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#851 Posted : Wednesday, October 5, 2016 9:30:22 AM(UTC)
Does anyone have any idea when is demo of FH3 is coming for pc. I really want to test this game before buying. Any help on this topic would be really helpful. I played FM6 on 1920x1080 resultion at 30fps very smoothly, but I am not sure if my rig would run FH3.
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#852 Posted : Friday, October 7, 2016 4:55:33 PM(UTC)
I have delayed my purchase of this game because of all the problems.

I wanna see how this game runs on my computer..

Any news for PC demo?
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#853 Posted : Thursday, November 3, 2016 4:08:28 PM(UTC)



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#854 Posted : Thursday, November 3, 2016 10:27:27 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: XboxOZ360 Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: TomS675 Go to Quoted Post
What are the benefits of an elite controller then?
I got the Forza 6 special edition console so I have a Forza 6 controller with grips on the handles.

I wouldn't do without it now.

I have the Forza controller, and the COD controller, plus the new Slim controller. But the elite leaves them in its dust.

Why... well, the weight is really substantial in your hands. The internals are more metal than plastic which can wear out under strong and heavy use. We've all experienced controller mechanics breaking due to such things.

With the Elite, they need to be metal, as both the thumbsticks and D-Pad etc are all metal as they were magnetically held in place do that you can swap them around to suit your hands quirkiness.

Hint,,stay with the middle sized thumbsticks, you get better control over the steering and visuals with them. The taller thumbsticks are far too touchy, while the smaller ones are just too small if you've got bigger hands.

The apaches can be mapped to whatever function you want, as can the entire trigger, button and D-Pad functions. Putting the functions you want in the right places.

So you have weight, longevity for parts built into it, and functionality and customisation at every function of the controller.

The rumble motors are bigger, and stronger. So nuances are more pronounced than the standard controllers. You feel every little bump or when you just rub the edge of the ripple strips and corner extensions. Do you know EXACTLY where you are on the track. Especially in cockpit mode, which I use exclusively.

You feel the car starting to slid, or the tyres starting to give, unlike a standard controller, which the Forza 6 controller is really, where you just slid or loose traction. With the Elite, YOU know when it's going to let go on those tight corners, and high powered cars where traction is a dirty word.

The magnets are so strong that I've yet to have anything come unstuck on the controller.

The grips are more rubberised than even the Forza 6 controllers. So your hands font sweat like they can on standard controllers.

Now, yo the better ride of he whole thing.

They are very customisable insofar as how you want each trigger to respond, how much throw you want on the thumbsticks, you can customise several settings to,suit either different racing styles, say NASCAR tracks are approached differently to circuit racingtracks..

You can have several set ups stored, but you can have two at your fingertips on the controller. By just sliding a Small switch, you can jump straight into the different set up.

The acceleration adjustments can be set by using the presets available on a straight angled "curve" by simply adjusting the points up or down. Or, you can choose the proper progressive true curve which can be adjusted very finely to suit 4ach side of the controller.

It comes in a beautiful hard asked case,,with the various accessory paddles, D-Pads and thumbsticks in them. So you can pack up your controller and take it along with your various bits n pi4ces with you when you go to your mates.

Performance wise, they are more preside than standard controllers, they have the weight to help you feel more in control, give you better track and car feedback, plus they look the treat.

I'd never ever go back to a standard controller. It's money well invested. Hope the small review meets with your approval mate ?


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