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#76 Posted : Thursday, July 6, 2017 5:17:52 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: NorCalNavyMike Go to Quoted Post
Typically a few times per year, Games with Gold will offer a "Complete Add-Ons" collection for FH2. The pack is included in that…

This ^ is wrong. The Complete add-ons collection includes 17 items with price from the store and 1 free item from the store.

It doesn't include the 10th anniversary pack (not sold in the store), the Pre-sale pack (sold in the store) and Day One pack (not sold in the store) .
And pointlessly includes 1 of the 13 free packs available in the store, but the free packs are not needed for those with the Car Pass (which itself is in the add-ons pack) (except for Mazda and Launch bonus pack, both should be downloaded even with the Car pass).

The ways to get the content not included in the store is redeeming a code included in the box (Day One and 10th anniversary), or
10th anniversary is included in any of the digital versions of the game in the store, be it one of the three standalone versions or the bundled versions with either Forza 5, Forza 6 or FH3.
(Day one used to be in a digital version labeled as Day One or Ultimate Day One, but just in 2014 if I'm not mistaken)

I bought a digital version on a sale just for this pack. Should have tracked a disc version with the 10th logo, but It was cheap and now I don't need to use the disc, so it was not totally a waste.

People willing to get everything still need to buy the Pre-sale pack and manually download the free Mazda and Launch bonus packs.
And redeem a code for Day One pack. (only way to get this today)
And redeem a code for 10th year pack or buy any digital version for it.
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#77 Posted : Saturday, August 11, 2018 4:22:46 PM(UTC)
I purchased the Forza Horizon 2 Complete Add-Ons Collection for Xbox 1 after it became a free download. I'm having a problem getting the cars I paid for. Mainly the Forza Race Team cars. Most of everything else says that it's free in the Auto show, except for those and a few others. My uncle has the same game, but did Not buy the add-ons collection, and he has each and every one of those cars I've been trying to get. If anyone has some info to help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.
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#78 Posted : Friday, August 17, 2018 2:12:42 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Mechberg Go to Quoted Post
Hi folks,

A quick note that the Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2 is now available. You can get it for no additional cost but there's only one way to do so and that's through Forza Hub. Here's how you do it:

1) Open up Forza Hub
2) Navigate to the "Games" section
3) Select Forza Horizon 2, press the A button
4) Navigate to the "Featured Add-Ons" section, select "Get the Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack" and press the A button.
5) This will take you to the Xbox Marketplace offer where you can download the pack.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the cars!


Hello, hum I downloaded the pack but the car was not free.... Can I know why?

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