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#1 Posted : Saturday, January 2, 2021 7:52:13 PM(UTC)
Lately I’ve been making my own drift tunes and I think they are pretty easy to use and score points and beat records in drift zones and I wanted to know an opinion from you guys in the community bc some of you are pros in this topic.
I have 100+ tunes, mostly for drift and some for top speed and it would help me improve to know what you all think.

Try the Trueno, 599D, Supra which are my favorite!

My in-game name is: Skyone1295
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#2 Posted : Sunday, January 3, 2021 3:12:30 AM(UTC)
No AWD for drifting.
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#3 Posted : Sunday, January 3, 2021 10:36:57 PM(UTC)
Give the miata a try with the 1.4 L turbo rally
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#4 Posted : Wednesday, January 6, 2021 3:54:06 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: turtleCZ Go to Quoted Post
No AWD for drifting.

Ye just go beat records on RWD in driftzones lmao
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#5 Posted : Monday, February 22, 2021 9:59:31 PM(UTC)
Try the TVR with the v10 twin turbo AWD, lots of fun to slide and looks mad!