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#1 Posted : Wednesday, May 5, 2021 7:22:14 PM(UTC)

This gamer tag was banned from MPlayer for 20 Years according to the message within the game. I am still trying to find out why.

Here is a brief synopsis of the current issue.

1. Turn10 messaged BorinOld **** via the game advising it is banned from MP for 20 Years.
2. Turn 10 ignore 3 emails to forzafb@microsoft.com on 19, 22 & 26 April 2021 asking why the ban as per Turn 10 instructions given in the message within the game.
3. Turn 10 refuse to respond to Messenger and Facebook contact over a week. Turn 10 Support site - to raise a ticket - will not allow BorinOld **** to log in.
4. Using 'o YippyKaiAY o' gamertag I contact Turn 10 for assistance, by raising a ticket.
5. Despite being told Login to support website has been blocked, Turn 10 Support advise me to use the correct Gamertag and raise a ticket !
6. On 4 May Turn 10 advise the Gamertag account has been "removed from our website due to spam."
7. On 4 May I request answers to my questions re BorinOld **** issue, as that account is 'blocked' and therefore cannot request the assistance..
8. On 5 May Turn 10 respond with "Unfortunately we can't answer those questions for you. As its about another account."
9. I messaged them asking please advise how a gamer can obtain support in this situation? Do you have a telephone number? Do you have an email address?
Can you please contact BorinOld **** through the mobile number or email address used to create that account AND STILL IN THE RECORDS OF MICROSOFT FOR THE MS LIVE ACCCOUNT?

The questions I asked are very reasonable.
1. Why the ban?
2. Why the account block? Any spam was not my doing? My email provider has no record of their server being used to spam.
3. Does the ban have any effect on the Main Gamer Tag associated with this Xbox?

Surely it is reasonable to ask these questions.

If any one has any advice as to how to proceed with this I will very much appreciate the help.
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#2 Posted : Friday, May 7, 2021 6:10:22 PM(UTC)
Bans and enforcement case discussion is not permitted on the forums. You'll have to go through Forza Support and/or Microsoft Support. There's nothing that can be done here about a blocked account.