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#1 Posted : Sunday, June 20, 2021 11:23:39 PM(UTC)

Before all else, yes, I've already tried to submit a support ticket, but there is no such option on the website, just vague FM annoucement page.

Now, as the title summerize, I have a freeze and CTD at the end of the second lap of 3 of the fifth race of the Foza GT championship. Specificly on the finish line straight, just at the first line marked on the road. Funny thing is it's consistent. No matter the car I choose to drive, or the race lenght I set, or the position I'm at, it happens every single time.

Specs, just in case :

R5 2600 @stock
16GB or RAM
RX5700XT (21.5.2 drivers)
Game installed on a NVMe SSD

Did someone else had this issue ?