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#1401 Posted : Sunday, September 2, 2018 11:46:43 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: SageAlarm437 Go to Quoted Post
I only have one wish and if it was granted then I might consider driving Forza 7 more than rarely. I wish for TRACK IR support on the PC version

and this is why....

Forza 7 on the PC is now supported by motion platform suppliers and by tactile software so more people are racing with Forza 7 as it has great graphics, cars and tracks as well as good weather and darkness, and the Motion and Tactile support make it more realistic and Immersive.

As there is still no VR or Mixed Reality support please more than ever it needs TrackIR. Even if it gets Mixed Reality support it still needs TrackIR support.
Not everyone will want VR or Mixed Reality and even though I have Mixed Reality I still prefer on many occasions to use TrackIR as it is less intense.

I have just emailed the Track IR people and they said -

"Thank you for the feedback on this, we really appreciate it.
I believe we have already made attempts previously to contact Forza developers regarding TrackIR integration, but we have not heard back from them yet.
We will consider reaching out to them once more, but If you could also request the integration on their forum's or directly to them, it would be very helpful to make it actually happen."

Hence this post.

Yes, trackIR please! This is probably fairly easy to add and would take the FM franchise to the next level.

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#1402 Posted : Tuesday, September 4, 2018 6:38:25 PM(UTC)
How about being able to make your vinyls the color of your paint. More specifically the special colors like the metal flake & two tone polish colors. It would help with my liveries sometimes.
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#1403 Posted : Tuesday, September 4, 2018 11:26:58 PM(UTC)
I would be great if there are slide bar that can make more tire abrasion and fuel cunsumtion. The now Forza 7 pit-stop is really useless even if it is not talk about external factors. You need to run over 40 laps to get rid of the fuel and run out of tires. It may be realistic, but it is not fun to play. If we can make more cunsumtion slide bar, it will allow you to strategically race and make it more fun.
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#1404 Posted : Thursday, September 6, 2018 10:21:44 PM(UTC)
These are a few of my thoughts for the progression of F7:

1) Time Attack to be Division based not Class based. Each Division to have 5 or 6 circuits to be timed. Breaks up the Time Attack and gives a broader spectrum than just one or two vehicles at the top.

2) Giving people an overall position or current standing among friends, based on Time Attacks, Hot Laps and Career Completion and a separate one for Multiplayer. The game needs this. Having overall ladder keeps people competing.

3) In Multiplayer and Career races have a speed retardation system if you go off track or bash to hard your vehicle is slowed to 60kmph for 5 seconds once back on track. A cost for damage would also be a consideration. If you sustain too much damage it can be repaired at a cost immediately or will take a number of days unavailable or blocked from use.

4) Disqualification from races if you go off track continually or bash. 10 chances, if you exceed those you are disqualified and lose points on your progression.

5) Head to Head Pink Slip races (Multiplayer) . Give people the opportunity to gain or lose vehicles in one on one races.

6) Dirt tracks for the trucks , suvs etc

7) A showroom where you can display your Top Ten cars and take photos and others can virtually visit.

Keep up the good work.

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#1405 Posted : Monday, September 10, 2018 9:26:44 AM(UTC)
I'd like to see the option of tagging a car as a 'favorite' and then being able to filter favourites.
This would make selecting a car a lot easier in the relatively short time you have in multiplayer lobbies, especially the ABCS hopper
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#1406 Posted : Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:28:56 PM(UTC)

Why oh why isn`t there a Trans American Racing series included in this game?

All the involved cars are here, placed around here, even the old Volvo, and there in some fantasy classes while the legendary Trans American Racing series are forgotten.

The series included both a max 305cui/ 5.0 liter V8`s and a max 2.0 liter compactcar class. This would actually fit right in with the allready homologated cars in the game.
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#1407 Posted : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 12:33:38 AM(UTC)
Aston martin DB11 with ForzaRc livery and ForzaRc driver gear :-(
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#1408 Posted : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 1:16:43 AM(UTC)

Exhausts - you upgrade them and there is no cosmetic difference. this is total weaksauce

Wheels -
1: the ability to have different wheels on front compared to rear
2: two or 3 paint zones for wheels (lip, face, highlights on some wheels)
3: customisable offsets and dish/concave

Camshafts - I'm not sure if you guys have ever seen a big cam upgrade on a V8, but it idles lumpy. the car rocks around and it sounds angry. unlike the real world, this disappointingly does not happen in Forza. Perhaps the feature to adjust idle rpm level in tuning would be a nice touch as well

Obviously these are nothing that effect game play, but the do detract from the experience. If these could be addressed I would be as happy as a dog with two di... bones 😁👍
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#1409 Posted : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 10:51:19 PM(UTC)
Please add FOV (Field of View) options as it is in DEMO Forza Horizon 4. Setting up a FOV in the cockpit with no change is cumbersome.
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#1410 Posted : Thursday, September 13, 2018 3:46:15 AM(UTC)
Not really a feature but more of a graphical issue.
I've noticed that the trees along side the track are rendered old fashioned (2D)style.
Example http://image.noelshack.c...04-10-2017-10-56-44.png

In Forza Horizon the trees are modeled 3D. Framerate is different there, but still, would be a nice improvement.

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#1411 Posted : Thursday, September 13, 2018 5:49:27 AM(UTC)
I would like to suggest a limit on the amount of vehicles one person can purchase in a period of time from the auction for the same vehicle type. This is similar to the same restriction already in place in the Specialty Dealer, which only allows you to buy one of each car type.

I personally feel the "open" market in the Auction is out of control, especially for those who desire to get cars they otherwise can't get without unlocking them. For my example, the Monte Carlo Forza Edition. Since the minimum buyout price of the FE cars is set so high, one can start their auction at an affordable price. There are currently a small handful of users (2-3 that I've seen) that are buying these Monte Carlo FE's for between $300k-1 million, and selling them starting at 3-4 million dollars. Works great in the real world, its how business goes........but this is a video game, and I think it is abuse since there is no purchase limit in place. I've tried 5 times to bid on one of these cars, and all 5 times I've lost it to one of these 3 typical folks who outbid me every much as 3 million dollars. It is literally impossible for someone else to buy one.

Just trying to make it fair, I'll live without the car. But IMO this is a bit ridiculous.

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#1412 Posted : Friday, September 14, 2018 12:24:22 AM(UTC)
Obviously rally won't be coming to FM7 or at least not dirt (stage or RX). However smaller circuits/ribbons would be cool. So utilising the smaller parts of tracks such as the parts that are blocked off by tire walls. Why include rally and off road cars if we have nowhere to race them? After all they're meant for short sprints and not long circuits. Maybe another track like prague that has weird surfaces? Rally Di Postiano from FM4 would be pretty cool. Or the sprints on the Nurburgring? Autocross in place of the above stuff could be pretty cool also. So the ability to actually have autocross events outside of the campaign ones. At least it would suit the rally car's short gears. Some new rally customisations would also be pretty cool but of course they would make very little sense without the tracks/areas to race them on. That and it would probably be a lot of work so would probably have to be in devlopment for a long time and may as well be in Horizon. Love that you guys are listening to the community and looking past all of the criticisms. Keep up the good work.
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#1413 Posted : Friday, September 14, 2018 6:40:55 AM(UTC)
Hello guys!

FM7 has been making big changes and letting the game bigger and better than any other ever will be.

Knowing that Turn10 has ears open to us, unconditional fans of FM7, I want to humbly make some suggestions for the game (offline). Are they:


- Customize championships with amount of races, any track, any car (independent of class or division) and with score by final placement of each race and in general.

2 - Creation of a TV show (TopGear type TV show) mode, independent of class or division in any track and with the ghost of your best return.

3 - Provide viaFORZATHON specific parts of any car. Type new bodykits or different accessories, type of exhaust, new wheels, new bumpers, wings, etc.

4 - Availability of models of tires with a higher (higher) or lower (lower) profile.

5 - Visually adjust the depth of the center of the wheels proportionally to their width next to the tires. For example, in a musclecar that has its tires and wheels narrow in the front and super wide and deep in the rear.

Well, those were some modest suggestions for the already amazing FM7.

I'm the @powerstroker from São Paulo, Brazil. I am 38 years old and FM7 makes me feel like a crazy boy for cars again.

A hug!
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#1414 Posted : Sunday, September 16, 2018 12:17:39 AM(UTC)

Please add the possibility of modifying the FOV in the cockpit as it was in previous versions of FM.
It is a pity that there is no way to change FOV in the cockpit and beyond. Camera settings are not always comfortable while driving. Especially in F1 vehicles where the suspension is very low and you can not see the corner on the racetrack.

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#1415 Posted : Sunday, September 16, 2018 4:45:41 AM(UTC)
I use Free Play more than any other mode in Forza and FM7 has added a lot of really great things but there's so many more convenience factors that would make Free Play the ultimate mode:

1. Have the option to show your ghost in Test Drive. This is such a great feature in the Test Drive race type, but if you're in a circuit race, the Test Drive option does not show your ghost!

2. Free Play should NOT change the division when I change the car. The game already warns me if the car I chose doesn't match the race settings. For example, if I set up a race as C-class with the "ANY" option for division, then I'll select a C-class car from my garage and the game changes the race to whatever division that car is from. This is annoying as most of the time my cars are set up for PI-based racing, not division based.

3. A "random track" option for race setup in Free Play. Once I get races started, each subsequent race the track is randomly selected for me, but I have to choose the first track. Seems odd that we have one and not the other.

4. In Free Play, when randomly selecting the next track, the number of laps should be approximately the same distance as the last race. How does it make sense that if I just did 10 laps on Spa, my next race would be 2 laps on Lime Rock Park? I obviously chose that number of laps because it was a good distance for the type of race I want to do.

5. In all previous FM games, quitting during a race took you to an end screen where you could restart the race or move on to the next one. The restart has been added to the in-race menu, but if I quit a race (because my car got destroyed or something else), there is no option to skip to the next race! Why remove this option?

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#1416 Posted : Sunday, September 16, 2018 7:44:17 AM(UTC)
-Reduce the delay of spectate, I like to announce/commentate the races that I'm not participating in and have gotten great feedback for such, back in FM6. But the delay in FM7 makes it difficult to commentate the races without distracting the racers with untimely information.
-Automatically stream it to the lobby so that anyone waiting can watch the race in action without having to load the game themselves. Again, this would be massively eSports-friendly.

Livery Editor
-Provide more shareable manufacturer decals, your list is weaksauce.
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#1417 Posted : Sunday, September 16, 2018 1:27:43 PM(UTC)
I would like to see who's using wheel vs controller on leaderboards.
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#1418 Posted : Sunday, September 16, 2018 4:37:12 PM(UTC)
I wish there was an option to let freeplay always default back to 'ANY' car division everytime you're done with a race and from the menu race another.
Let's say I race with a vintage car. After the race is over, after I get my credits xp and all that I end up back in the main menu.
Then I want to do another race, in a completely new car. Thing is, now I can't select what I want because the division is set to vintage.

Please, give us the option to always have it return to 'ANY'.

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#1419 Posted : Sunday, September 16, 2018 8:51:23 PM(UTC)

Please give us back every tire-size inbetween the stocks and the upgrades, as it is now some cars are untuneable
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#1420 Posted : Monday, September 17, 2018 5:35:00 AM(UTC)
I have a couple of menu items that I hope could be fixed in one of the updates at some time. A minor annoyance at some times but over time they are very annoying.

1. Track listings: please make them alphabetical.

2. If asking me to confirm that I want to back out to the Main Menu either back me out to the Main Menu or don't ask me.

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#1421 Posted : Monday, September 17, 2018 4:55:00 PM(UTC)
Increase road feel while driving straight for us many wheel users
sliders to adjust tcs and stabilty for wheel users
Bring back NYC track with full graphical updates
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#1422 Posted : Tuesday, September 18, 2018 5:19:57 AM(UTC)
Changing between metric and imperial system in the tuning menu by clicking a single button
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#1423 Posted : Thursday, September 20, 2018 1:43:20 PM(UTC)
Proper timing in the race - intervals shown in seconds not senseless meters. Time gaps to leader, car in front and behind which update every time a timing point (typically 3-4) per lap is passed. Like it's done in, you know, actual racing... refer to Sky Sport, ESPN, or any other channel showing some kind of motor sport.
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#1424 Posted : Thursday, September 20, 2018 4:07:31 PM(UTC)
Minor stuff first:

If my auction doesn't sell, I'd like a 'Relist' button. And I dont want an option to see the Seller details if Im the Seller!

I'd like Mods to go, but if they stay, I want to open all the boxes at once, as I dont care whats in them.

Fix the graphic that attempts to show the gears vs speed in the tuning section - its completely wrong/inaccurate

Add torque peak rpm and redline rpm to the basic stats shown in garage - we need these values to Tune

Major stuff:

Nordschliefe is the only very long circuit - need more, especially dirt circuits so we can play the rally cars and offroaders offroad

The track selection interface in Rivals needs to be similar to Free Play so we don't have to scroll through them all side by side

Rivals for Divisions not Classes

Fix Free Play Ghost functionality so it always shows your best lap of session (with session car) and switches to another car if you beat your prior session's leaderboard lap

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#1425 Posted : Thursday, September 20, 2018 6:41:28 PM(UTC)
* Fujimi Kaido

* Game modes like in Gran Turismo. For example: 24 Hours of Le Mans

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