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#1 Posted : Monday, September 6, 2021 5:34:50 AM(UTC)
after some searching and hounding for some content in the community for tunes, ive decided to create a forum post of things that could benefit a noviest/pro with community driven drivers in the festival. with all the commotion of finding teams and paying it forward from race to race.. lets keep it neat and tastful with on road route tire to player ratios.

forza does have apps that benefit a driver but common, does it really feel like your getting that forza tune with all that money invested in the car and time put into racing. now traveling from destination to destination is pretty perk-ful. but sometimes driving a toothpick for a car is really tacé, so lets start some post with people who have driven track and know tunes that really could benefit our common enthurisatic driver.

ill (starlode) share some pictures of car tunes and some tracks that actually will really like to pace along with some of the community driven drivers!

Ps feel free to contribute to add-ons they would help =)