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#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 7, 2015 9:58:26 PM(UTC)
Hey Drifters, Unions Ignition and the TAR Crew are going to start organizing weekly for hosting D1 Tournaments online. You can either send me a pm on hold you a spot and or join in when we have open slots available. The whole team with provide the correct number of judges and 1 person from our team will compete. This will be our first one held and we're ready to make it happen. We're holding our first event on Friday, July 17, 2015 at 8:00pm/Eastern. The Lobby will be located under the Drift section inside the User-Created Lobbies. Slide by and let's Battle!

Sign up info
Car: (3 cars max and please sign up all 3 if your using them else there invalid and you get a DQ if you use them

!!!***Then Register yourself at: http://challonge.com/wee...d1battlesqualifyingweek1 ****!!!

**Vehicle Regulations**

•Participating vehicles are to be two wheel FR, RR, MR orientated. Must be a production vehicle that is a road going model, must RWD, FWD or AWD from the factory.

•Vehicles that are manufactured solely for the purpose of racing is prohibited.

*This includes any Pre-tuned vehicles -

Vehicle list (e.g.)

TOP SECRET Nissan S15 D1 Spec

TOP SECRET Toyota Supra 0-300

No Shelby

No Super GT, Time attack, GT-1/2 or 3 racecars

[ Please use your own discretion when choosing a vehicle for USDC ]

•Front wheel drive (FWD/FF) vehicle with RWD platform conversion is allowed.

•All wheel drive (4WD) vehicles without a RWD platform conversion is prohibited.

•Vehicle must maintain its original body/chassis - only stock body construction from manufacturer.

•All vehicles must be equipped with a rollcage and safety harness. Convertible vehicles must have a hardtop and/or supporting safety rollcage.

•Vehicles appearance must remain similar to that of its factory built counterpart.

•Racing Slicks and Drag Slicks not permitted for championship usage - only tires that are available to the general public.

•USDC does not hold a vehicle power cap, HP/PS will not be restricted.

•S Class will be highest available class.

•No positive camber

•Must have roll cage!!!!

***Track/Lobby Rules***

ZERO Tolerance Rule- There is be no reason for bullying, disruptions/disturbances of any kind during qualifications and tsuiso rounds.

A single warning will be met with driver, if actions continue driver will be disqualified from that USDC Round.

If player still persists in disturbing the flow of the tournament, they will be permanently disqualified from the entire series.

*Players must mute their microphones during all battles*

Drivers will receive a score of ZERO if they fail to show at the time they have registered for. However, exceptions can be authorized if it is an emergency situation for that driver.

If a driver experiences a connectivity issue, where they cannot connect to the Session, they will be bumped to the first slot of the next Session, which gives them time to fix the connectivity issue they may have. If the issue advances after this period, at the discretion of the usdc coordinators, the driver may be included in a private lobby later on after the scheduled battle Sessions; or the driver may be subject to disqualification.

For Tsuiso Rounds, if two drivers cannot connect in the same lobby with other drivers, they will be moved into a private lobby to test the connections of both drivers. If drivers are unable to connect via private invitation, both drivers will be forced to run " Solo Suicides ". Meaning both drivers will run 2 consecutive solo runs and be judged based on their independent scores, similar to qualifying runs.

READ CAREFULLY: USDC allows NO "illegal" reserved drivers to replace drivers that qualify and who cannot make Tsuiso rounds. If a driver does not show, he will be forfeited and his opponent will be given an automatic “Win”.

Team placement: This Track statement is an experimental procedure in virtual USDC. Teams of 2 or more who participate simultaneously are permitted to designate their own "team booth" behind battle area.


USDC judges on four main foundations/criteria based on each drivers ability to drift the course. Speed, Angle, Line and Driver Style are the 4 criteria drivers need to be aware of when competing in Tsuiso Rounds. In hindsight, there will be 2 judges dedicated to 1 specific turns or more for judging criteria and max score will be no higher than 33.5pts a piece if there is 3 judges

Speed is judged based on how fast a driver can enter the first corner and maintain that speed throughout the course. Speed will vary based on each course layout, which will be kept in consideration as judging varies and will be timed during suicide runs if connectivity issues happen.

Angle is judged based how perpendicular the drivers vehicle is to the intended line of the course. Measured in degrees, the angle is observed not from the vehicle's front end, but from the rotational axis at which the cabin is positioned. 87 to 90 degrees is considered full locking angle as the vehicle becomes completely perpendicular to the track. Anything above 90 degrees is considered backwards or "reverse" entries.

Line is judged by how precisely a driver can maintain their vehicle on the suggested course layout based on the USDC coordinators. This includes how well they follow clipping zones, outside zones and how well drivers follow the guidelines from coordinators exact setup. This also will be no higher than 10pts.

Driver Style is based on the excitement of the drivers' skill of performance while drifting the course. This includes big entries and creative usage of the other 3 criteria. Judges will average all 3 scores to make the final score.

***Zero スカル***

The following list describes what actions, according to USDC, cause a ZERO score.

-When driver loses angle mid drift and loses wheel spin

-When Lead or Follow car is no longer on the appropriate line suggested by USDC coordinators, this includes vehicles that run off track.

-Tire Drops or dirt slides(unless specifically stated by USDC coordinators is not allowed)

-Illegal passes are and will be considered a zero score

*Illegal passes include: Deliberately missing the suggested line to skim pass the Lead car

- Forcing through lead car line.

- Damaging Lead car in an attempt to pass.

-Zero score would be set if driver fails vehicle roll on 2 attempts.

Gentlemen Roll

The Gentlemen roll is considered the "Rolling start" of any USDC tsuiso round. The rolls will be enforced with different speeds for different courses to ensure that the follow car has a fair chance at staging a good chase run.

*IMPORTANT MESSAGE: ONE OF THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL CALLS IN DORIFUTO, GAP WILL be judged if lag happens if all judges agree there will be no gap.


Illegal modifications are allowed in usdc, WITH EXCEPTIONS:

-Vehicles with modded wheels that require DLC content to be downloaded are prohibited. Only wheels from manufacturers vehicles that are already available with the purchase of Forzamotorsport 4.

- In Tanso Rounds, vehicles are allowed to remove front bumpers of any kind, bonnets and rear bumpers/diffusers

-Modding vehicles in such a way that it becomes unfair to other players as far as play-ability and competitiveness will result in disqualification.

-Modding the game in such a way it that obstructs the other drivers ability to run the course will result in automatic disqualification.

Car change rule.
If you already picked 3 cars and used all 3 you cannot change them and exchange one of the cars for a new car for 30 days, however if you never used the car you can change it at any time but must message all USDC coordinators

How rankings work.

The top dog will have the champion ranking the #2 spot will be called interim champion and the 3rd spot aka the top contender for either championship will be called rank #1. There is no maximum how far down the rankings can go. Long as you have one usdc coordinator in the lobby on a non official tsuiso round session and have a minimum of 2 judges you can battle for rank positions. But you must send a message to either BC3 Shado or BC3 Turbojunkie or both and send a copy of the message to the opponent stating you would like to battle that person, you must be in within to battle 3 rank positions to battle that person meaning I have to be #3 to battle number one but if the number #2 guy wants to battle #1 first you must wait your turn. If you win you take his spot if your the lower rank if the higher rank person wins he just keeps his spot if he loses he trades spots with his opponent but if the lower ranked person loses he drops 1 spot.

Coordinators will be Zeerqus. BC3 Turbojunkie and ten shadow.

!!That is all, see you all soon to experience the excitement of USDC!


Events and news:

Other info:

Driver list:
Sign up info
G/T: TRN Shado
Class: s class
Car: S14 Silvia (3 cars max and please sign up all 3 if your using them else there invalid and you get a DQ if you use them
HP: 475

Sign up info
G/T: BC3 Turbojunkie
Car: (3 cars max and please sign up all 3 if your using them else there invalid and you get a DQ if you use them

Sign up info
G/T: Zeerqus
Car: (3 cars max and please sign up all 3 if your using them else there invalid and you get a DQ if you use them

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, July 8, 2015 5:05:22 PM(UTC)
How many spots are available per battle? and will there be qualifying runs or just whoever signs up first?
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#3 Posted : Wednesday, July 8, 2015 9:16:48 PM(UTC)
For the number of people expected. Right now its a first to sign up. Then we'll match up the battles thru a ascending PI. For future Battles, we'll set up qualifing rounds a day prior but we're adjusting to the crowd for now.
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#4 Posted : Friday, July 10, 2015 12:32:21 PM(UTC)
Okay sounds good, I'll give it a shot today then haha
How many have signed up so far?
Also considering I don't have a mic, I'd appreciate it if you could send me a pm with the gamertags of the judges and whatnot so I know who to mute (so I can concentrate on driving) and who not to.
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#5 Posted : Sunday, July 19, 2015 3:20:55 PM(UTC)
Thank you guys a for the ones that participated last week for this event. We had over 20 people Qualifying and we expecting more to compete. Come tryout with us for this week coming and take a shot of this list.
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#6 Posted : Wednesday, July 22, 2015 12:31:28 PM(UTC)
If you guys want to see a constantly updated ranking of usdc just go to my usdc thread cause turbo ain't that active due to work I believe
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#7 Posted : Sunday, August 9, 2015 6:30:56 AM(UTC)
Hi Shado. When you challenge someone what determines the section the battle takes place on?
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#8 Posted : Sunday, August 9, 2015 8:31:35 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: TNT ToyDrift Go to Quoted Post
Hi Shado. When you challenge someone what determines the section the battle takes place on?

From my knowledge I can tell you that, the person with higher rank picks the track and the section. If you're not sure about the sections, you can ask yoshi or shado as im pretty sure they know (almost) all of the possible ones :)

since this thread is abandomed (theres 2 usdc threads) It would be better if you posted this in here (http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst39089_united-states-drift-cup--usdc--sign-up-now.aspx)

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#9 Posted : Sunday, August 9, 2015 10:48:27 PM(UTC)
Thanks mate =) I wasnt sure which thread to ask the question in as they are sign up threads and i didnt want to add clutter where it doesnt belong but couldnt fint any info on the sections.. helldrifter told me about the comp so i came and had a look.. I'll chase down Shado for a chat.
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#10 Posted : Tuesday, July 12, 2016 7:57:27 PM(UTC)
whens the next one