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#26 Posted : Saturday, November 24, 2018 4:19:05 PM(UTC)
We need this to get resolved by ANY "easy" solution (make the achievement pop with some other event in the game, or, worse case...provide the 10 REWARDS points to all that own the game) T10 can offer up! HELP!!!!!


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#27 Posted : Friday, February 22, 2019 12:02:52 AM(UTC)
I'd certainly back any possible ideas/suggestions made throughout this thread anyway, with regards to either bringing the Auction House itself back online, or simply some way of just *giving* us the achievement for it, so that this can count not only towards having 100% achievements, but also 100% FM2 Forza Rewards points/score for it too!

For once Turn 10, listen to your community of fans who still play a lot of the older titles in the series, especially those who invest time in going back through the games to increase their Forza Rewards points/tier etc for better rewards in each new-coming game, it only makes sense to make it possible for things to be obtainable, because having things unobtainable for whatever reason, especially Multiplayer/Online-ONLY, is just the worst thing you can do with achievements, especially knowing that one day you'd be pulling the plug on things and making a lot of it impossible to fully complete! :/
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#28 Posted : Sunday, April 21, 2019 10:23:32 AM(UTC)

I queried the 1 million credit achievement a few years ago and thought both that and this one were not achievable. I am surprised to read it is possible to achieve 1 million credits still, though with the lack of online players on FM2, I certainly think it will be a struggle. I would very much hope that T10 could resolve this stressful problem for perfectionists like myself, with minimal inconvenience to them ie. just *giving* the achievement to anyone who has at least 1 achievement on FM2 for example. It genuinely stresses me out as someone with mild autism that i cannot fill in the last 25 points on the forza rewards circle for this game.

T10 please listen - I WAS a dedicated player of the Forza franchise. I have purchased everything up to FM6. The issue with these achievements has genuinely made me lose interest in the franchise because I know I'm unable to complete the FM2 achievements. This is sad for me - my friends want me to play FH4 but until I can complete my achievements and therefore rewards for FM2, I cannot complete FM6, then begin and complete FH3, FM7, and finally start FH4!

T10 - please solve the issue using minimal time/financial resources to yourselves.

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#29 Posted : Wednesday, December 18, 2019 7:38:22 PM(UTC)
There have been petitions regarding this but they went nowhere apparently.

I also submitted a ticket to support but they basically just said "it won't happen".

So here we are after collecting 914 achievements, never being able to 100% our work - sad.
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