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#1 Posted : Friday, July 30, 2021 9:49:46 AM(UTC)
Hey so does anyone know what's up with the null car. Like I really want one. It says it's a VW Jetta but there are no jettas in fh4 unless it was never released and its hidden in the code. Can you get this car without being banned or is the only way to get by hacking or modding cause I really dont wanna get banned especially after all the work I've put into this account. I get you can go to super 7 and drive one that way but I want my own. If there is a method to get one without risking getting banned can someone lmk

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#2 Posted : Friday, July 30, 2021 11:53:13 AM(UTC)
The car is banned from the game. It was just a test car... it's rubbish anyway.