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#1351 Posted : Thursday, October 9, 2014 10:03:13 PM(UTC)
Been at Tier 6 for a while now since October 1st. I've gotten the reward cars all the way to Tier 5 but not the McLaren P1 for Tier 6.

Seems like this is an issue for many other Tier 6 players as well.
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#1352 Posted : Thursday, October 9, 2014 10:46:20 PM(UTC)
I've looked through the 1st and last 5 pages of the thread so far and haven't seen this mentioned.

Anybody know of any updates for the 360 version?
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#1353 Posted : Thursday, October 9, 2014 11:39:18 PM(UTC)
I play on the xbox one and online hasnt worked for me since launch...
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#1354 Posted : Thursday, October 9, 2014 11:45:45 PM(UTC)
I just wandered through rivals and I noticed the Leaderboards for Showcase Event 'North by Northwest' is broken.
Only a few over 100 players made it into it.

Not that I think many people would show interest in it, because it allows massive shortcutting if you take some risks, and some may not like that.
But I searched for posts about it, and didn't find anything.
And I would like to know how good I took the shortcuts :D my best time was around 2:21
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#1355 Posted : Thursday, October 9, 2014 11:51:23 PM(UTC)
I've been having an issue with the DLC Mobil 1 Car Pack cars. I've installed the car pack on my Xbox One. When I try to download the cars from the Autoshow with FH2, I get a message that states:

Installing Content. You are free to continue playing while the installation completes - 0%

I have been getting this message for two days now on all of the Mobil 1 Cars. I'm currently trying this on my "Away" X1 while I'm on the road. I have a second Home Console, but I have not downloaded the Car Pack DLC on that home console since I"m away from it.

Is this the reason why I may be seeing this issue or is it something else? Any help that anyone can provide is much appreciated.


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#1356 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 1:04:28 AM(UTC)
Hi. I still haven't received my Tier 4 rewards
I did not receive my Tier 4 Gift / Reward Car of the Lamborghini Huracan

FH2 craschar several times, controller disconnect problems with the game
so I have to do a hard reset, my XB1 freezes, mid-game, several times
sorry for my english, live in
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#1357 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 2:04:08 AM(UTC)
I still not able to play online since the launchday. Every time i click on online he finds a Group after some wait time but when i hit x, he says not able to connect, check your network settings.

My xbox one says NAT open, no restrictions, the network and multiplayer test works fine and i got no errors. Any other game works fine.

Also i got Problems with vip. I got the cars and the vip weelspin but i don't see Any vip races.
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#1358 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 3:24:20 AM(UTC)
My problem with the game is that it regularly freezes and the track plus certain parts of the map in the background seem to disappear and then re-appear which makes it really hard to keep an eye on where I’m supposed to be going. When it freezes it can happen at any time, for example, i can be blasting down the road at top speed and then my car will just stop INSTANTLY as if i have hit an invisible wall and whoever i am racing will just fly straight past. Sometimes i am stuck for 1 second, other times i can be there for 10, 15 or 20 seconds. These problems happen in both single player and online and i also experienced the same problems with the demo.

Does anybody have any ideas on why it’s happening and if it can ever be fixed? I absolutely LOVE this game but it is so frustrating with the problems I’m having!!
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#1359 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 3:33:46 AM(UTC)
I've been having issues with the game since day on that sound simular to the post above, hvae tried to contact Turn 10 and Xbox via email,twitter and facebook with not a single reply!!
Here is a link to a vidoe of the issue, http://www.xboxclips.com...5161709&gamertag=Kid Of Krime&vid=a276ee72-a9f8-40b6-a93f-792cfd49df33
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#1360 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 4:13:15 AM(UTC)
Don't know if anyone else is having the same issues as me.. Since the update I can't go online.. It says it's waiting for download to finish but it says 100% complete and just keeps coming up with the same msg when clicking on online freeroam and online road trip.. Also I can't hear the GPS voice over and the main voice over guy.. The music softens like normal but yeah no voice.. Any help to fix these issues would be appreciated..
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#1361 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 4:28:12 AM(UTC)

i habe the same problem as "Ohmbrew"

but on my game there are only the scirocco 16v and the bmw '88 m5 not working. excactly the two cars why i bought the car package ...

(im sorry my english is not that good, i'm from austria)

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#1362 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 4:43:50 AM(UTC)
Yeah it seems alot of people are haveing this issue, infact there is a whole thread posted Here

also if you change you're xbox one audio to stereo, instead of 7.1 or 5.1 it works

I hope a patch to fix this comes up very, very soon i would like my surround sound back for all my games, without haveing to change the settings constantly.
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#1363 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 5:30:41 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: d3vil 360 Go to Quoted Post
Is anyone else still waiting for the credits from rewards? I redeemed like 10 days ago and a few days later got a mail in Forza which proceeded to add no credits and disappear and no credits have shown up since. The tier gift cars did download without issue at the same time, just credits seem to have issues.

Same for me........ got the cars without a problem, but my H2 tier reward credits ended up going into my FM5 game! I would like them back in H2! I've tried numerous PMs and thread posts during all of this and not one response to this particular issue. I have been following every post in this thread and have seen others reporting the same issue with the credits disappearing. Hopefully this makes the list of things being looked at.

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#1364 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 6:25:05 AM(UTC)
I previously couldn't play online due to game saying installing yet it says I acquired 100% completion. Today however it's just in the loading screen so I now have no access to the game whatsoever! Please fix this promptly as I'm on vacation & can't even play my game :( gt:AMRI CAMARO
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#1365 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 6:30:04 AM(UTC)
T10: You have my respect.

These updates that you post show that you are working and communicating with your customer base.

It is more than other devs do.

Kudos to you.
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#1366 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 6:31:10 AM(UTC)
Still awaiting my 1.5 million at the moment. I got my 600,000 for levelling up to Tier 7...
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#1367 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 6:57:12 AM(UTC)
Bought the digital Day One Ultimate Edition and none of the DLC´s is working properly.
The DLC´s are shown as installed but did not work in game and i didn't receive the the rewards car.
Also the VIP-pass isn't working and i didn't get the VIP-crown.
And the cars from the car packs are shown in the auto saloon but the are not free, i have to buy them with the in game credits.
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#1368 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 7:39:05 AM(UTC)
THIS IS FORZA HORIZON 2? should I call microsoft and ask for another console? check the BUG
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#1369 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 8:47:20 AM(UTC)
Downloaded the Day One car pack and the Lauch Bonus car pack but the cars are not free in game. I can click on them, pick a colour but have no option but to purchase them for credits
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#1370 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 9:28:42 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Dragnet Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: TheDaniel46 Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: dennyPlayer Go to Quoted Post
[Mod Edit - All posts to this forum must be in English. Please translate your message before posting - D]

LOL!! .. Nice one, reply to the guy in English, a language he obviously doesn't know, informing him to post in English. At the least you should have thrown what he said into Translate & reply to him in a language he understands. Could be a youngster or older person with no understanding of the T&C's genuinely looking for help.

Me olemme vain kiireisiä ilmaistyöntekijöitä, emme millään voi hallita jokaista kieltä jolla viestejä tänne kirjoitetaan, saati tulkita viestin sisältöä. Käytäntönä on aina ollut, että vieraskielinen viesti kehoitetaan kääntämään ennen postausta. Ja olisihan ko. vieraskielinen käyttäjä voinut kääntää viestinsä jo valmiiksi ennen englanninkieliselle foorumille postausta. Tietysti se olisi vienyt sinulta mahdollisuuden kiukutella tyhjästä mutta aina ei voi voittaa.

Originally Posted by: TheDaniel46 Go to Quoted Post
Poor show T10, very poor show.

Moderaattorit eivät ole T10:n palkkalistoilla.

Originally Posted by: TheDaniel46 Go to Quoted Post
And kind of a little racist that people can't post in the language they know :S Is forza for English speakers only?

Ei, mutta foorumilla kielenä käytetään englantia.

Originally Posted by: TheDaniel46 Go to Quoted Post
Extremely poor show.

Mielipiteenne kiittäen hylätään.

My apologies then. Poor show Forza Forum Moderators.

I also would like to point out it was a laugh at the appalling response from this team, rather than a "Tantrum" for how they treated this individual.

Nice job with your highly hypocritical post though, also very amusing.

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#1371 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 10:19:22 AM(UTC)
Can you update us on the following issues:

* Day One wheelspin bonuses that were missed for VIPs due to the Turn 10 glitch.
* Refunds on Mobil 1 car pack purchases for Season Pass holders.
* Refunds on Day One FH2 purchases for players who subsequently bough the Ultimate Edition when it was later was offered.


Originally Posted by: Mechberg Go to Quoted Post
[UPDATE: 10/9 1:17 p.m.]
Hi all, we're continuing to investigate issues with the game regarding lockups and freezes and, while I don't have an update for you, I wanted you to know that we are aware of these issues and will continue to be on top of finding a solution. We are also continuing to look into issues where certain players have not received their Forza Rewards. As I said in a previous update, the vast majority of players have their Rewards now and we are continuing to investigate these on an individual basis.


[UPDATE: 10/7 3:18 p.m.]

Afternoon update: The Mobil 1 Car Pack is now launched and should be accessible to all now or very soon (I just downloaded the pack on my personal Xbox One). When you launch Forza Horizon 2, you'll be prompted to update the game. If you have purchased the pack or the Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass, you'll find the cars from that pack available at the Autoshow. The cars in the Mobil 1 Car Pack should be purchasable for 0 credits in the Autoshow for those who own the pack or the Car Pass. As with Forza 5, this only counts for the first time you purchase that particular car.

Thanks and enjoy the pack!

[UPDATE: 10/7 11:11 a.m.]

The Mobil 1 Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2 is being launched today. If you don’t currently have access to the pack, please be patient, it’s coming. Also, some Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass owners are not seeing the Mobil 1 Car Pack as “free”. This is due to a configuration error and Turn 10 is working with Xbox to correct this, which should happen soon. If you are a Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass owner, please do not try to re-purchase the Mobil 1 Car Pack. Once the configuration issues are solved, the Mobil 1 Car Pack will show up as “free” for Car Pass owners, as intended.


[UPDATE: 10/6 6:51 p.m.]

With the launch weekend of Forza Horizon 2 behind us, I wanted to keep you all in the loop on where we are with other game issues players are reporting to us. Some of these problems include various game freezes (such as when accessing leaderboards, or when entering the first Road Trip at Nice Massena), an issue where some players cannot load into Forza Horizon 2 from the main loading screen, controller disconnect problems with the game, as well as an issue we are seeing where strange characters sometimes appear on screen when players try to access leaderboards. We are aware of all of these issues and are busy working on solutions for them. I hope to be able to update you soon with more information.

In addition, a number of you have reported issues with still not receiving your Forza Rewards. We are investigating these instances on an individual basis and, once I have something more to report, I will do so in this thread.


[UPDATE: 10/4/14 11:54 a.m.]

Another update for you:

As of about an hour ago, we are caught up with loyalty and Forza Rewards fulfillment in Forza Horizon 2. This means we have worked through the backlog of players who have been playing the game since release on Tuesday and we are now fulfilling new and current rewards. Two items of note:

1) For new players (those who just started playing the game and/or redeemed rewards today) we should be back to the standard wait between Forza Rewards redemption and fulfillment in the game, which is around four hours. If you find yourself waiting longer and unable to get your loyalty rewards or redeemed Forza Rewards, please let us know in this thread so we can follow up.

2) We are still not 100% caught up on Demo Car award fulfillment. (If you're not sure what that is, see this story on FM.net). These award cars were de-prioritized, as we wanted to get loyalty cars and Forza Rewards out first, and they are still being sent out through the weekend.

Finally, our online services continue to be in good shape and the Turn 10 crew continues to monitor them all weekend long.


[UPDATE: 10/3/14 5:25 p.m.]

Here’s another update about the state of Forza Horizon 2. First up, all services for the game should be running at optimum capacity. This includes multiplayer and Rivals, as well as server-side features like livery and tuning creation/downloads, leaderboards, etc. The Turn 10 team will be monitoring our services closely all weekend long, ready to pounce on any issues we see and make sure that these services remain stable and are working as efficiently as possible.

Second, our loyalty and Forza Rewards fulfillments are continuing to go out. Many folks on this thread have already received their cars and credits as we continue to work through the list of reward-eligible players. I believe we are on the downhill side of this problem and I will have an update for players as soon as our Rewards fulfillments are complete or tomorrow at around this same time, depending on which comes first. Also, if you try to download your credits and they do not get added to your account, you can try again by quitting the game (not uninstalling the game, mind you) and restarting. Your rewards message should be waiting for you in the message center and you can try to download your credits again.

Finally, we have seen some complaints from players who are unable to connect to multiplayer services in Forza Horizon 2. We are investigating this issue within Forza Horizon 2 but I also want to remind players about issues regarding NAT errors on Xbox One. If you are unsure of how your home network is set up, or the state of your NAT settings, this is a good support article found over at the Xbox Support site to help you troubleshoot. Those of you who are still having issues with multiplayer should let us know in this thread so we can follow up.

Thanks for all your patience this week and here’s to a great weekend with Forza Horizon 2!


[UPDATE: 10/2/14 1:30 p.m.]

A quick update from me today. We continue to monitor our server issues, working towards stabilization for all players. The team here at Turn 10 is working hard to get things running in a satisfactory way. This continues to be a top priority for us until these issues are resolved.

Also, lots of people are asking about not receiving your various rewards yet. This includes loyalty cars, Forza Rewards credits, etc. I want to reiterate: We are definitely aware of these issues and these rewards are being sent out. In fact, many Forza Horizon 2 players have already received their rewards. With regard to Forza Rewards in particular, if you have redeemed your Rewards here on the Forza Web site or via Forza Hub you will be receiving your rewards. The server issues we are experiencing means they are going out more slowly than we'd like but they are going out.

As always, thanks for your patience.


[UPDATE: 10/1 12:05 p.m.]

Hi All,

A few more updates for you:

  • Rewards payouts are starting to go out, including Forza Rewards, loyalty cars, etc. You can redeem your Forza Rewards today (and each month) over at the Rewards site, or by downloading the brand new Forza Hub app for Xbox One.

  • We are aware of the issue with people being unable to join Car Clubs in Forza Horizon 2 and are working on a solution.

  • Server stability should be much better than it was yesterday but we are keeping a close eye on performance today.

I've seen lots of people asking on various threads about "2x reward acceleration" for Forza Horizon 2 VIPs. To clarify: 2x reward acceleration refers to the doubling of gift value when using the wheelspin feature after leveling up. As a Forza Horizon 2 VIP, you receive double the value of the gifts that a non-VIP player receives. For example, where a non-VIP would win 20,000 credits after a wheelspin, a VIP would win 40,000. For car prizes, VIP members receive both the car AND the credit value for that car.

[UPDATE: 9/30 11:25 p.m.]

Hi folks,

A few updates for you tonight:

  • We have implemented a server-side fix for those players who have experienced issues with VIP functionality in Forza Horizon 2. With this fix, expected VIP behaviors should work as intended in the game (VIP badge next to your GT, 2x VIP wheelspins, VIP Car Pack cars cost zero credits on first purchase, etc.) As a precaution, we recommend you quit your current game of Horizon 2 and restart the game in order to see the corrected VIP functionality.

  • Some players who were part of the Xbox One October Preview program were experiencing crashing and freezing in Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 5. An update was released earlier today and should be available to all Preview participants by tomorrow night. This update to the Xbox One OS should resolve those issues.

  • We have resolved the issue that allowed players to double-purchase VIP and/or the Forza Horizon 2 bundles. This should no longer be possible. We are currently investigating solutions for players that purchased this content more than once.

  • Some of our social features, like Rivals, livery sharing, etc. are seeing inconsistent performance for some of our players. While these features are generally working, some of them are performing more slowly than is ideal. The team is working to improve our online service performance.

  • Once the servers are stabilized, we will then get to sending out payouts for loyalty rewards cars, Forza Rewards payouts, etc.

Thanks again for all your patience with the launch of Forza Horizon 2.


[ORIGINAL POST] First of all, thanks to everyone that has purchased Forza Horizon 2 and is enjoying the game so far.

We wanted to keep you in the loop with what is happening regarding issues with VIP functionality and our intermittent launch day server issues. To that end, here's what's happening at Turn 10:

We are seeing intermittent connection issues with the game. As a result, we may be temporarily disabling some of our services from time to time to help determine the root cause. Clubs is an example of something that was temporarily disabled. These disruptions should be short in duration as we learn more about the problem and prepare a solution.

While debugging the connectivity issues above, we are also actively testing a fix for the VIP issue that some of you are experiencing. We hope to be in a state ASAP, where we can release fixes for both issues. Thanks for your patience. This is a top priority for us today.

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#1372 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 10:56:32 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Doozles Dazzles Go to Quoted Post
I play on the xbox one and online hasnt worked for me since launch...

Same here. It's like we are invisible.

Not a single acknowledgment from the dev team on this issue. I don't know where else to send me complaints...
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#1373 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 11:23:43 AM(UTC)
Was at Tier 6 when the game came out. Redeemed and never received my rewards and still have yet to receive any loyalty cars. Since playing the game I leveled up to tier 7 which unlocked another 600k. Redeemed that and received my 600k almost instantly.
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#1374 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 12:35:26 PM(UTC)
Finally got re-gifted the 1.5 million credits and it downloaded fine this time. However, I still have not received the tier 6 mclaren p1, I've received every car but that. I was tier 6 before the game came out too
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#1375 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 3:07:51 PM(UTC)
1.5 million credits was re-gifted today and downloaded fine, thanks Turn 10.
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