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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 14, 2015 4:17:51 AM(UTC)
I've set up a time attack league with Gamerz League Central (http://gamerzleaguecentral.com/)

There will be time attack leaderboards, "team attack events", "skilled attack events", and even "special events".

The time attack leaderboards include the driver, who tuned the vehicle, if a steering wheel is used or not, if a clutch is used or not, and the general specs of the car.
To submit a time you must share your replay of your clean lap (with no drivatars & all cars must be manual transmission) and in the description type "GLC TA" and "GLC TA W" (for those utilizing a steering wheel)

Team attack events will consists of two teams (teams may have as many members as they want) that will pick 6 of their drivers to compete against each other by posting the fastest average of the drivers. There are other rules and stipulations but will be distributed to participants only.

Skilled attack events will consists of a pre-chosen vehicle, and 2 tunes to choose from provided by a 3rd party. The individual to post the fastest time on the selected track with 1 of the 2 tunes will be the winner.

Special events will consists of only certain types of cars, or certain livery designs.

There will be ranking boards updated every Sunday.

If this interests you, check out the website mentioned above, or contact the Facebook page:


And give it a like.

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