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#1 Posted : Monday, July 19, 2021 5:27:54 PM(UTC)
Same as title. In Event viewer the fault is with amdxc64.dll, which i'm guessing is either related to my videocard, a Radeon 5700XT, or my system, which has a Ryzen 2 2700X. This is Windows 10 64 bit as well.
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, July 20, 2021 12:14:10 PM(UTC)
Have already tried resetting the game in APPs, I've also tried uinstalling and reinstalling. I've tried setting video options to dynamic.
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#3 Posted : Thursday, September 2, 2021 2:07:14 AM(UTC)
Getting same issue here. Runs fine for a number of races, than crashes over and over on same track. Tried the usual uninstall/reinstall, driver update, default video settings etc.

Running on Ryzen 9 3900X / 64GB DDR4-3200 / Radeon 16GB 6800 GPU. I am running Win 11 Pro though. I just figured it was a Win 11 fault. If I come across a fix and it is not posted here, i'll post it up. Until then, I am thankful I still have my X1X to enjoy it on.