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#1 Posted : Thursday, September 17, 2015 6:14:03 AM(UTC)
Glad there is a Support forum, as it should make it easier for T10 to get things patched up.

I'll start by saying, AAA Release, in my opinion. A working game, seems to be rare these days. Loving it.

But I have found a few things wrong...

-2008 Viper ACR - "Remove Wing" option adds a non-adjustable Forza wing.

-Challenger Hellcat - Driving position too low, supercharger sounds like a racing transmission, going with the speedometer too, instead of the tach.

-Hopper list seems... small. I know that's not a Support thing, but it should be addressed. I'm fine with the only playground game being tag, but put it on circuits and other classes, please?

-McLaren P1's wing stays down. But it works fine on the Team Forza version.

-GT350R - I think I read that its sound is already a known issue. I hope it gets resolved, as that car should be heard from any part of just about any track.

All I got for now. And those really aren't huge deals. Annoying, but still a very solid release. I look forward to the first patch. :)