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#1 Posted : Saturday, February 1, 2014 7:11:26 PM(UTC)
New cars as of 3 Oct 2014:


56 Ford F-100: D400 - Great grip tune for the shorter tracks like RA - west (open sourced because it took a little different setting)

C Class

C1 Vette: Fuelie - A fun little grip car
SPADTSPLATZ - Full grip for well... Alps Spadsplatz

57 Bell Air: 327 '57 - My favorite lobby tune, lots of grip and acceleration and it takes a beating without getting upset. Needs to be manual shifted to exploit the PI, hold it well into the red until almost the limiter (vertical on the hud). Sometimes you need to drop it down a gear to improve rotation.
327 '57 V2 - Updated with more neutral handling, works well at Leguna Seca. Pull 1st to the rev limiter and progressive less each shift for best acceleration.
GREASE - Built with the 5.7L and CS supercharger for a well rounded muscle car

73 Trans AM: 350 CS - I should have built this long ago, there is a reason it rules the LB it is just fast everywhere.
5sp - Street trans when you need a little more top end. Road America
HOTLANTA - The power build for Le Mons Le Sarthe , Seibring, Raod America East.

77 Trans AM: Bandit I - The newest addition in the saga and my best Bandit yet that hangs on to the stock 6.6L
HOTLANTA - The power build that works nicely at YAS

86 Trans AM GTA: LeMon - Surprisingly the only GTA in the top 500, will hit 206 mph with enough manners to make it back to the finish line.

69 Mustang BOSS 302: 302 - My favorite C class car built with the stock motor. The only tune I have ever gotten around the Ring CLEAN"
351 - Built with the 5.7L but I like the 302 better

56 F-100: SAMFORD - Built for pure acceleration, keep it off the curbs and turn Traction Control ON and it will beat the car it towed to the track at Long Beach and Nurburg GP.

Nissan 2012 GT-R: BRICKYARD - my #102 tune.

B Class

77 Trans AM: GSW Budget - Bandit I for GSW Budget Tuning Challenge (mid pack, HOTLANTA may be faster for more talented drivers)

A Class

Ferrari F50: Brickyard I - first cut on an oval tune not bad so I left it up
Brickyard II - Better Top #25 oval tune

KTM X-Bow: Prague - Prague Full #94 (SkiMizer43)
120ra - AWD drag tire experiment for the GSW AWD Tuning Challenge that is different.

65 Shelby Daytona: GSW AWD - AWD tune for GSW AWD Tuning Challenge (mid pack)
A700 AWD - GSW tune with more generic gearing that will make it to terminal velocity on the Mulsanne Strait.

92 Ford Escort: A692 - 1.6L shift by 5200 rpm runner up to submit to the GSW AWD Challenge
A700 - 3.4L build that requires less shifting but seems to lose to the A692 car

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#2 Posted : Friday, July 11, 2014 4:25:22 AM(UTC)
D Class Ford F-100 TRUCK (OPEN SOURCE)

265 Hp 339 ft-lbs 2,654 lbs


- Aspiration Conversion: Centrifugal
- Intake: Race
- Carb: Sport
- Exhaust: Race
- Valves: Race
- Displacement: Race
- Compression: Race
- Supercharger: Race

Platform and Handling
- Brakes: Race
- Springs: Race
- Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars: Race
- Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage: Stock
- Weight Reduction: Race

- Clutch: Stock
- Transmission: Street
- Driveline: Sport (or lightest that fits build)
- Differential: Race

Tyres and Rims
- Tyre Compound: Race
- Front Tyre Width: 245/50 R18 (RA R17 everywhere else)
- Rear Tyre Width: 245/50 R18 (RA R17 everywhere else)
- Rim Style: Cragar Street Lock (Or equivalent RA - lightest everywhere else)
Aero and Appearance
- Front Bumper: Removed
- Rear Wing: Race
- Rear Bumper: Removed
- Side Skirts: Street (An extra tire? For now but 19 lbs lighter rims/tires/drive shaft seems to run equivalent times) EDIT all pb's except Road America were actually set with stock side skirts)



Holds my pb on:
Alps Club (primary tuning track - no assists/sim steering)
Alps Club - R (needs more speed)
Cat School (still not working the best on this track)
Long Beach - West
Road America - West
Road America - West - Alt (My highest LB time in all of FM5 excluding Oval/Drag @ #252 1:38.507)
Road Atlanta Club - (Still occasionally lifting the inside tires through the Esses)
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#3 Posted : Saturday, July 12, 2014 10:52:36 AM(UTC)
taking the C class 57 Bel air for a spin will post back after some miles :)

ok here are some times i ran with the 57 :

Catalunya National : 1:23.859 no assists, had an issue with the inside wheel lifting on hard cornering (the sweepers mainly)
Laguna Seca : 1:39.326 no assists , on this track i had understeer on all the turns after the corkscrew it just refused to turn on and off throttle
Road Atlanta : 1:34.7 no assists , this car felt at home here more so than any track i tested at ! no major issues at all

im not a super fast driver , but i feel you could exchange some grip for some top end . i know you said to use the regular manual trans but i ran it with the clutch anyway, and found just holding the gears till 6.5k rpm and shifting worked too.

Please keep sharing tunes!!!! it will give me something to do when i get stuck on my tunes :)

will hop over to another tune you have posted and get back with more info

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creator of the original open source tune sheet found here :
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#4 Posted : Monday, July 14, 2014 5:15:01 AM(UTC)
Tanks Reaper - That's a REAL review with some meat that I can use to make it better! Interesting, I find the same problem only ant long beach. It is exactly from the corkscrew to the finish line where that car works best for me and I gain on all my rivals. I do seem to get it wrong at least once in a race and loose a lot of ground running through the dirt, I assumed it was just me.

I like the Bel Air at Cat Nat also and need to go check out Road Atlanta. The C1 is faster on Club and I just assumed it wouldn't have the top end to hang with the 73 & 77 Trans Am.

Standby for more. V2 of the 73 T/A and a grip version of my oval 87 T/A for Bathurst are still cooking.

Thanks again,
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#5 Posted : Monday, July 21, 2014 6:54:19 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: crash220 Go to Quoted Post
Newer = better tunes in BOLD

C Class

73 Trans AM: 350 CS - I should have built this long ago, there is a reason it rules the LB it is just fast everywhere. Not allot of time into this one because it just works. Still a work in progress

just finished running this version and i did set a new PB on catalunya gp 2:04.473 #810 no tcs amazing tune crash ! nothing to report as tweaks runs great TY next tune review soon!!!!
creator of the original open source tune sheet found here :
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#6 Posted : Saturday, October 4, 2014 2:16:24 PM(UTC)
Old tune open sourced to make room for the new:

77 Trans AM: Bandit I

Upgrades - Engine: Valves=Sport, Pistons=Street , ALL Platform & Handling = Race, Transmission/Drive shaft = Street, Diff = Race, Tires = Street, 275/45R18 & 315/40R18, Aero=Adjustable

Weight: 3,209 lb 54% front
HP: 213
Torque: 345
G: 1.18/1.12

Tire Pressure: 28/28

Gearing: Fixed 5 speed (5th gear only on really big tracks)

Camber: -0.7/-0.6
Toe: +0.1/-0.2
Caster: 4.7

ARB: 21.06/29.81 (reverse front/rear for more under-steer when needed)
Springs: 725.7/593.5
Ride Height: Slammed

Rebound: 8.9/7.3
Bump: 6.0/4.9

Aero: 50/100
Brake: 46/100
Differential: 8/65 (high decel for Spa 3/4 & 18 it will turn you into wall on turn 1 if your don't trail the brake or throttle)
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#7 Posted : Saturday, October 4, 2014 2:17:57 PM(UTC)
An old post moved out of the main garage and kept for future reference - I don't run high diff anymore but at one time I did.

I can't seem to find Mattp27's original 69 Firebird thread so I'll add my modifications hear . I'm 2 sec faster in my build at Spa (still way off the pace) but just knocked 2 sec of my Sebring Short PB with Mattp27's Birdonfire. YES that means I beat my GSW Challenge car with one my competition didn't opt to use - OOPS! I couldn't add the supercharger due to some form of game glitch so instead of the 5.7 engine swap I was forced to build up the stock 6.6.

69 Trans AM: Birdsonfire

Upgrades - Engine: Intake=Race, Throttle Boddy=Race, Carb/Ignition=STOCK, Exhost=Race, Cam=Sport, Valves=Sport, Pistons=Race , ALL Platform & Handling = Race, Drive shaft = Street, Diff = Race, Tires = Race, 265/45R16 & 295/40R16, light rims, Aero=Adjustable

Weight: 2,745 lb 54% front
HP: 435
Torque: 485
G: 1.26/1.21

Tire Pressure: 28/28

Gearing: Fixed (use the cam to move the HP band to fit the track)

Camber: -2.2/-1.9
Toe: +0.1/+0.1
Caster: 5.5

ARB: 25.89/18.76
Springs: 609.5/519.5
Ride Height: Slammed

Rebound: 8.7/7.6
Bump: 5.9/4.9

Aero: 100/200
Brake: 53/100
Differential: 14/55 (decel was the major change that improved my Spa time)

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#8 Posted : Sunday, October 5, 2014 10:48:28 AM(UTC)
Thanks for sharing Crash....will certainly be checking these out!

DJ Saoco