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Hello everyone, I know Forza 5 is not as active as the previous games in the series but I would like to know how many people would be interested in a 1v1 battle style drift tournament. The Grassroots Drift Association is an event that I used to run on BNB and it was fun for everyone because it was different than the usual S-Class battles we were used to. In GRDA we use A-Class cars which in a way was challenging but it also allowed newer drifters to keep up and compete with more experienced drifters.

These are the rules we used below in 2012. Do not actually sign up, just post your gamertag or a simple "im in" so I can see if enough people are interested. If I see a lot of interest I will adapt the rules below to Forza 5 and begin registration. Let's not allow "points lobbies" to kill the fun we had drift battling each other!

GRDA 2012 Tournament Rule Book

Car Build Restrictions:
BNB Cars Only
A Class Only
PI 600 Max
No drag & race tires
Simulation Damage

Tuning Rules:
No positive camber in the front tires.

How it works:
The GRDA rule set uses the basics of a drift battle. 1v1 run, first drifter to win 2 RUNS wins. GRDA has adopted and is enforcing a SUDDEN DEATH RULE.

The Sudden Death Rule:
The sudden death rule only comes into play if both drifters win a RUN. Since both drifters are tied up at 1-1, the sudden death rule will force both drifters to complete an additional run each. This will force the drifters to both lead and follow. If the result is still tied, be it they tied in the SD RUN, or they both won each run in the SD RUN, the SD run will start again and continue until there is a winner.

Within each run:
Each run only needs a minimum of 1 point to win. Points are awarded per corner by a judge. If a drifter gets a [tie| tie| point], they win the RUN and progress to the Second RUN. Once a drifter has won 2 RUNS the battle is over, unless forced to go to sudden death.

All judges must be static on each corner. Judges will need to judge on the basis of GAP, ANGLE, LINE, SPEED, CLIPPING POINT.


The Spin out stall rule only complies for turns under 50% of the run. If 2/3 corners can be judged, the spin/stall goes against the drifter for the final turn. However if it’s under 50% or the run, you only get 2 chances.
A maximum of 2 redo’s per person per round. After that, the person who didn't spin out can take the run.

If the follow car contacts the lead car, and causes the lead car to stop drifting, or pushes the lead car too far away from their line, the RUN goes to the lead car. If the follow car contacts the lead car, and the lead car can continue drifting, the result is a loss of that CORNER.

Of course, if the lead car feels that its necessary redo that run, then that option is available.

The Battle From start to finish:

The 50 Roll:
Obvious one. Drifters must drive between 47-50mph during the 50 roll zone for each track. Anything above and below is fail. A maximum of 53 mph is allowed during a 50 roll, but must be returned to 50 MPH ASAP. (for those who have an itchy RT finger) Accidents do happen...
No overtaking during the 50 Roll!

No Overtake Zones:
This really isn’t necessary but I’ve seen so much fail in my life as a judge that this has to be added. After a 50 roll, you cannot overtake a drifter until they have reached the start of the first turn! Otherwise might as well have a judge during the 50 roll. I've witnessed this happen a fair few times. Especially to those noob drifters looking for the cheap win. So the NO OVERTAKE ZONE is between the 50 roll and the first corner of that section.

IF THIS DOES HAPPEN. The run will be a re-run. NO redo's or taking the point. The run will become invalid. As if it never existed. Feel free to laugh at the person at this point.

Clipping Point:
Clipping point is going to remain as white line, if there isn’t a white line present, then the edge of the rumble strip will be classed as the clipping point.

Tire Drop/Dirt Drop:
Two or more tires in the dirt is considered a dirt drop, therefore the call for "clipping point" in the battle must not be given to that drifter. You can still judge it on Speed and angle, so I stress that judges don’t deprive a drifter of the whole turn due to a dirt drop. Only one tire in the dirt is allowed and you can only call inside clipping point from the next closest tire to the white line.


Tournament Battle lobby capacity:

Each room must have:
The required amount of judges
No more than 8 people allowed in each lobby.

Complaints and battle issues


Rule 2. If you have an issue, please try and resolve it in the battle with the judges and the teams involved. Remember unless you are fetching the replay, once you leave that battle lobby, your opinion will not count.

Disclaimer: Rules were taken and modified from the FMDL 2012 rule set created by XE Stuey.

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Hows this thing goin?