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#1426 Posted : Saturday, September 22, 2018 3:40:38 AM(UTC)
an option in the audiooptionmenu to mute the multiplayer voice chat

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#1427 Posted : Saturday, September 22, 2018 10:13:51 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: f41L0r Go to Quoted Post
an option in the audiooptionmenu to mute the multiplayer voice chat

Agreed, but until they do that, tab over to Grid view, click on yourself, and there is an option there to mute all others.
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#1428 Posted : Saturday, September 22, 2018 8:33:59 PM(UTC)

Leaderboard filter that filters only the same car you have. You could put it just after the "Near Me" filter or something.
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#1429 Posted : Monday, September 24, 2018 11:07:37 AM(UTC)
I know the ability to use non-standard paints as vinyls has been asked for a lot.

However, having just done a BMW CSL that uses Dayglo orange, I would like to see retro-reflective materials and Dayglo added to that list.

These are non-trivial, as retro-reflective materials push light back towards the source (e.g. your headlights), and Dayglo converts energy from the adjacent colour spectrum and puts it back out as a single colour (which is why it looks so bright).

We'll finally be able to make realistic emergency vehicles and Dyno-Rod vans ;)
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#1430 Posted : Thursday, September 27, 2018 10:38:30 AM(UTC)
Hi guys!

I love FM7, but to this day I do not understand why that rally-packed and off-road game has no rally and off-road rides to race with these cars?

Is it not possible for me to have those off-road pickups running on LeMans or Nordscheleife?

Since the Turn10 people take the game to the highest level of realism, I've never seen an off-road pickup race in Suzuka, for example!

A suggestion:

- Make DLC off-road available by DLC!

A hug!

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#1431 Posted : Friday, September 28, 2018 10:43:57 AM(UTC)

1. Please let us turn off the reflections on the windshield. It makes the whole onboard view a pain.
2. Please give us usefull mirrors in the onboard view or let us switch on the foating one from the hood view or give us a rear cam so u dont need to fit mirrors in place
3. Please add a slider in the audio options to reduce the noise while standing in the pitlane.

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#1432 Posted : Monday, October 1, 2018 9:42:22 AM(UTC)

I wish a lot if you guys brought the same FoV settings system implanted in Horizon 4! For Racing Sim lovers this is a very important feature due to the real inmersion it gives to the player.

Actually, a 40 degrees Vert. FoV in cabin camera with no steering wheel is awesome in 27" monitors, it looks real size.

I understand that if FM7 and FH4 shares same FoV settings, the default FoV camera in cabin is 48 degree, and the feeling still looks far away.

Just consider it please!

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#1433 Posted : Monday, October 1, 2018 12:32:17 PM(UTC)
Inside Car:
Ability to enable/disable and/or fade inside windshield reflections
Ability to adjust seat position up/down - forward/back

Better Rear Spoiler Options - the Forza spoiler is terrible looking imho - add an option like the APR GT300 3d aero foil, and GT500 3d aero foil and GT1000 dual plane aero foil (ability to change the height and position (further back or forward on the deck lid) would be welcomed as well)
Ability to set the wheel offsets for wheels
Ability to select any tire size width
Ability to select any tire size sidewall height
Better Damage model

Damage penalty - Most cars don't drive away after hitting a wall - I think there should be several "levels" of damage - from 0 (cosmetic) to 100 (SENSITIVE) - 0 meaning only cosmetic damage occurs and 100 means that if you hit a wall at 60mph you aren't going anywhere. This also would take into account collisions with other cars. A 50 percent setting would basically be where the game is defaulted now.

Add a practice session option - so before the race we can test and tune for a period of time (2 to 30 minutes?) before the race starts.

Add Rally Cross and Trophy Truck track options (i'd just assume any car can race on them)

Add 1/8th and 1/2 and 1 mile track options :)


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#1434 Posted : Monday, October 1, 2018 2:59:50 PM(UTC)
I’d love to see drivatar liveries in free play. The option is there but it has never worked. It works in career mode, so I don’t understand why it won’t work in freeplay.
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#1435 Posted : Thursday, October 4, 2018 4:39:18 AM(UTC)
We used to have mods in FM6 To start from different positions on the grid, can we make a option in FM7 freeplay to change grid position at will.
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#1436 Posted : Thursday, October 4, 2018 5:21:42 AM(UTC)
Add a feature where we can turn on/off the engine for realism.
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#1437 Posted : Thursday, October 4, 2018 8:30:01 AM(UTC)
The ability to add AI drivers in private lobbies.

Every person on my racing game friends list and leagues ditched this game because this features is not there

Its been requested since the game came out
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#1438 Posted : Thursday, October 4, 2018 1:38:16 PM(UTC)
Would love to see KEYBOARD/ BUTTON BOX support !
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#1439 Posted : Thursday, October 4, 2018 5:36:12 PM(UTC)
Hopefully with recent controversy surrounding FH4 sounds and news on big updates for FM7 the engine sounds will be looked into as well. There are many cars that used to sound better and the 32 page long thread about the inaccurate sounding cars. Nissan Skyline's RB26 engine sounds like a Porsche, Honda Civic has sound strongly disliked by just about everyone (look at the comments under the videos featuring those cars), and many cars just don't sound as good and accurate as they used to. We hope for a change especially since Forza 6 has been almost perfect in this regard.

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Why is my avatar different here than on the Xbox...
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#1440 Posted : Saturday, October 6, 2018 5:37:34 AM(UTC)
Forza Rallisport Challenge. either as a dlc or new stand alone game series. get the license from microsoft & reboot original xbox games.
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#1441 Posted : Sunday, October 7, 2018 2:39:48 AM(UTC)
The game is amazing, and single player was fun, but all the replay value is in multiplayer. I know for myself racing is a very serious, competitive sport, and should be a level playing field. Unfortunately it's not in Forza multiplayer.

I feel Forza 7 should implement one of the following:

·No downloaded tunes outside of single player. You race against real people for currency, you bring your own skills!

·No downloaded tunes in league races only. I mean c'mon, it's Forzas highest level of competition(outside of rivals and FRC).

·Feature a second set of the current competitive hopper lobbies, that are ghosted, with no shared tunes or assists allowed, that pay more to the podium finishers. This will help push people towards tuning themselves, which is a big part of what makes Forza,............ Forza

Oh, and please lesson the slowing effect done by walls. It's a great addition, just a bit overdone. Thank you

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#1442 Posted : Sunday, October 7, 2018 1:18:52 PM(UTC)
flat camera view (same as GT :D) without having curvy look of cars.

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#1443 Posted : Monday, October 8, 2018 9:32:11 AM(UTC)

Just read the first post. I added nothing that isn't covered on that list.

Please delete.

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Time to hit the road.

Take care!
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#1444 Posted : Monday, October 8, 2018 10:40:08 AM(UTC)
- A filter with full forzavista cars

- Choose the color of the rental car.
By the way, I would like to ask why we can not choose colors? Getting stuck in only 1 color gets very annoying. In Forza 4 it was possible...
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#1445 Posted : Tuesday, October 9, 2018 2:49:15 AM(UTC)
A qualifying mode please and create you're own lobbies so you can at least race other racer's or practice with other grown up's as well as share tune's, stock rival's so you really know where you stand on one lap pace vs your opponents, I don't like to give my race cars more performance then they would otherwise have!

Thanks very much!
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#1446 Posted : Tuesday, October 9, 2018 3:07:29 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: f41L0r Go to Quoted Post
an option in the audiooptionmenu to mute the multiplayer voice chat

(Not game specific)

Just make your own 'party'.
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#1447 Posted : Tuesday, October 9, 2018 4:12:21 AM(UTC)
Sorry if I already posted I'm sure my phone has a software glitch

1- Stock time attack, tuning is allowed but no upgrades I like my race cars to be what it say's on the tin!

2-custom lobbies so you can be sure of racing other grown ups in a like minded way or even just practice with them when I race on Pcars2 there is always a practice lobby first and tune sharing!

3-Qualifying this is one aspect where the drivers cup really disappointed me!

4.custom championships off line, track selection in the drivers cup let me down I've just done forza gp and if I'm remembering correctly it was road America, Virginia raceway,Bathurst,suzuka,yas marina,nurberg ring combined which just baffles me as there's a good selection of grand prix tracks on the game

Thanks very much but overall I'm becoming a fan the customization and variety is awesome the game play is actually alright to everything set to full sim and extra long race's is pretty good it's not simulator level but nevertheless I found my self nursing tires and watch the fuel gauge!
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#1448 Posted : Thursday, October 11, 2018 11:18:07 AM(UTC)
Didn't see it the list so here's my simple feature request:

- Manufacturer color selection for rental cars in Free-Play. No custom paints, just whatever the manufacturer offers. That's all I ask and I don't understand why it's such an ignored feature.
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#1449 Posted : Monday, October 15, 2018 6:24:48 AM(UTC)
Now that they're back, how about some Desmond Regamaster love? Those would be on par with TE37s and Fifteen52 Tarmacs as one of the better fitting wheels on every car IMO.
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#1450 Posted : Wednesday, October 17, 2018 12:05:50 PM(UTC)
I have to say I am very disappointed with forza 7. I have been a fan for years but, it just seems like forza isnt getting any better, as if you reached your plateau. The reason for this message is because I feel forza / turn 10 isnt doing enough. I believe for a better online gaming experience we need real world simulated damage in the online world, otherwise people like "jerkeveenstra" and "agedus" will keep crashing into me and everyone else on the track. So again I ask why cant you?! Or better yet, why havent you provided us with a better online gaming experience to help minimize cheaters. I do expect a response and I do expect these gamertags to be dealt with. Again I believe real world simulated damage is key.
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