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#1 Posted : Wednesday, April 7, 2021 10:41:13 AM(UTC)
I am having major issues with forza motorsport.net support. I submitted a ticket about not being unbanned when it expired. I received a response from 'Battleman' saying that it says i am unbanned on their end. I then contact microsoft xbox and go through a bunch of cache clearing rerouting and deleting account and relogging account. They told me that everything is fine on their end and it has to be forzas issue to deal with. I then contact Battleman again and tell him what xbox told me. two days go by before i hear anything back so i messged him again saying look i just want to play the game i just bought. fix this. He responds another day later with a copy and paste article of end user license agreements. I replied I am done my ban so that means nothing. I then ask for support phone #..... no response as of yet. I found support phone number online and when i called it a guy answered said hello. I said who is this? He replied with a name but i couldn't hear it properly. I said is this forza support. he replied Who? I then hung up and called again and on my phone while it was dialing it said FOrza so I know I got the right number. Someone picked up and they didn't say anything but I could hear them clicking a keyboard or controller in the background. I continuously said helloooo? helllloooooo? I hung up and called again and same thing happened once again. Battleman must be answering the phone too or they hire teenagers that have no clue what they are doing? I just want to play the **** game i just bought before ban!