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#1 Posted : Sunday, March 7, 2021 5:35:11 PM(UTC)

Hi, the first time I installed Forza 7 I was able to play for around 4-5 days perfectly with no networking issues. Then all of a sudden I started getting the dreaded "Disconnected from Server" error and the game became completely unplayable.
I started with the obvious fixes such as diagnosing Xbox Networking & verifying Teredo connectivity:

  • Changing Teredo server from the default win1910.ipv6.microsoft.com to win10.ipv6.microsoft.com, teredo.trex.fi, & teredo.remlab.net
  • Changing DNS servers for both IPv4 and IPv6 to Google ( and Cloudflare (
  • Forcing Teredo to enterpriseclient & default qualified via group policy
  • Forwarding all XBox ports (88UDP, 3074UDP/TCP, 53UDP/TCP, 80TCP, 500UDP, 3544UDP, 4500UDP), as a double redundancy against UPnP

None of this made a difference. My "netsh int teredo show state" output shows:
Type : client
Server Name : win1910.ipv6.microsoft.com.
Client Refresh Interval : 30 seconds
Client Port : unspecified
State : qualified
Client Type : teredo client
Network : unmanaged
NAT : cone
NAT Special Behaviour : UPNP: Yes, PortPreserving: Yes

And my "Xbox Networking" shows Nat Type: Open & Server Connectivity: Connected.

So I started taking more drastic measures: I did a full reset of Windows Firewall, Services, System File Permissions, etc. After this I deleted the game and reinstalled it from the Microsoft Store, all to no avail.

At this point I was so frustrated that I just wiped my harddrive and did a fresh install of Win10 20H2 Build 19042... lo and behold the game magically started working perfectly again! Unfortunately my joy only lasted about 48 hours until the wretched disconnects appeared again. There were no recently installed Windows Updates that may have triggered this, I cannot find any particularly relevant items in event viewer (however someone more knowledgeable may be able to guide me to the appropriate section). The only change I can think of between the game working and not working is messing around with virtual audio drivers, however this definitely didn't occur when it broke the first time so I think it's safe to rule that out.

I've browsed through just about every forum post on google relating to disconnects in both FM7 and FH4, and at this point I'm just so sick of it that I'm considering just giving up on the game entirely. If anyone can provide any assistance or suggestions whatsoever I would be supremely grateful!!!

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 9, 2021 9:59:22 PM(UTC)

I should have run a process of elimination with the compatibility of all my installed programs but foolishly overlooked it...

Part of the Xbox Networking troubleshooting steps was to disable any VPN programs, I skipped past this stage as I don't use any VPNs and therefore this obviously didn't apply to me. However I forgot about a program I use called Netlimiter 4. This functions as an advanced client-side Quality of Service engine that hooks into the Windows kernel drivers and services, and therefore somewhat shares commonalities with VPNs.

So a PSA to Netlimiter 4 users:
DO NOT apply any priorities or speed limits to the Forza application, not even "Normal". LEAVE IT UNCONFIGURED. If this does not work, turn off the blocker, limiter and priority engines entirely. Shutting down the application is not sufficient; it is merely a proxy for the background service and Netlimiter will continue to run regardless of the executable being open.

I feel a little embarrassed it took me so long to figure this out but I am posting it for the minuscule chance that someone out there may run into the same issue as me.