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#76 Posted : Sunday, January 29, 2017 10:19:56 PM(UTC)
I have the problem of hitting an invisible barrier in the middle of the freeway @ 200 mph+, if I stay to the right next to the guard rail the barrier isn't there.
Also the AI cars jump up and bounce off the bottom of the overpasses when they go under.
After winning a challenge my car will float around silently for an eternity.
Once the challenge destination was in the middle of a fence enclosed field that neither the AI Bugatti or I could access.
Original Horizon was interesting with the harvester, bi-plane, geysers etc. fh2 is not very creative.
My wife bought this for me for Christmas so I can't tell her it is poor quality, but I was done with turn 10 when forza 4 DLC was discontinued.
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#77 Posted : Saturday, March 18, 2017 10:33:20 PM(UTC)
I play on 360 and my color fine tune won't work anymore i tune the color but when i try to save it goes back to the original color anyone know of a solution?
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#78 Posted : Sunday, March 19, 2017 1:16:47 PM(UTC)
On this last week, I played Forza Horizon 2, and after found a car in a barn, I tried to change his attributes and colors, but after do it, my save was simply tampered.
In my case it happened with 'VW Type 2 Deluxe' and/or with 'Chevrolet Corvette 1960' (gained in a exhibition).
After corrupt my save, if I try change the car, the game simply freeze, and after restart the game (back to dash and load again), it crashes the system while loading the save, forcing to restart the console.
For curiosity, I tried to replicate this bug at the first 'Forza Horizon' game, and happened the same with any car found on barns, or gained from from the challenges (bug valid for stars cars, like the Ravache 'Raptor' too).
If you had passed for this, please share your history, maybe the game creators can fix it on both games.
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