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#1 Posted : Friday, April 16, 2021 6:45:33 AM(UTC)
Any other users that are using Direct Drive (specifically the VRS base) have their force feedback working? I did a search but nothing came up, especially for this rim. Some stuff from 2017 about a USB device out of Europe that "might" help but it appears to be unavailable anyway - and that info's so old it probably isn't applicable.

Years ago I had an Accuforce wheel (Also a direct drive, but different software of course) and it worked fine with FM7. I upgraded to this VRS a while ago and while I don't play FM7 frequently (mainly an iRacing, ACC and Wreckfest guy) but it would great to be able to have FM7 work with my VRS wheel. Unfortunately all the info I find even on DD wheel usage is 2-3 years old and this wheel hasn't even been available for over a year so none of it is really applicable.

Perhaps someone's found a piece of software that I can use to "inject" a signal for this VRS wheel so that FM7 will send FFB signals to it?

FM7 does let me map the wheel axis (along with my PT-2 pedals and my USB wheel rim) without an issue. I just have no force coming through the wheel.

Thanks for any feedback/help anyone can offer.