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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 13, 2021 4:26:51 AM(UTC)
Since Forza Horizon 2 has stayed broken for over half a year at this point, I effectively decided to just give up on the thing and skip ahead to the next game.

I was surprised to see that searching for Vinyl Groups worked here unlike with Forza Hotorsport 5. I was intending on downloading hundreds of Aftermarket Vinyl Groups, but when I search for them and try to download them, the game keeps telling my that they are locked and that if I put them on my Car, they will lock my Car and make it impossible to share it with the community.

This doesn't happen when I browse the Vinyl Groups on the Storefronts of some Profiles, just when I search. I've been really wanting to get a container-amount of Decals for the game and all future Horizon & Motorsport titles, but I feel like doing so will mean that I have to enjoy my work all on my own with no way of letting others use them.

What makes it worse is that there doesn't seem to be any way to tell if a Vinyl Group is locked or completely OK to use on any Design. I've seen at least a hundred different versions of the Injen logo and all of them seem locked.

Is there any way to get past this if possible?
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, October 13, 2021 1:16:48 PM(UTC)
The only workaround is to make them yourself. That's how I got started painting. I wanted the Pikes Peak logo on Oldskoolio's RS200 so I just made it myself, as with the other 300-something vinyls I have right now. By adding a downloaded group, essentially the only thing you can do is drive the car or sell it on the auction house.

Any downloaded vinyl group will lock any design you use it in, meaning you cannot share it nor the vinyl itself, nor a vinyl group of your own which contains the downloaded vinyl group. All downloaded vinyls will show a lock icon on the vinyl preview in the "My Vinyl Groups" section of the paint menu. They'll show the same lock both when loading a vinyl group from the vinyl editor and when shown in the layer menu as well.