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#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 27, 2021 2:59:20 PM(UTC)
Dear Forza simracers i have a special gift for You

My goal was to create equivalent steering in Forza 7 as close as possible to Rfactor 2 steering feeling .and here it is. You are gonna LOVE IT , everything You need is in the video ,i think i hit the spot :) have fun :)

there was a previous version but here is the newset one

whats new current version ?

pretty much things changed , new stability settings as promised , changed the weight of the wheel and counter steering is now amazing just like in real sim i must admitt that i am exited wtih these new settings if You feel them to light or to heavy just make Overall FFB setting more or less , have fun :)

You can expect more updates in the future to make it even better now it feels like it always should You are gonna LOVE IT :D