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#1 Posted : Wednesday, November 24, 2021 9:54:36 AM(UTC)
these aren't created by me but I found them among blueprint events - new custom created tracks:
451 512 878 TEST TREK3 V2 created by IBLACKBORZI ... a smallish 3 lap circuit track good for medium speed cars

295 199 280 GUANAJATO CITY LOOP created by MIGHTY SUSWAY ... a 3 lap loop in the style of Monte Carlo , plenty of sharp bends but some gentle ones too. fun to memorize the course.

795 400 517 EK' BALAM CROSS COUNTRY CIRCUIT created by POL1SHBOY ... offroad dirt course through the jungle, a few blind sharp turns (I used A800 2020 bronco), but flows well overall.

177 496 126 THE GOLIATH created by NOTORIOUSSRP ... fast flowing 1 lap circuit loop, I used 998 pagani huyara and had a great ride

enjoy !
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#2 Posted : Thursday, November 25, 2021 4:41:19 AM(UTC)
Hi there!

Thank you for those tracks you posted! Giving my feedback on two of these :

"Test Trek3 V2" : A very nicely shaped track made for D, C & B-class cars to me. Really appreciated that track made with every kind of turns. The additions of walls are to me a very nice trick to force the drivers to respect the apex line! (Added to my favorite) - Just practiced it with a B-607 car : expect around 6mins to complete the race which make it very confortable to run with differents cars in a short time ;:)

"Guanajato City Loop" : https://forums.forzamoto...--Code--295-199-280.aspx The guy is part of this forum and posted his track there. He made a fantastic job! It fits a perfect 3-laps race for High B to S1 class cars to me. The track combine every single type of turns, it is really nice designed! Love it; dont forget to thank the creator on that forum :)

Cya, have good rides!