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#1 Posted : Tuesday, September 15, 2015 7:09:28 AM(UTC)
Dear Turn 10 Team,

I'm a huge Forza Fan since Forza 1. I love Forza 6, but I noticed a couple of bugs which I hope can be removed to improve this great game.
Furthermore there are some things like some lacking audio and steering options. Everything I noticed so far is listed below. Thank you for reading.

-The BMW 8 Series' third braking light got a white color
-The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 got white backlights just like in Forza Horizon 2
-The BAC Mono's wheels sometimes are shown as whitewall tires when I use non standard rims
-The Mercedes E63 AMG got a very quiet engine. Other players' and drivatar's cars always drown it

-When I pause a race and press menu to get back the upper right HUD is removed and the times disappear

-The World Traveler achievement does not unlock. It's stuck at 96%
-The game does not update my tier to 8. It says I am tier 7 and doesn't give me the right badge.

Improvements needed:
-We need more audio options. We have to be able to adjust engine and tire sounds, music and menu volume just like in any other racing game
-Please make it possible again to save lobby settings. It saves a lot of time for us.
-Please add the possibility to have drivatars in split screen mode. Only 2 players always means friends don't want to race...
-The "my tunings button" should include every tune which is shared. It's impossible to have an overview about the shared tunings right now.
-Most important:
Please give us more steering wheel options to adjust in game. It also should be possible to adjust wheel and controller settings in pause screen,
so we do not have to quit races multiple times to adjust our steering. Unfortunately every racing game nowadays got more steering options than Forza.
Why shouldn't the King of Racing Sims offer us these options?

I hope you can improve these things in a future patch. Thank you for your time.


CE 300 GEO

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