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#1 Posted : Sunday, February 7, 2021 11:38:55 AM(UTC)
Hi everyone,

After spending a couple of weeks saving up, and also auctioning some cars with high values. I was able to buy out a '94 Honda Prelude Si from the auction house. This was actually my first favourite car when I was growing up. So, owning this car in the game held more value than any other car i have. Getting it wasn't so easy. I would place bids, and someone would out bid me or buy out the car. I found a Prelude for 11,000,000 today and decided to buy it out. Love the car. It sounds beautiful and looks amazing. Anyone down for a Prelude Si meet this week? Add me! Alitheplayas
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, April 6, 2021 5:20:19 PM(UTC)
Love the prelude. My first car was a red 87’ Prelude SI. Blew the head gasket on it and couldn’t afford to repair it at the time. I wish every day I held on to that car.

Feel free to add me, would be down for a meet up.

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