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#1 Posted : Thursday, September 17, 2015 8:18:50 AM(UTC)
Hello, I purchased the Forza 6 Xbox One Limited Edition bundle. With it, I also bought the Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel, T3PA Pedals and TH8A Shifter.

I am having a lot of problems with Forza 6 detecting the Thrustmaster TX racing wheel. When I power my Xbox One ON, the wheel is connected to it. It works perfectly fine in the Xbox One menu, I can navigate through that menu just fine with the wheel. However when I select Forza 6 & the game launches I get this "Controller disconnected, not currently paired to a gamepad. Please press the Xbox button with the gamepad that you would like to play with and choose your profile from the account picker with the gamepad." I press the Thrustmaster TX's Xbox button which just brings me back to Xbox One's menu, and the wheel worked great there for navigation etc. Then I choose the game again, and get the same above message every single time. No matter what, Forza 6 does not recognize & authenticate my wheel. I had it somehow mysteriously pair successfully once before, but after powering the Xbox off & on again; exactly the same thing happened!

This is VERY frustrating, so much so that I want to return EVERYTHING back to the store!

Can someone please help me fix this properly?

P.S. The Thrustmaster wheel is all up to date on the latest firmware & works perfectly with my PC & Project Cars every single time; just not with Xbox & Forza 6.

EDIT: After speaking with Thrustmaster Support: The ONLY way I can get Forza 6 to detect my wheel in game is if I disconnect the Xbox One's power supply, while leaving the wheel plugged in to Xbox... After connecting the power supply, and turning Xbone ON, it works. This is a temporary fix, but we need a permanent fix to this problem!!

Sidenote, another bug I ran into while racing with the wheel, suddenly in game my controls get re-mapped! Eg: The rewind button is normally by default set to "X".. While in game it will change that randomly to "Y" all on it's own! Please fix this.

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