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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 5, 2014 12:09:58 PM(UTC)
I spend hours in the vinyl creator. I'm a creator. I love adding decals and vinyls to cars. Whats the point of it all though, when you go to save and the game freezes, losing everything you just did?

Happened once: "oh, damn, that sucks, I gotta start over". Happened again: "ummm... this could be a problem". Happened a third, fourth, fifth, and possibly even sixth time: "wow, this is a thing now I have to worry about and I'm cautiously saving every 30 secs."

Finally, it froze one last time when I tried to save. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE. I boot up the game, get into the vinyl editor, load my previous save, BUT WHEN I GO TO SAVE THAT, IT WON'T ALLOW ME TO AND JUST KEEPS SAYING "NO SAVE FILES FOUND", no matter what I do. I can't save a new vinyl, or load any of my existing vinyls and they appear to be gone. I check my storage unit and there's still a vinyl group file so I don't know what the hell is going on. Imagine 20+ detailed vinyl groups that you've spent hours since release working on, gone, POOF. Good ones too, like all 9 hood decals from the 2F2F Skyline perfect replicas. Amazingly accurate and detailed license plates, etc. I'll stop because thinking about it is depressing.

This game falls short on so many levels, at least on the 360, and coming from a big Horizon fan, I'm EXTREMELY disappointed with the quality of this game. I can't play it, it just frustrates and saddens me.

A thorough bug list and criticism thread is still to come but I just had to get this one out because I feel It's very important to the enjoyment of the game and could determine if I continue to play or pursue a refund.

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#2 Posted : Sunday, October 5, 2014 1:00:03 PM(UTC)
It's the new normal. FM5 was incomplete and full of bugs, many of which are still present. I didn't buy H2 yet because H1 wasn't that much fun for me. I'm glad i didn't, especially since it's another half baked attempt. Sounds like Xbox 1 version is better though. I feel your pain, had FM4 corrupt save after over a year of time in. Luckily friends gifted cars to get me restarted, never again though now.
7 Forzas, 4 VIP/Ultimate editions, 1 refund. Such a shame🤦‍♂️