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#1 Posted : Thursday, March 12, 2015 2:09:53 PM(UTC)
All tunes shared are either drop catch or full throttle. I have uploaded a replay for each tune (search my gamertag). I have put "Don" in the description of each tune for ease of location.

65 Shelby Cobra S Class Runs a 8.367 sec quarter mile.

93 Ford Mustang Cobra (Foxbody) Runs a 8.800sec quarter mile sometimes high 8.7s

69 Nova 396 Runs a 8.833sec quarter mile

2015 Mustang Runs a 8.500sec quarter mile (i've ran as low as an 8.467 w this tune)

03 Toyota Celica Front Wheel Drive Runs a 10.100 sec quarter mile

02 Camaro Runs a 8.517 sec quarter mile consistently (I've ran a 8.479 with it)

02 Camaro (mile) Runs a 21.384 sec mile (I think its 21, maybe 20)

69 Camaro Runs a 9.250 sec quarter mile

70 Challenger RT Runs a 9.117 sec quarter mile

65 Alpha Romeo GTA Runs a 8.083 sec quarter mile This car is fairly wild, probably not one you would want to use in an 8 wide race. You need at least half the track width to run it. It is a full throttle tune, but on the countdown you will need to keep jabbing the steering wheel to the right. (it pulls left HARD)

Nissan R390 Runs a low 7.7 sec quarter mile. Needs to be ran manual with no clutch

40 Ford Coupe Runs a 8.183 sec quarter mile

GMC Vandura Runs a 9.5 sec quarter mile Nice smooth wheelie off the line

01 Acura Integra Type R (RWD swap) Runs a 8.783 sec quarter mile

09 Honda S2000 Runs a 8.683 sec quarter mile

73 BMW 2002 Runs a 8.417 sec quarter mile (i've run as low as 8.383 w this tune)

73 Ford Falcon XB Runs a 8.850 sec quarter mile

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#2 Posted : Saturday, April 4, 2015 5:53:47 PM(UTC)
Added Falcon XB to OP. A697 running a 8.850 quarter. I've uploaded a replay to give you an idea how to launch and run.
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