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#1426 Posted : Saturday, November 15, 2014 8:50:32 PM(UTC)
Features list for Forza 6:

All cars from every Forza title ever. (DLC included)

Be able to paint vinyl layers over multiple sides at the same time

More visual upgrades and more racing style visual changes like diffusers and racing cockpits, etc.

All tracks from all forza titles ever, with all layouts.

Viewable and upgradeable engines.,

New damage model with individual deformable, and removable panels and materials modeling. i.e. plastic (bumpers) vs. metal (fenders, hood, roof)

Revamped PI system that better represents the performance

Revamped tuning system with more options and quick swaps on the fly between multiple setups on the same car

Forzavista for all cars

Bring back the ability to save online replays and take photos from said replays

Open small environments for tuning and picture taking without track walls (like an airfield or a race track infield)

Minimum of 1500 fully modeled cars at release (willing to wait longer for this if neccessary)

Continuous developer support several years after release.

No Forza 7 for at least six years.
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#1427 Posted : Tuesday, November 18, 2014 10:57:24 PM(UTC)

Fix the conrols

Triggers don't use the full travel and sometimes it will show the gas is on full but I only have the trigger pushed in 1/4 of the way and keeping the gas trigger where it is and pressing the brake trigger then the gas goes to showing it at 1/4 where it should be. I can't believe this isn't fixed yet especially considering that 95% of the people playing the game are using a controller not a problem when using a wheel.

Drop the pressure sensitive triggers function I hate it when try to get back on the gas quickly and slightly press the trigger and the gas goes full.

Make the steering using a controller better it's to sensitive at a 1:1 steering ratio from full lock to full lock on just the stick travel makes the steering to quick and the cars are hard to control and with no opition for the steering sensitivilty. The gt series has this dialed.

Give us full control of the cars steering even using sim steering the game still has assisted counter steering it very noticeable when using a controller and a little less when using a wheel, especially when drifting normal steering it's to easy drift but with sim steering the game makes drifting impossible because it's assisting the counter steer making the counter steering corrections I'm making make the car lose control spin out or slide off the track. Assetto Corsa has very good drifting and so too can forza 5 with some little fixes.

Bring back auction house where people can sell there cars online, tunes, paint jobs using in game currency.

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#1428 Posted : Thursday, November 20, 2014 1:53:10 PM(UTC)
When we select a paint don't automatically put it on the car. Put it in "my designs" and then we can apply it later. That way if I'm shopping for paints I can pick however many I want without having to go all the way back out then do the search all over again just to get the paint that was next to the one I chose.
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#1429 Posted : Friday, November 21, 2014 9:57:57 AM(UTC)
RE-instate the game menus and functions from FM4.

Auction House and storefront to return

Porsche in the game

return to the car classes given in FM4

when tuning apply a minimum 25 point PI value to the race diff. This should make it harder for those that exploit the diff settings to override the game physics.

ditch Forzavista

Bring back the mid-atlantic man voice over
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#1430 Posted : Monday, November 24, 2014 1:57:59 AM(UTC)
Leaderboards like FM4. How it tracked EVERYTHING and was able to jump into a drift match or grip race while viewing someones time or score and have their ghost too.
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#1431 Posted : Monday, December 1, 2014 7:29:23 AM(UTC)
Idk If im posting this in the wrong spot, sorry if so.
Anyways I wanted to share my opinion on how to make a perfect forza game for next upcoming, if so forza 6 in the future..which I would imagine tons of people would share my opinion.
Ive played forza and been a forza fan since forza motorsport 2. Im mainly a drag/street racer. I couldn't speak on how the game could be better for drift or circuit racers.
But first off I think it would be better if the game had different modes for what type of race your building your car for just like need for speed prostreet. Have a blueprint for your car as a drag, circuit, drift, etc. When in drag mode the car could make more power then it could when it was in grip/circuit or in drift. Thats the part I dont like about forza is the horsepower limits it has on cars. Good example on how unrealistic it is: Fully built honda k20 motor max horsepower 700+. Max horsepower for a mitsubishi evo 4g63 motor 600... Really? Very disappointing and very unrealistic. Also I wish the tuning was more advanced then just everybody having the same horsepower and have different gear ratios and suspension, etc is what is making the difference. Wish you could tune your ECU on a dyno and everyone had different horsepower and have alot more horsepower that the motor is actually capable of and every car even a 4 cylinder capable of over 1000hp+. From tuning rev limiter, set rpm 2step launch would be at.(like 5-6k rpm) Would be awesome if we can change type of muffler or if its a full blown drag car have a turbo exhaust pipe sticking out the fender or hood, etc. Really advanced things like this would make a awesome game for drag racing! Im hoping if they make a Forza Motorsport 6 they go all out!

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#1432 Posted : Wednesday, December 3, 2014 10:52:44 AM(UTC)

Classic storefront definitely needs to make a return.
The original storefront isn't perfect, but definitely decent enough to be use conveniently. Simply bring the whole thing over without any changes is good enough, further improvement can actually come later.

Feature system.
-Use "Like" instead of star to rate designs (same as right now)
-Feature the most popular works on top pages, "T10 pick", "Most Download" and "Highest rate" as the original, system automatically renew the list over time as usual.
-Car with any cosmetic changes (bodykit, rollcage, rims, etc) reflect on the design viewing window. When painter made any changes on these, system will then allow them to update the file just as the way making changes on the design itself (color, decal, etc)

Improvement on the search function
-Make it possible for the system to remember keywords that were used within the same season. Right now we have to re-type the same keyword every single time when we want to search the same item again, quite inconvenient.

Livery Editor:

--->Allow layer groups import to Forza 6 and FH3<---
-Before any changes or improvement on the system, this needs to be made as the top priority.

Changeable color on brake caliper
(Example: The current blinding red caliper on a P.MU brake pads sponsor car is quite...awkward i think, especially when the graphics now are so great and detailed, it's really difficult to unnoticed something so highly visible...)

More paintable areas on cars.
-Certain areas of car windows and windshield
-Plastic, metal panel (such as the plastic panel that covers the brake light area of the S30 Fairlady Z, the black paint of the AE86, etc)
-Paintable Forza wing
-Ability to paint different areas of the rims in different color, like the "ring" area of the rims, or even make them vinyl paintable

Gift option.
-Make gifting tunes, design and layer group possible
-Allow to unlock or lock the design while gifting

Possibility to distort layer groups.
-Same as editing single layers, but this time a whole group.

Race car:

Provide restrictors or packages to "tuned" certain race cars to fit certain race category. For examples:
-BMW Z4 GT3 use air restrictor and aero package to fit into Japanese GT300 category
-Add a "sub class" thing under the original "letter based" classifications. For example, an R class GT3 car has a "GT3" class tag right under it, viewable and not hidden. This help classifying the regulations that the car is base on, it will works wonderfully with the "cross-series" idea above, also, it opens up a possibility of a "race modification" idea in future game for road car. (Where the "sub class" tag will add to the car when you do so)

Remove team's name and number plate on the name of the race car, or add "base model" for the model (Like GT6).
-So players can finally make the cars completely unique to themselves
-The current DTM M3 we have is a good example of a race car with a "base model" name, I like it a lot!

Street car:

Provide more than one set of Forza aero parts or packages for majority of cars.
-Not only visually different, but also the downforce they could provide
-Forza rear diffuser make a return
-Additional wide aero parts that once equipped, the wheels' placement width can extend further to fit the new panels
-Make Forza front splitter as an add-on part for most after market front bumpers so that they can have front downforce adjustment while having more options in terms of visual upgrade
-Please bring back more aero kit for the 350Z! I beg of you!

Provide blank license plate (sizes) from different countries as a add-on for street cars
-also make it paintable so painters can fully replicate the license plate themselves.

More and realistic engine swapping options, if possible, provide more for race car too


Race lounge system similar as GT5 & 6.
-where player joins a player created room, and can freely goes into the track to test their car or qualify for race position before the actual race start. They can go back to the lounge menu and do more set up, then jump back on the track at any moment.
-This is also a very nice feature for more casual lobbies such as track day or drift lobby where the actual "Race" never needs to start. It defeats all the annoying waiting time in the system we currently have.
-Of course, this also means user create lobby is back

Time change, weather change.

Faster loading time for the race result screen.
-Instead of waiting for every level screens to load, it should be skippable by pressing button.


Allow players to make their own "car groups" in My Garage.
-as previous Forza, where you can create your own car groups to sort out the cars the way you want.
-Make typing "space" for the group name possible, this feature is only possible when I switch my X360 to other languages back in the days.

More freedom in option settings.
-Full user adjustable controller layout settings, not just the preset ones we currently have.
-Unit system settings, not just the preset ones base on country, Metric and English. I currently have to set up my Xbone language to something I don't want just to get the type of units I want, it's very annoying.

Menu style.
-Please switch back to the classic Forza 3 & 4 menu style, they're more well organized and straightforward, and I can always see my car that way.

Replace the current "Car dealer" design with old Forza style dealer design or a new, more classy one.
-Right now the car dealer feels very crowded, and make all the cars look "cheap" as they're all stick together instead of separated completely by manufacturer logos, even the most unique, exclusive and expensive cars in the world lost their premium feel.
-I personally think GT5 has a good example of an exquisite car dealer menu design, effectiveness wise I'm not sure, but definitely able to provide a high-class, premium feel to every car. It's almost like they gave their highest respect to all the cars, and you the buyer as well. Scrolling through their car dealer menu alone is an enjoyment, but in FM5, honestly, not so much. It's a shame, as I think FM has much better cars overall.


No more further improvement in this area, it's good enough. This should be the last thing to work at before all the other more essential features.


Allow players to have options to tweak their drivatar.
-Such as which specific car they WANT the drivatar to be using for specific class, not just letting the system automatically judge on how often they use it.
-Make it so player could even disable their drivatar to appear in certain classes/races.

Drivatar not only reflect player's driving style, but the car too.
-What I mean is not just what car/paint they're using, but the upgrades and setting too. From what I've been seeing so far, drivatar's car seems to be only using system preset upgrades, not the actual tunes from the player, I want my friends to see(and fear) my rocket car even in single player mode rowr!!
-If the AI become really too overly difficult because of this change, add an option to turn it back to "AI preset upgrade", or just limit such thing in the highest difficulty, and add more laps for each race in this level. I'm sure the player who'll pick the hardest level are going to be more than happy with more laps anyway.

Also, I wish to have an option to race with my own avatar alone just to test its ability!

Introduction race or tutorial:

(My apology for the blunt sentences below, just want to get thing straight and clear into the point!)
The current introduction race is very uninviting, uninspiring, and does absolutely nothing to prepare new players to ready for the full game.

Never ever forced player to run all assists (especially auto braking)
-For veteran players, this is a very uninviting introduction and completely ruins the fun and the car, making the race only a complete bother to have.

-For new player, before telling them the auto brake exists, it only confuses them. Is it me driving? or is this suppose to be auto-piloting, only showing me the game? They can't even judge if this is a arcade or sim racers because of this. Not only that, this does not help them to understand the game at all. After this "race" where only "part of them" is involved, you threw them a list of "assists" for them to select in the 2nd race, without letting the player experience them first-hand to see the differences. Describe them only by words is simply not enough, they never know if they need it or not. This is exactly the same as having a difficulty selecting screen at the beginning of a brand new game, no one is going to know which one they fits in.

NFS Shift 2's first race is a good foundation to be base on. They set up a car for you, let you drive a solo lap on a very short track, and then the assists selecting screen comes in and let you play with it. You can go back to do another solo lap with the changes you made, or go straight for the First Race.

You can do it in a way where player can make changes mid-run in the solo lap (controller settings, assist selection, etc), and the faster the lap time, the better the position you'll be starting in the race (qualify). Player can do as many laps as they want because the setting can be change on the fly, but make sure to let them know only one lap is needed for the game to move on. During the solo run, you can try to throw in some dialogues explaining what does what, but never pause the game when you do so, don't learn from what GT6 did! It fatally interrupts the game flow and will only leave bad impression.

For the actual race, keep things simple and short, but put in some rewards for the player, where the better result they got, the more credits they're going to get for starting the actual career. This gives the First Race a "meaning", making the player feels "it matters". They'll fight for it, because everyone wants a better head start even if it's little, it's satisfying!

A good tutorial/introduction is much more important than it looks, if done right, it pulls the player right into the game. Honestly, if the design team have no plans to make any changes for the current introduction race, don't bother to put it in in future Forza, it's a waste of time for both the team and the player.

(again, my apology if words came out too aggressively...)

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#1433 Posted : Thursday, December 4, 2014 2:55:35 PM(UTC)
This is something more Forza 6-ish; I didn't want to post in the Forza Motorsport 6-2015 thread because it is essentially a wishlist for FM6.

First things first, the community features in Forza 4. Forza 4's community features were like a social players' paradise, and Turn 10 really cut down on it in FM5. No clubs (though it was brought back in Horizon 2, so it's probable that it will be in FM6), auction house (I do realize that there were lots of hackers), storefront, custom public lobbies, nothing! Zilch! The Forza games need to sell, so you can't cut down on features!

Night racing and weather is my next subject. While I don't think weather will be possible in a few years, I could imagine a remastered Horizon 1 on Xbox One on 60 frames per second, just without weather and the same Colorado. I definitely see night racing possible soon, but not weather.

More online stuff, yay! I want a fun, safe online mode where you do not have to worry about casuals thinking that it's Need For Speed. Have like a "conduct system" where repeat offenses of griefing would result in online bans or demotion to a "bad sport" lobby. Forza isn't alone with this. I played GT6 online once, and a guy rear-ended me into the wall! Also, have an "anti-griefing on" option when playing online.

I want longer races and the ability to qualify before a race. I do not want to weave my way through 15 cars in two or three laps, especially against "Unbeatable" Drivatars. Seriously, it feels like playing Through the Fire and Flames on expert difficulty. This wouldn't be a requirement.

Expand the maximum cars in the grid to 24, like previously rumoured.

I like the idea of the leagues in career mode, but I want it to be championship-style (with points awarded through result of events) or scrap it altogether and revert to the season mode/World Tour in Forza 3/4. Or, make it more Project CARS-esque, and allow us to choose where we want to start. Just don't make it a clone.

Do not bash on me because I disagreed on some things.

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"...and to avoid a rant the size of Jupiter, I will end my reply here." -VerrucktSchakal
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#1434 Posted : Thursday, December 4, 2014 5:22:19 PM(UTC)
I don't want longer races nor do I want to be forced to qualify. If added please make these things optional.
I blame the ants.
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#1435 Posted : Saturday, December 6, 2014 3:24:30 PM(UTC)
Forza 6.

License's for classes.
Start out in the beginning. Shifter carts.
License F( Starter ) Learning the basics. Cones and a open area. The Tutorial ( gas, brake, turning, slalom, Perfect shifting, ABS vs No ABS)
License E( Beginner) Cornering Basics. Corners. (Chicane ,Hairpin, Double Apex, The S Turn)
License D( Sit Rep ) Situational Basic. ( Drafting, Oversteer, Understeer, Brake checked, Crash avoidance, 1 on 1 pressure)
License C ( Skills ) Racing Prep ( Hotlaps, Track day passing drills.)
License B ( Pre Am ) Racing Prep II ( Hotlaps , Track Day passing drills)
License A ( Grand Am) Racing ( Hotlaps, Situational Racing)
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#1436 Posted : Saturday, December 6, 2014 7:18:32 PM(UTC)
For the love of God please just put custom lobbies in... This game is boring without them. I know it's oriented toward racing, I get that. Forza 4 was directed at racing as well but it still had the fun aspect where you could auction cars off, gift cars to your friends that are new at the game, go to custom cruise lobbies where people just chill and look at eachothers cars. Unicorn cars gave the sense of pride that you can't get in any of the new forza's. This game took a whole step back in implementing the community when they took out car clubs as well. Sure the graphics are awesome, the cars awesome, but this game's fun factor went straight down.. Forza 4 was way more fun online because you had the power to do whatever race you wanted and show off your cool cars without worrying who gets first place. In this game it's just basically people downloading the top tune for a class, going into that class race and then racing.. that's it.... this franchises fun factor is gone. If you don't put all this in forza 5 in an update you will lose ALOT of fan base when you release forza 6. You hear that?!?! you will make a lot LESS money on selling games because your community will forget about you if you don't listen to them.... Did you not see all the positive replies that people said when you added cusom lobbies back on FM4? it made that game awesome! This game is **** compared to that game, just because it is based on racing and that's it. As a real life race car driver I can tell you racing is really fun, however. showing off your car to people in cruise lobbies is a different kind of fun. It's like you tease us by releaseing FM4 that meets all of our expectatuons and than plague us with this game which has none of its good features from the previous version. I don't get it, why did you take a step back deliberately? I know you can do better than this and I believe you know you can too.
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#1437 Posted : Monday, December 8, 2014 5:58:24 AM(UTC)
As of late i have taken a big interest in the DTM motorsport, i noticed that you have the M3 BMW but it looks like that is the only car of its class, what i would like to see is DTM Class Endurance racing in Forza 5.

Thus meaning new cars would need to be introduced, and i would assume a new lobby much like that of the R Class GT endurance for fair race conditions.
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#1438 Posted : Monday, December 8, 2014 1:30:41 PM(UTC)
Can you make make gamer tags not be seen in tag virus
And make the track more interesting by adding ramps and being able to drive on top of crates
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#1439 Posted : Tuesday, December 9, 2014 10:07:27 AM(UTC)
Here are some simple suggestions I'd like to see added. A couple of them could be added to Forza 5 but I think they are mainly for Forza 6.

A simplified way of picking cars. Currently, if I want to pick my 1994 Mazda Miata I have to scroll half way through the cars to get to it. I admit I can simplify this by filter the cars and selecting D-Class and RWD but I still have a lot of cars. I own all the cars and multiple copies of some. What I'd like to see is when I go to select car is a grid of all the car manufacturers. When a manufacturer is selected, the cars from that manufacturer appear and I can select one. On the initial screen there could also be tabs so if I don't want select by manufacturer, I could select by other criteria such as class or type. When I say type I mean GT, F1, Le Mans Prototype (LMP) among others.

I'd also like to be able to change by free play settings. When I exit free play and come back to it the settings are always reset. I'd like to settings to remain what I last had them set to. The assists don't change but the course and race options always reset.

I'd also like to be able to set favorites for free play. When selecting a track I'd like to have the first option as favorites. Currently when you select the Bernese Alps, a list of about 6 tracks appear. I'd keep the same interface but for location there would be favorites option and when this is selected a listing of you favorite tracks would appear. To set a favorite track you could use the current interface but instead of hitting A to select the track you could hit X to add it to favorites.

I'd like to see presets for the race options in free play. When race options are selecting in free play, another 2 more options would be added at the bottom. The first option would move between the presets. I would have something like 5 of them. The second addition would be save the current preset.

Another change I'd like to see to the race options is being able to select car type. If I'm doing a race at Le Mans I'd like to be able to select LMP cars only.

I'd also like to be able to change the tuning from the first Free Play screen. I'd add another tab at the top and calling it tuning.

I'd also like to see a couple things adding to the tuning options. These are tougher and would probably be added to Forza 6.

I'd like to be able to adjust the tire pressure in all four tires. I've been doing some tuning recently and found that different tire pressures in the front and rear can be faster than the same tire pressure front and rear.

I'd also like to see the wheel (toe and camber), spring, and shock adjustments to be settable for all four wheels. I am unsure if ride height should be adjustable for all four corners of the car.
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#1440 Posted : Monday, December 15, 2014 12:27:53 AM(UTC)
Do you think that the developers read your posts? And if they read, whether you think they are going to accomplish any of this? Eleven months , nearly half a thousand posts and nothing. Completely no reaction. Astonishing.
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#1441 Posted : Monday, December 15, 2014 1:25:43 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Speedin Jackie Go to Quoted Post
Do you think that the developers read your posts? And if they read, whether you think they are going to accomplish any of this? Eleven months , nearly half a thousand posts and nothing. Completely no reaction. Astonishing.

Past wishlists have provided insight for the developers for future games - these things are not likely to change FM5, but FH2 and FM6 (as well as FM5 and FM4) can and have been influenced by them. It stops people cluttering the forums with the same stuff over and over.
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#1442 Posted : Wednesday, December 17, 2014 8:46:03 PM(UTC)
I would love to see or hear the car's chime return on forza vista. Its not a important feature, bu ti loved it on forza 4
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#1443 Posted : Sunday, December 21, 2014 6:46:16 AM(UTC)
we need more places to play tag (virus) same place is gettin a bit borin an the glitches need to get patched for all of us that can actually play the game
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#1444 Posted : Sunday, December 21, 2014 9:46:22 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: manchester trip Go to Quoted Post
we need more places to play tag (virus) same place is gettin a bit borin an the glitches need to get patched for all of us that can actually play the game

Same here
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#1445 Posted : Sunday, December 21, 2014 6:36:21 PM(UTC)
It would be fantastic to be able to tune the engine or turbo or supercharger with the actual name like a hks t51r for a supra or a Garrett gt35 for a focus rs both are turbos witch are capable of 30 psi more on the supra with surrporting upgrades more power more fun thank you
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#1446 Posted : Monday, December 22, 2014 9:18:28 AM(UTC)
As this is dozens of pages down the list, you have my apologies for any repetition if this was stated previously.

Garage Filtering - There is a basic filter to pick by class and drivetrain but it's near impossible to filter for a specific cars when you have from D to S class tunings. A favorite car section or sort by manufacturer would be a huge aid.

Lighting in Garage - The lighting glare when applying vinyls is impossible to work with; yes it makes the cars pretty but it makes seeing all the lines on the car ridiculously hard. The top angles of the cars have too much glare and white light lines and the bottom contours have so many shadows. No self respecting artist would work like this IRL so why intentionally make us do it for a game?

Teams - Adding in racing teams/guilds would be a fun way to play with friends. That said make them WORTH having; the setup for club in FH2 wasn't clear on it's purpose. The shared garage concept, team rival events, shared team artwork, and stats would be excellent.

Gifts - In every FM there was the ability to gift cars and artwork; not sure why this went away. I have casual friends that play and I would happily donate tuned 200k cars so we could have some fun rather than them renting stock or using their rinky-dink starters.

Drivatars - I'm of a mixed mind with the drivatars; the concept is great but they don't work fully as intended. I know my friends don't crash as much as the AI does in their name. I've seen great driving before but never where someone from last zooms, dropping 20 secs in a lap to pass the lead and win by 5 secs...the friend "boost" is a little much on their drivatars.

Same topic of drivatars; what about custom appearances? We see them standing around the track, hands on the wheel, helmets thru windows or open roofs...but they're all in the same drab gear. Couldn't we customize our helmets at least and/or maybe pick from a few sponsors for gloves and suits?

Livery Rotation - I thought it was a great idea for livery selection when buying a new car until I noticed that the same liveries appear time and time again. I can see maybe the Turn 10 selects being shown first but why can't the other 10-15 rotate? There are achievements for having your liveries and tunes used but w/o rotation or an easy to use auction system most new stuff is hardly ever seen or downloaded. There is a lot of love and great work out there never to be seen unless we manage to chance upon it using the very limited searching. (Same could also be argued for videos, photos, tunes, etc.)

Tracks - A return of all the great tracks from FM4. This one's been mentioned several times, no further explanation needed. LOL

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#1447 Posted : Monday, December 22, 2014 11:37:36 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: funky dunk 1977 Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: Speedin Jackie Go to Quoted Post
Do you think that the developers read your posts? And if they read, whether you think they are going to accomplish any of this? Eleven months , nearly half a thousand posts and nothing. Completely no reaction. Astonishing.

Past wishlists have provided insight for the developers for future games - these things are not likely to change FM5, but FH2 and FM6 (as well as FM5 and FM4) can and have been influenced by them. It stops people cluttering the forums with the same stuff over and over.

Allright, I understand. But "future" is the buzzword of the Forza Devs. I doubt I would live to see one teenth of published here users wishes - In Forza 14? Forza 19?. Inertia as in the sluggish corporation... Users may not be so patient, and the competition is not sleeping. I love Forza series and I worried about its future. Recently I decided on xbox one because of Forza, so it was with the Xbox 360, but I think the last time I put on Forza. I can't give away all my sympathy even for such a beautiful HOT LAP SIMULATOR.

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#1448 Posted : Tuesday, December 23, 2014 12:33:24 AM(UTC)
I would love to see 2 things

For Tuners:- an app that allows you to apply tuning setups on the move. If someone sends me an open source then I can build it up, apply the tune and it's ready when I get home. Also within this app you could access your own tunes and obtain the settings and share/unshare them.

For Painters:- an app(maybe part of the same one above) that allows you to Paint on the move via your iPad or whatever. Similar layout to in game but means you can get through a paint job whilst you're not at home. Again, you could access your own paints for sharing and download others.
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#1449 Posted : Tuesday, December 23, 2014 5:39:34 PM(UTC)
since this has morphed into a next project list i want a master collection, all the forza titles on the 360 and the origina. fm1-4 and horizon + all dlc on in a single package like the master cheif collection. the tutorials from fm1 would help alot of the new players. and the old titles were my favorites. i know i am going to get accused of rose colored glasses, but i really liked the old titles. just like the antique cars that forza keeps putting in, the old games are classic too.

and maybe redo the graphics in fm2 so you can switch between original and new on the fly so people can see the progress side by side. i would say fm1 but i am still goingto be distracted by the buttons, especially hand brake in hairpins, not being analog like the triggers. ms should bring back analog buttons, fine control inputs on everything not just triggers and sticks.

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#1450 Posted : Wednesday, December 24, 2014 12:53:19 AM(UTC)
Fujimi Kaido and Lexus IS300 for the start.
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