulated in real time or as little as 24 minutes. And PLEASE just add a "Random" option when selecting weather conditions for custom races.

Proper simulation of Hybrid/KERS/DRS systems.
Right now Forza doesn't properly simulated these system and they effectively just run at 100% boost mode all the time. I'd like to see these get simulated properly as well as having the option for manual control on the cars that do offer manual control of those systems.

Proper simulation of Torque Vectoring systems.
As with the Hybrid systems Torque vectoring isn't properly simulated and as a result the Rimac C2 in FH4 seems to handle far worse then it's real life counterpart. And with the continuing real world development of Torque vectoring systems and Hybrid/Electric powertrains in performance cars this needs to be addressed soon if Forza wants to even remotely accurately portray the performance characteristics of new and upcoming performance cars.

Multi-Bucket Races in Career mode.
One of my favorite things to do in FM7 free play is set up Multi Bucket races with Divisions of cars that have the same or very similar PI restrictions, and see how the Tire and HP restrictions of each Divisions Homologation rules effect the outcome on various tracks. Division Battles Championship pitting 2-4 Divisions of similar PI rating in Career mode with the ability to pick which Division you want to race for would be awesome. Or setting up buckets of vastly different PI ratings to mix up the races. Imagine having GT and LMP cars on the track at the same time having to contend with Slower or Faster Cars (depending on which bucket you are racing in). Would be a good place for that IMSA partnership Forza is has been sitting on despite not doing anything with.

Longer Races.
I know FM7 did add the option to change length of Career mode races, but it is hidden away in the Assist settings and only appears when in the pre-race lobby screen of a Career mode race. Which lead to a lot of people that did not even know the option exist complaining that the races are to short to get to the lead without playing dirty and shoving the AI out of the way through each corner. Essentially promoting the Ramming playstyle that plagues many online races. My "solution", Make the race length setting MUCH more apparent to casual players, Maybe even having a popup at the start of the game asking the player for their preferred race length. Make the "Normal" race length 50-66% longer (2 Lap race becomes 3 laps, 3 Lap becomes 5 laps, 4 laps becomes 6 Laps), and add a Short option that reverts to the stranded race length we have had in previous game.
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#1725 Posted : Sunday, December 15, 2019 1:21:46 AM(UTC)
I'd like to post some general suggestions about FM8.

1. Reduce the Horizon-style stuff in the nex Motorsport game. Give FM8 a more serious and more elegant style - something like FM4 was on the X360.

-I'm not completely against driver gear but whenever a silly costume appears on the podium is quite immersion breaking. Drop the chefs, ninjas, clowns etc. from the racing drivers's wardrobe please!

-Make at least two different soundtracks for the game! The current music in FM7 is like an amateur dad-rock band rehearsing in a garage after their shift in the factory. I'm a rock and metal fan but I still think that some ambient electronica would be better background music in a racing simulation.

-Don't include wheel-of-fortune and lootbox mechanism please!

- In overall, return the Motorsport series into a more adult direction, not something like 11 years old children. There is the Horizon series for players who seek a more funny and lighter approach at racing, no need to continue to make Motorsport more Horizon-like! Keep 'em separated!

2. Cars and racing tracks

-In overall I'm pleased with the car selection in FM7. It's quite balanced between modern and classic, street and racing, European, Japanese and American. I would be happy if the next game would keep this balance!

-The only thing bothers me is the off-road vehicles in a circuit racing game. Nissan Patrols, Toyota Landcruisers, Land Rover Defenders are just looking stupid on a racing track! At least don't include them in DLCs please!

-There are 3D models of cars in FM7 which are used since FM3 or 4! (BMW E36 M3 or '70 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS for example.) Please drop these models and re-make these cars completely from scratch!

-Get rid of that fake reflection effect in the cockpits view please! I mean in many cars there is a constant reflection of the steering wheel in the middle of the windscreen. It's not realistic at all but at least it's distracting. I've been driving for 25 years but haven't drove a car where I've seen my reflected hands in the windscreen all the time.

- Track selection was good in FM7, throw into the bin a couple new ones for FM8 and I'll be happy!

3. Sounds

Make sounds with more low-end, with more bass! Somehow most of the sounds in FM7 has some kind of sterile, studio feel. Just compare FM7 with the original Project Cars or Dirt Rally 2. I'm not complaining about the engine sound samples but about the low bass / high treble mix. It make the game sounds cheap even on quality headphones.

4. Physics

- The general physics and handling model was good in FM7 - realistic enough for players more serious approach but forgiving enough for casuals too. It's hard to make it balanced for such a big and mixed player-base but I think T10 nailed it.

- Anyway there are some weird glitches in FM7 which are very immersion-breaking. Like when the front wheels of the '95 911 GT2 (slightly modified) are slowly getting airborne in high speed turns - just like an airliner taking off! Moments like that can really break the illusion of driving a performance car. Make more people testing the beta of FM8 or extend the testing period but please, avoid such mistakes in FM8!
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