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#1 Posted : Friday, January 17, 2014 8:13:24 PM(UTC)
FH Skills and Combos list

Driving with flair in Forza Horizon earns you points for showing off your skills. Skills have four levels for each within increasing points: Pass, Great Pass, Awesome Pass, and Ultimate Pass, and combo skills earn an additional 1000 points. Skill points increase your Festival Popularity rank and accomplish Sponsor Challenges automatically. Increasing Popularity rank and completing Sponsor Challenges also unlocks Achievements. Continuously performing skills will increase a multiplier bonus. Colliding with solid objects like walls, trees, and cars will lose unbanked skill points.

Popularity Spike and awards
A Popularity Spike doubles the amount of Skill points you receive during Single-player gameplay. Popularity Spikes are time-limited but you can buy as many as you want. Cost: 1 token for 30 minutes, 2 for 60 minutes, 3 for 120 minutes. Popularity spikes can be purchased at the Marketplace in the game, or in the Sponsor Challenges menu under the Pause menu.

After you reach number 1 in popularity, Skill points continue to accumulate and the semi-circle around "1st" will begin to fill up again. When it fills up completely (2 million Skill points?) you will receive a 500,000 credit award, and for each time it fills up again.

Skills and requirements
Air _______ All four wheels are off the ground
Burnout _______ Accelerate to the point of losing traction and causing tire smoke, on pavement
Drafting _______ Follow closely behind a car you are racing against while doing at least 50mph.
Drift _______ Slide sideways for at least 10 meters without using the E-brake.
E-Drift _______ Use the E-brake to slide sideways for at least 10 meters.
Infection _______ Multiplayer game mode Infection - infect another player
J-Turn _______ Reverse, turn 180, accelerate forward
Left For Dead _______ in Infected, be the last survivor (for a period of time?)
Near Miss _______ Pass another car you are not racing against at at least 50mph
One Eighty _______ Use the e-brake to spin your car around and drive away in the opposite direction.
Pass _______ Pass a car you are racing against.
Royal Pardon _______ Lose King status? (to the player you took it from?)
Sketchy Pass _______ Pass with damage?
Speed _______ Travel 450 meters while doing more than 100mph the entire way.
Trading Paint _______ Scrape a car as you Pass (possibly in opposite directions)
Two Wheels _______ Drive on two wheels (different axles? with or without flipping?)
Wreckage _______ Hit something breakable, like small signs and fences - not trees

Combo requirements
Airborne Pass _______ Pass in the air
Crash Landing _______ Air + Wreckage?
Daredevil _______ 3 Near Miss skills in quick succession.
Ebisu Style _______ Drift + Air?
Going Postal _______ mailbox Wreckage
Hard Charger _______ Burnout + Speed within 35 seconds
Kangaroo _______ Air + Air + Air?
King _______ Multiplayer game mode King
Landscaping _______ Wreckage + fences?
Lucky Escape _______ Drift + Near Miss?
Mach 1 _______ ?
Over 9000 _______ Skill chain score exceeds 9000 points before it is banked.
Showoff _______ ?
Sideswipe _______ Wreckage just after Drift. (E-drift doesn't seem to work for this)
Slingshot _______ Pass soon after Drafting
Threading the Needle _______ Pass between two parallel cars (2 Near Misses)
Triple Pass _______ Pass + Pass + Pass
Wrecking Ball _______ ?

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#2 Posted : Friday, January 17, 2014 8:15:14 PM(UTC)
Sponsor Challenges
Sponsor Challenges are accomplished automatically as you earn Skill points. There are 10 ranks for each challenge, with increasing numbers of Skills required. Each rank level up earns you credits, starting at 5,000 for rank 1 and 10,000 for rank 2 and so on. After the 10th rank is complete, credits are no longer awarded. You can see your progress on these challenges in the Pause Menu. Sponsor Challenges are active during Multiplayer games.

Adidas Popularity Challenge - - Become the 225th most popular driver.
Oakley Air Challenge - - Show off 25 Air Skills.
Rockstar Ultimate Skills Challenge - - Show off 10 Ultimate Skills
Bondurant Near Miss Challenge - - Show off 25 Near Miss Skills
G-Shock Drift Challenge - - Show off 25 Drift Skills
Oakley E-Drift Challenge - - Show off 25 E-Drift Skills
GoPro Speed Challenge - - Show off 25 Speed Skills
Rockstar Pass Challenge - - Show off 25 Pass Skills
Adidas Drafting Challenge - - Show off 25 Drafting Skills
Krash Max Infection Challenge - - Show off 5 Infection Skills
Krash Max King Challenge - - Show off 5 King Skills
Edifice Daredevil Challenge - - Show off 10 Daredevil combos.
Krash Max Sideswipe Challenge - - Show off 10 Sideswipe combos.
Bose Slingshot Challenge - - Show off 10 Slingshot combos
Bose Over 9000! Challenge - - Show off 2 Over 9000 combos.

Related Achievements
Kudos to You - - Complete 5 Sponsorship Challenges
Sellout - - Complete 20 Sponsorship Challenges
One to Watch - - Reach popularity rank 200
The Next Big Thing -- Reach popularity rank 100
Almost Famous - - Reach popularity rank 50
Killer Skills - - Reach popularity rank 10
Notorious - - Reach popularity rank 1

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#3 Posted : Thursday, September 8, 2016 4:49:01 AM(UTC)
Need to perform 1 awesome speed skill???